Help me (Liam Payne Love Story)

What some people don't know about Harleigh is that she is anorexic and cuts herself. What will happen when she meets someone? Will her rough life come to an end? Or will she end up hurting herself really bad? Read on to find out!!!!!!
( P.S. this is me first movealla. So sorry if I spell some wrote wrong too. )


1. Chapter 1

Hi my name is Haleigh Nicole Martinez I'm 17 have light brown hair with blue green eyes. Love to play football ( soccer ) and love to sing. I love THE WANTED, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber,and I'm not a huge fan of One Direction. I mean I like their music and all but not my type. Anyways I have this huge secret that I like to tell you guys that I'm anorexic and worst of all I cut my wrist I know its not healthy but it's the only way I can make my self happy from all the bullying I keep getting from other people.
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