The story of Hope

Pain, love and fear..... a boy. She didn't know that one human being could change her life forever.
This is her story.


4. I have a girlfriend?

"So, I have a girlfriend?" Damon whispered to himself. 
"Yes..." I said, rather apologetically. "Here I am?" 
"I'm sorry that I don't remember." 
"That's okay...take it easy." But Damon bit is thumbnail and wailed. 
"Great!" He shrilled. "I can't believe this! I'm just a mistake. Look at me! I was in a car crash and I can't even remember my own girlfriend. Do we love each other?" 
I knew from that moment this had been the most terrifying mistake I had ever made. If I told Damon the truth, that wouldn't make a very good first...second impression. 
"I love you..." I said. "But I want you to take your time. Don't feel startled." 
"But you must feel sick to the stomach. I know I do. I can't even remember my own girlfriend. How wrong is all this?" 
"It's okay, Damon. Forget I said anything. I don't want to hurt you. I shouldn't have said anything." 
 I was right. 
"Were we planning to be married?" 
"WHAT?" I squealed. "Whoah! Whoah! Whoah! We're only just fourteen Damon."
"I'm twenty four. I'm twenty four aren't I?" 
"Damon, you were fourteen three weeks ago.'
"But I feel twenty four. This is too weird. I'm scared.'s my name?" 
"So it isn't Ryan." 
"Who's Ryan?" 
"Obviously not me..." 
"Calm down...we can work this out if we take it in baby steps. Why don't you have a sleep or something and I'll go down to the cafeteria, get you something to eat and maybe we can have ice cream together?" 
"Okay. Alright. I'll try to sleep. You know what...I can't! I can't sleep." 
Damon's legs thrashed beneath the clean hospital bed sheets. 
"Well then...wait and I'll be back in two ticks." 
I ran, my knees dragging. I bumped into Zanae on her way out of the womans restrooms and grabbed her elbow. 
"What's the matter?" 
"I knew this wasn't a good plan! Damn it!"
"What plan? Are you alright? You're pale. I need to go see Dam.." 
"I made the mistake of...telling...Damon that I was his...girlfriend, sorry! I feel so terrible. Now HE feels guilty for not remembering me and also the fact he's thinks he's a twenty four year old man named Ryan with a girlfriend who's lying to him every time she says something!" 
"Well what am I supposed to do? Play along? You need to clear this up. Why would you do this?" 
"Because I like Damon. He's sweet...handsome." 
"Well you've got what you wanted. The poor guys confused. He doesn't still think he's twenty four, right?" 
"No. I told him his name was Damon and that he was fourteen. But I think that you should play along." 
"No! That's deceiving. I won't do it. You have to break up with him." 
"Zana-a-a-e! I can't just break up with him. He'll kill himself! He'll think I broke up with him because he forget me and then he'll think he's ruined everything." 
"I don't understand. What do you want from me? What can I do?" 
"You MUST play along. Then, when he gathers his life back and places everything and everyone, I can let him down easy. Then he won't think it's his fault. Maybe we could go on a date or something a few times so he knows I still love him..." 
"So this is for your benefit?" 
"I feel sick and horrible and evil!" 
"Hush! Shut up and get it together. You know what? No. We'll just pretend it didn't happen. Damon would think he was forgetting that as well." 
"He'll think he's nuts! Crazy! We can't do that. Our only option is to go with it until the right moment." 
Zanae shook her head at me with such disgust. 
"That would be wrong, Hope." 
"We don't even know Damon well. Why did you drag me into this?" 
"Because I knew you wouldn't understand what was happening when Damon held my hand or kissed my cheek. I need your help." 
Zanae played with her septum ring and nodded. 
"You're an idiot. But I'm going to do this for Damon. So that he doesn't feel weird or anything." 
I gave Zanae a true honest-to-goodness neck hug but the guilt still strangled me. I thought if perhaps we didn't take it too far with Damon, perhaps if we took things slowly we could put things right again. Words have an effect. Even just the one I used. Girlfriend. 



You idiot. 

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