The story of Hope

Pain, love and fear..... a boy. She didn't know that one human being could change her life forever.
This is her story.


2. Skinny thighs

Hope stared down her spindly naked body in her mirror that leaned lopsided against her tallboy. 
"Hope, have you done your homework?" Her mother caterwauled from the kitchen. 
Hope grabbed her night gown and covered herself with it. "It's all finished...would you leave me alone?" 
Her mother was silent. Hope dropped the robe to her feet and examined herself like she would a dissected frog belly in the science lab. She moaned. 
"I'm not even a human!" She cried. "I'm a stick! A straight line. Look at your thighs!" Hope dressed herself in faded denim jeans, fraying at the ankles and a tight baby pink blouse two sizes too small. She played with her hair for a bit before jogging down the stairs and offering to help her mother with dinner. 
"I know you don't like making calzones...are you sure you want to help?" 
"Go watch some television." 
"Could you make something with a lot of fat in it, mum?" 
Hopes Mother blinked; choked on her tonsils. 
"Is this about your weight again?" 
"Then why do you want all this fatty dinner?" 
"Because I'm too skinny!" Hope shrilled, pulling on her gnarled hair. 
"That's nothing to worry about. That's the way God has made you and I don't see a reason why you should change that. Were you looking at yourself naked again?" 
"No!" Hope lied. "I was on my bed, thinking." 
"You can have extra spaghetti sauce and capsicum in yours."
"Hate capsicum..." Hope mumbled.
"I thought you wanted fatty food?" 
"Well capsicum wouldn't do it." 
Hope wandered into the television room and sunk into the lounge. Bargain Hunt was playing on a loop on her mothers dvd box set. Hope flattened out her hair and played a Sudoku puzzle. The one person going through her mind was Damon. How she wished she could talk to him without him seeing her. Comparing her to the perfect girls with the mascara goop on the ends of their eye lashes and the secret high heels in the souls of their school shoes and their no pimple faces. How she wished he wouldn't see her skinny little thighs, her skinny little cheek bones, her skinny little arms. Everything about her she wished she could change and all the things about her she hated, she wished she could to talk to him without him noticing. So she had a good conversation with  Damon in her mind. But that night, after a calzone sitting at the bottom of her stomach settled, she cried herself to sleep, tears staining her teddy bears head.

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