When a known detective from Alabama comes to Texas to investigate a murder, she might just find something else. Along with her hatred for the bosses son, Austin might have some other secrets she's been dying to discover ever since she was born. She was born for this journey.


1. Sweet home Alabama

Ive always been loved. Loved by mother, loved by father. Loved by my friends, loved by the teachers. Loved by the coaches, loved by the players. Loved by everyone in my small town of Newlington. They say its not on the map or existant, but its there. Waiting for someone to notice it. Waiting for its chance to shine. I grew up there, born, raised, and I swore to myself I would die there. Then, I met him. It was seventeen years back. I was only twenty three.

When I look out over the river, I always get lost in my thoughts. I see myself in the water and think how far I've come. I was once young, dumb, and poor, but most of all nothing. Tomorrow I was going to leave to Texas to investigate a murder. People are sick, even though this wasn't the worst case I've seen. "Hey sweetie." I heard behind me. Jumping with suprise, I turned around to find someone embrace me in a warm hug. Sometimes, that's all it takes to make me snap out of my thoughts.

"Hey Alexander." I said before he pulled me in for a kiss. Alexander was my boyfriend. He stood about a foot taller than me. He pulled away and brushed his hands through my blonde hair. I had an athletic figure, figuring I was a volleyball and basketball player in highschool. I still play every once and a while, but since I'm not in highschool anymore, I don't play as much. I still jog the country side though, keeping myself in shape.

"How long will you be gone?" Alexander had asked. I forgot he was there.

"I have no idea." I said truthfully. "All I know is it will be long."

"I'll miss you. Don't go."

"It's the only way to step up my career."

"Well since I only have one more day with you, I'll walk you home."
"What time do you leave?"
"Six PM? Great!"
"No, six AM"

"No..." He looked at me. We arrived at my house. My house was always right by the river, that's why I had advanced experience in swimming.

I had slept good that night, but awoke rudely in the morning. As I looked by my desk, I found a picture of Alexander and I. Written on the back was "So you don't forget." With that, I boarded my plane and flew to Texas, the place that would change my fate forever.

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