Where The Road Starts

With celebrities comes drama, and there is entirely too much of it in their lives already without the paparazzi following their every move. Andrea and Kyra never thought that their trip to Paris, France for a semester in school would turn into the most dramatic experience of their lives. Will the two girls find the boys of their dreams, or the men of their nightmares?

I am not a 'Directioner' nor do I hate One Direction. My friend asked me to write this therefore I am doing so. This is not my best work because my heart is not in it and I know there are many grammar mistakes -- sorry.


1. Getting ready

I really can't believe that today we're finally going to go to Paris! I've been waiting for this for so long! I've been packed for a month prior to this. All of my clothes, shoes and school stuff. I know, school; queue the hard shuddering. My best friend, Kyra, convinced me to go on this trip/Exchange student program to Paris with her for our 12th grade school year (also because One Direction took a break from their celebrity lives and she has her heart set on going to England for a weekend and stalking one or all of them). 

Our group of friends convinced our parents to let us rent an apartment together for our last year in high-school and our first semester in college or university. 

Since I'm the only one that's currently awake, I have the lovely task of waking Kyra up. Shes not a morning person at all. What so ever, yet she books a flight at 9 am and assumes that we'll have to be awake at 8. Oh no, she didn't know how wrong she was until she told me what time she booked the flight and I had to spell it out for her. Here's the plan: we get up at 6, get to the airport, go through security, get on the plane. Do I really want to be awake at 6am and wake everyone up? No, not really.

"Kyra!" I whisper while shaking her shoulder, "wake up! It's time to wake up to go to Paris!" I see her turn around under her covers. "Alright, you asked for this." I mutter as I climb onto her bed and start jumping. She tries to keep rolling over but only succeeds in falling off the bed, hitting the floor with a loud thump, probably waking up the people under us, and tries to stand up but knocks over her suitcases.

She literally looks like a zombie. Her hair is a mess, her pyjamas are all crumpled and she can barely open her eyes. Stumble over to the door, find the light switch and switch it on.

"Andrea you bitch! Turn it off! It burns!" She yells.

"I'll turn them off when you get dressed and are eating breakfast to get ready to go to Paris." I reply excitedly. She lets out a loud groan and follows the plan quite well.

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