The story of Hope

Pain, love and fear..... a boy. She didn't know that one human being could change her life forever.
This is her story.


1. Introducing, Hope

Hope stared at him. He was amazing. He was perfect. He was handsome. 

He was a player. 

His name was Damon. He was in Hope's Science, D&T and Drama class, and Hope always treasured each and every lesson they spent together. She didn't know why. He was popular, and she was just.... her. He was way out of her league.

As the class whispered and muttered to each other while Mr Demaan droned on in the same flat tone about atoms, Hope decided that she needed to draw her attention away from Damon and focus on class. That didn't last long at all. Pretty soon, she was scribbling little hearts on her workbook while her best friend, Eryn, looked on in curiosity. 

Hope wasn't the kind of person to tell people what was going on in her head. She was shy and secretive. Even Eryn found it difficult to get her to talk sometimes. She was teased a lot at school about how skinny she was. She was naturally skinny, though. She was healthy. She used to be easy to talk to. People could ask her anything, and she was never afraid to answer. She was different, now. The teasing that came from the group of more 'perfect' girls had triggered her silence. She would sit and watch Eryn fool around with Zanae and Tahala. 

Her stringy, strawberry-blonde hair was straight with little curls on the end. Her bright green eyes brought out the freckles that lined her cheeks and spread to her chin and forehead. She had ever-visible dimples that creased her cheeks when she smiled. Hope wasn't too proud of the way she looked. Whatever happened to brunette with blue eyes and a nice smile? She was different.

Eryn, Zanae and Tahala, on the other hand, were different. They were beautiful. Eryn had a brown tangle of curls and dark eyes that glowed when she found something funny. She had a small structure, and she was thin. Same for Zanae, but she had straight, dark blonde hair and green eyes, similar to Hope's. Tahala was born in India, and migrated here a few years ago. Her hair was straight and black, with a fringe straight across her forehead. Her looks were completed with long legs.....


The bell knocked Hope out of her thoughts, and she realised that she had missed most of the lesson. 

"Class is dismissed," Mr Demaan said, his monotone voice reminding Hope of a flatlining heartbeat. 

Damon ran over to the basketball court with his friends, his blonde, side swept hair bouncing lightly as the wind rushed past. 

"Who is he?" Eryn demanded. 

"Who is who?" Hope replied quietly. 

"Who were you daydreaming about?" 

"No one. I was just tired of Mr Demaan," she lied. 

Eryn looked at her strangely for a moment. "Same," she shrugged. 

Hope decided to put her daydreaming on hold and she stalked over to spot where she and her friends usually sat. They were going to find out, and when they did...

Hope had to be ready.  


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