This love is a lie

Mackenzie Collins, shes not the skinnest person, not the smartest person and in her eyes not the prettiest, but some how ends up dating a member of One Direction, but hes never really loved her, someone else in the band does...


2. 2

Kenzie's P.O.V

I walked home, and was greeted by Bambu. "Hey!" I said petting her.."How was work?" Kian asked sitting on the couch. "It was alright." I giggled and sat next to him. "How are you and Mr. One Direction?" He asked me. I gave him a confused look. "Look, I saw it all over Twitter! Don't deny it! You two were talking an exchanged numbers!!" Kian said with excitement. "Well don't get your hopes up....Me and Harry are just friends..Not even I fell and he helped me up that's it." I said looking at Kian. "Whatever...just don't come crying to me when Mr.Famous breaks your heart!" He joked. I rolled my eyes, and checked my phone.

Harry> Hey, it's Harry...This is Kenzie right?

Me> Yeah it's her...

Harry> How are you? Is anyone bothering you? Are you ok?

Me> Cheeky thanks for asking.

Harry> Wanna go see a movie later?

Me> With me?

Harry> Of course! It's the least I can do after that picture was leaked..


Harry> I'll pick you up around 5:30! See you then!

Oh my gosh...I can't believe someone like him actually liked me?!

"Hey Lex!" I said to her as she walked in the living room. "Hey!" She waved then sat by Kian. "I'm going out tonight." I blushed, then both smiled. "With Harry?" They teased me. "Yeah, he asked me to go to the movies, it's for the picture. He doesn't like me!" I said walking to the bedroom.

    I looked in my closet and didn't see much. Some dresses, but I wasn't wearing them. I mean I'm not skinny enough for that! I threw on some jeans, and a plain top. Nothing special. I mean it's not a date!

   After I got ready, it was almost 5:30 and I was nervous. I mean what if he does like me. No shut up Kenzie, you're not pretty enough to be liked by Harry Styles! I walked to the bathroom and stepped on the scale. I wanted to cry when I saw my weight. I shoed the thought away and walked downstairs. "That's what you're wearing!?" Kian shouted at me. "Yeah." I smiled. "C'mon!" Lex laughed. "Seriously. Wear a dress, or some heels!" She laughed. "Yeah, says you. You have a perfect figure. I don't.." I trailed off. "Oh hush. You're beautiful!" Kian said smiling at me. "Thanks but you guys are my friends, so whatever." I rolled my eyes.

Harry> Here!

"Gotta go..Wish me luck!" I laughed, I said bye to Bambu then was off...


    I got into Harry's black Range Rover. "Hey!" He smiled at me. He was wearing jeans and a white shirt, nothing fancy. "Hey, so sorry about earlier. I mean some people don't know how to mind their own buisness." He said then drove off. "It's fine really!" I smiled slightly. "Something wrong?" Harry asked turning the radio down. My weight , my face, my hair.."Nothing." I lied to him. "Oh okay! Well what movie do you wnna see?" He asked me. "I thought you already picked a movie?" I asked getting nervous. "Nope. It's your choice." He said to me. I looked out the window. "Doesn't matter!" I said quietly. "How about Warm Bodies! Looks great!" Harry said turning a sharp turn. "Yeah that's fine!" I said pulling out my phone..

   I went on twitter and checked what people were saying.

   @Mackenzie_227 ew you're fat and ugly, why are you talking to MY hazza?

   @Mackenzie_227 why don't you go die? Seriously? you're face is so ugly!!

   @Mackenzie_227 WTF is wrong with you . you think u can have Harry ike that. SWERVE!

  @Mackenzie_227 seriously, go away. No one likes you. You're fat and ugly. fucking go kill yourself..

 I looked at Harry who was driving with one hand. I thought about the hate I was getting on Twitter. I thought about my apperance...

 "Are you ok?" Harry asked looking me over. "Fine!" I choked out. "What's wong?" He asked parking at the movies. "Nothing." I smiled a fake smile. "What is wrong!!" He begged me. "People on Twitter, that's all.." I cut myself off before I started to cry...He leaned over by me. "They're just opinions, what people say about you, or to you. None of that stuff is true! The only thing that matters is what you think about yourself! Because the rest is just crap!" Harry smiled at me. His eyes were shining. That helped. I feel the same way about me as what the tweets were..I nodded, hiding everything. "Thanks Harry." I smiled at him. "No problem." He said smiling, showing his dimples, I got out of the car....

    We paid for the movies. "Want any snacks or drinks?"He asked me. "No I'm fine!" I smiled at him. "Whatever."H laughed. Than got a water for himself. "It's theater 5 he giggled. We walked to theater 5 and it wasn't at all packed. We  took a spot in the middle. Seriously Harry the middle!? "Got her just in time!" Harry giggled. I nodded.

     Then after 15 minutes of previews, the movie started.

 (After the movie)

    "That was so funny, and great Harry. Thanks for taking me!" I laughed. "I'm glad you liked it." He smiled, then we walked to his car. Girls were staring at me the whole time. "Hope you feel better!" He joked. "Yeah." I smiled, then got in the car...


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