Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


10. Fading Memories Chpater Ten

Brooklyn's POV:


  I'm happy Uncle Zayn and I had our little fun when we did , because my minstrel cycle was supposed to start about three days after.

  I was supposed to get it yesterday , but , it hadn't came yet. My dads walked into my room and looked at me.

"What?" I ask making a weird face.
 and   A wave of relive went through me. I ask if I can go pick it up , but , Daddy-Harry stopped me.

"You haven't asked for any girly things this month. Why?"

"Uh... I haven't gotten it yet." I say and push past them.

  I skip down the steps and then Daddy-Louis starts talking to me. Will I ever leave??

"If you're going to leave then take your brother."

"I don't have one!" I roll my eyes.

Daddy-Harry walks down the steps and walks to me and hands me a tiny baby. He doesn't even look that old. Maybe eight months young.

"Now you do." He smiles and leaves.

"His name is Toby." Daddy-Louis says and then hands me a car-seat.

He sets it up in my car and lets me leave. I say bye and drive off.


  I arrive at his house , five cars were parked in the driveway and street. Uncle Zayn's , Aunt Perrie's , Uncle Niall's , Uncle Liam's , and an unknown truck. I quickly park the car on the side of the road and get Toby out.

  It's summer time so I wore a black crop top with the word ';Music' on it , denim skirt , and white converses. As I walk in the door everyone was staring at me. Ten pair of eyes were on me. I just mutter a great and point to upstairs to Uncle Zayn. He excuses himself and went up with Toby and I.

"Wow you had a baby in that short time?" He chuckles.

"This is Toby , your first nephew," I say annoyed. "What did I forget here?"

"Nothing , I just wanted you over with me. But then everyone came over." Uncle Zayn as he grabbed Toby out of my arms.

  I roll my eyes and pull down Toby's shirt because it was revealing his back.

"About that day," I trail off. "I've missed it. But surely I'm not pregnant. It was only a few days ago, And plus I might have counted the days wrong."

"Uh , right. Surely you aren't," He smiles nervously. "Lets go downstairs sweetie."

  He quickly kissed my lips. Are we still going on with this? I walk down with Uncle Zayn - who's holding Toby tightly like his own child.

"Heyyyyyy , there's my favorite niece...and her son?" Uncle Liam laughed.

"Haha," I say in annoyed tone. There's typical Uncle Liam. "One , I better be your favorite niece! Two , this is my brother , Toby."

I hug Aunt Perrie , Uncle Niall , and Uncle Liam.

"This is Josh , Josh Devine. He was our drummer." Uncle Niall says pointing to the about middle aged dude.

"Is that your beautiful Honda truck outside then?" I smile 

He smiles at me and nods yes. It's a beautiful pearly white truck , four door , great gas mileage! I'd love that truck! We all sit and talk for hours until my dads call telling me to get home now.

  I tell Uncle Zayn and he helps me buckle in Toby , he hugs me tightly. As I drive off I see him waving. I smile lightly and drive home ready to get in trouble.

  As I walk in the house with Toby in the car seat my dads sat at the kitchen table. I groan and go put Toby in his crib. I get back downstairs ready for the lecture on whatever I had done this time.

"So , we found your diary. We read it all!!" Daddy-Louis said disappointed.

"Look....Dads.. I can explain this. But it's way too compli-"

"Hey! We didn't read anything." Daddy-Harry yelled to calm me down,

"Now I'm thinking we should've!" Daddy-Lou said.

"Then why'd I come home early then?" I ask.

"Because you had your baby brother with you." They both said.

  I stand up from my chair and go to my room. Are they serious? I left early from the best group of people just because I had Toby. I grab my diary from my bed , which is where my dads had left it. I have my personal information in there. Like;

How I'm in love with my Uncle , how I had sex with him , how I've gotten high with one of my closest friends , and when I lost my virginity to my ninth grade crush.

  I'm glad they hadn't read it or I'd be in so much trouble!




Okay , I had to rush the last part because I'm watching Batman and my mom keeps coming into the room because I took her computer. Oops!

Well , comment your feedback if you please(:

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