This love is a lie

Mackenzie Collins, shes not the skinnest person, not the smartest person and in her eyes not the prettiest, but some how ends up dating a member of One Direction, but hes never really loved her, someone else in the band does...


4. 4

Kenzie's POV

I looked at the text debating wether i should go or not, Last night I was on the internet and decided to do some research On Harry and this so called band 'One Direction', I found out that Harry has dated so many girls and it seems that he cant keep a girlfriend for more than like 4 months(not hating on Harry just adding drama). I found one of his band mates N... Neil... no Niall, yep Niall very very attractive, I watched videos of them and they don seem that bad as people.

But anyways, I decided to leave Lexi and Kian and go to the pretzel shop, I walked in the shop and spotted Harry. I sat down and looked at him, he smiled , "thanks for coming, I um just wanted to talk" he said, as I sat down, "um ok Harry is this a date?" "um not if you dont want it to be" I wasnt sure what to say so i just said yes, "you know I do like you" he said, I looked at him in disbelief, I started to get angry, "Is this what you said to all of those poor girls you dated, Like Talyor or um Caroline, you said this and they believed you and then you broke their heart, I like you a little bit Harry" I said starting to raise my voice a bit, "thats not what happened" I smiled and stood up, "bye Harry, not forever just need a little bit of time to think" I walked away and back home.


Harry's POV

"Harry, you have been seen to much with this girl, you must date her, people think you are" I looked at the managment team, "she doesnt like me and I like her" I said for the hundredth time, "Just start dating her soon or we will call her and tell her to date you" they said and sent me out of the room.

I drove home and looked at my twitter and Mackenzie's, they was a photo of her smiling at me when we were talking. I put my head down low, shes not going to like me anymore than she does if she finds out...



hey guys, thanks for reading this story it means alot to me and Squirtlee, this last chapter sucked i know but i have been getting a litle bit of writers block :/ talk to u guys soon

Crazy_Carrot <3

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