Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


22. Fading Memories Chapter Twenty Two

Harry's POV:

She trudged to the couch and plopped down. She did a dramatic sigh and opened her mouth. 

I was scared of what she was going to say, to be quite honest. She nervously looked at the both of us. She's probably debating on whether or not to say it in front of me. I would too, I'm an ass hole to her. I don't mean to be, I just don't want her to be a teen mom and make stupid decisions. I lover her dearly. I would hate to see her turn away from me. 

What if she's telling us that she doesn't want us to be part of her child's life? I was so deep into thought that I missed what she had to say. When I realized she was crying even harder and Louis was rubbing her back telling her things will be okay and they'll go to the doctors when they opened. 

I'm so confused. What's happening? Why do they need to go to the doctors? I feel like I just turned to a drama channel where you never seen the show and you're finally watching it but you're already ten minutes too late. 

"Wait.. What's going on?" I quizzed. 

"Do you ever listen?" Louis yells, throws his hands up, and leaves the room. 

"I'm sorry. I was just imagining what you could've said. I was afraid you'd tell me I couldn't be around... Your erm.. Child." I admit. 

She cried even harder. She really must hate me. 

"What did I say?" I whine. 

"She thinks she lost the baby." Louis said from behind me. 

"What? How? Are you sure? You can't be so sure!" I panic. 

"She woke up with blood... Down there. We are going to the doctors soon." 

"Do you want me to come..?" I ask. 

Brooklyn lifts her head up, smiles, and nods. I smile back and go back to my room.

What is happening between Louis and I? Are we friends or..?

I fall back asleep until I'm shaken awake, once again. It was Brooklyn. 

"Be nice, Harry. Be nice!" I tell myself over and over. 

"It's almost time to leave for the doctors. Or of course if you didn't want to go.." She softly spoke. 

"Of course I want to go. Just give me a minute. Okay?" I smile. 

She nods and gets up from my bed. I pull on her wrist and pull her back down on the bed. I open my arms for her to hug me. It's been a while since she has. I've just been an asshole the whole time since Louis and I got back from the vacation. I thought it had relaxed me, but it didn't. It made me worst. 

Maybe if we hadn't thrown Brooklyn that seventeenth birthday party, things would've been different. 

She hugs me loosely, I felt sad she didn't want to hug me regularly. I really ruined her. Her opinion on me. 

I get dressed after she left the room and met the three downstairs. 

Brooklyn's POV:

I felt really bad for not hugging him properly. It wasn't like me to do that. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm cautious about my stomach. What if my baby is still there and I'm smashing it against another body? That can't hurt it right? I over think too many things. I saw the hurt in his eyes when I pulled back. 

I got Toby from his crib and took him downstairs. Louis was sitting on the edge of his cushion. 

"Is everything alright, Dad?" I question, putting Toby on my other hip. 

"Uh, oh, yeah." He nervously smiled and looked at his fingers. 

"You can tell me." I assure him. 

Harry walked down the steps as Louis was about to say what was on his mind. I looked at Harry, he was still sad. I had to say something. 

"I just want you both to know, whether I'm still pregnant or not.. I want to be a happy family together. I love you both so much. I appreciate everything you've done for me." I smile and hug both of them. 

"Yeah." Daddy-Harry mumbled. 

Something is weird, just wrong. It's bothering me. We get in a vehicle and drive to the clinic or hospital. Whichever they're taking me to. 


I walk in holding hands with both of my dads. I'm proud to show them off, I love them and I want them to know that. No matter what happens in the next hour or so!


They call my name and I am taken back to a room to get an ultrasound. It's too soon to see the sex, but it isn't too soon to see the baby, Thankfully. I don't know what I'd do if it was too early. I'd be scared shitless. Not knowing if there is still a fetus inside me or not. Just thinking about the baby dying inside of me...it scares me. 

The nurse rubs some cold gel on me and I take Louis' hand and squeeze it. Harry was in the waiting room with Toby, he was playing with the children's toys they had. 

She moves the remote around the bottom of my stomach. I should really work out more. I look over at the screen, tighten my grip on Louis' hand as nothing appeared. 

"Oh! Do you know how far along you are?" The nurse asks. 

"Uhm... I'm pretty sure almost a month and a half." I lie. It's probably only been a month. 

I really shouldn't be lying but it's for the best. I need to know if I'm pregnant still. The nurse holds up her finger telling us "just a second". 

She comes back with a tall, brown wavy headed, beautiful woman. I'm guessing she's a doctor. 

"Eleanor?" Louis blurted. 

"Louis!" The woman smiled. 

Eleanor... Beautiful.. Tall. Skinny. Eleanor Calder, the girl my dad used to 'date'. He was right, she was beautiful "but nothing compared to Harry." Louis would always say. I mentally roll my eyes but keep smiling at Dr. Calder. 

Louis and Eleanor talk and talk and talk. Couldn't they go out to like a cafe or something? I just need my appointment done with. 

"So, I couldn't find anything. No heartbeat or body." The nurse tells Dr. Calder after the chit chat with Louis. 

"Well, you did have it pretty low on my stomach," I butt in. 

She nods and takes the remote and moves it around my stomach, making sure to go higher than the nurse. Dr. Calder really looked around but nothing came up. 

"I'm so sorry...?" Dr. Calder awkwardly stopped. 

"Brooklyn. Her name is Brooklyn." Louis replied for me. It sounds as if he likes her more than a friend. 

"I'm sorry Brooklyn. It seems as if its a miscarriage." Dr. Calder pouted. 

I fake a smile and nod. The nurse wiped down my stomach and I pulled my shirt down. I wanted to go home, now!

I left the room and found Harry bouncing Toby on his knee. He's good with kids, little kids. He was really good with me. I kinda remember the day I was adopted. It was a great day, I didn't understand the concept of having one mom and one dad. I thought it was normal having two dads until third grade when kids made fun of me. 

We had a presentation of our families, of course everyone had one mom and one dad. I was the odd one out, wasn't I always? When I talked about Harry and Louis, people giggled and pointed at me. 

But that's the past...

Louis explained to Harry what had happened. He looked at me sympathetically and hugged my from the side. I took matters into my own hands and hugged him for real. Not some sloppy from-the-side hug. A hug that was tight and you could tell there's love. I loved him to death, I wanted to cry on his shoulder and tell him how frustrated I am. 

With all the stress I had on me. Stress. That's it. That's why I no longer have a child, I was stressed. 

I get back home and walk up to my room and lie down on my bed until I fall asleep. Busy day already and it's only eleven a.m. Amazing!

I skip orientation today so I could fall back asleep. I'll just pick up my schedule tomorrow. 


A/N: Sorry for the late update. Both late, it's currently like 11:35 pm on a Friday and school gets back on Monday! And it's been like what, a week since last update? Sorry about it. 
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