The story of Hope

Pain, love and fear..... a boy. She didn't know that one human being could change her life forever.
This is her story.


3. The phone call

The next night, Hope was picking at her 2-minute noodles. It was less than she usually ate, but she didn't care. She had just lost her apetite for some reason. She thought it funny that usually, girls were eating less to get skinnier, while Hope was thinking that if she was any skinnier, she wouldn't be much more than a twig.

She finished her noodles, threw the remains in the trash and walked upstairs to her room. She sat down with her laptop on her lap and logged into Facebook, and all she saw was more of this about her weight. She couldn't stand it anymore. The messages filled her mind and didn't leave, as if they had locked a door behind them and there was no way in or out.

Hope Addamson Eat a cheesburger.

Hope Addamson Do you actually try to be that skinny? It's disgusting!

Sometimes, Hope thought that they were just talking rubbish but most of the time, it really got to her. It wasn't her fault that she was so skinny. Her weight had always been a problem for her. She ran her hands through her stringy orange hair, and stared at herself in front of the mirror once again. She thought of herself as 'sickly' thin; not even 'healthy' thin.

Suddenly, the phone started blaring. Knowing straight away that her mum would answer it, she ignored the rings that erupted from her desk. She heard her mum pick it up, but she thought nothing of it until her mum's footsteps could be heard making their way up the stairs.

"Hope, it's for you. Apparently it's an emergency," said Hope's mum, without a hint of worry in her voice.

Hope took the phone from her mother's hands and held it up to her ear. "Hello?"

"Hey Hope, it's Zanae."

"Hey Zanae," I replied, trying to hide the sound of pure disgust in my voice as I refused to turn my head away from the mirror.

"Have you heard about Damon?" The mere sound of his name rolling of Zanae's tongue snapped me back to reality.

"No, what happened?" I jerked my head away from my reflection and sat on the end of my bed.

"He was in a car accident. Apparently he lost his memory. Wanna visit him in hospital?"

"Yep. When?''

"I'll pick you up now."

" 'Kay. See you soon.''


Was he okay? He lost his memory! What was she going to do? He wouldn't remember her.

Then, an idea popped into her head. A crazy idea, but it was an idea. It was going to work, and if it didn't nothing would.

At the hospital

The whole way to the hospital, all Hope could think about was her plan. Her brilliant plan that could quite possibly make her either the happiest or the guiltiest person in the world.

They had arrived at the hospital, and were making their way to Damon's room. Room 548.

Zanae twisted the doorknob and swung the door open. They all held their breath as they walking into the room. There was no one there with him, apart from a few nurses telling him about the accident and of his memory loss. The room was white and had a few plain wood shelves in the corner, the dullness of the room partially eliminated by some flowers and cards that were scattered here and there.

Zanae and Damon re-introdiced themselves, and Hope hung back, waiting until the perfect time to put her plan into action. She listened as Zanae explained how things were going in school and what the topics were... they were getting along a little too well, and even Hope was surprised by thinking that. She wasn't the sort of person to do that.

Eventually, Zanae left the room to go the toilet and Hope could finally do what she was planning to do.

"Are you Zanae's friend?" Damon asked. Her heart skipped a beat. He was talking directly to her!

"Yeah, but we're friends too."

His eyebrows furrowed as he tried to remember and Hope felt bad, but convinced herself that it was all going to turn out fine.

"I don't remember you."

Hope took a deep breath.

"I'm your girlfriend," she replied, and she wished she felt as confident as she sounded.  


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