Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


23. Fading Memories Chapter Twenty Three

Sorry for not updating in forever. 
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Shaun's POV:

When I had woken, Brooklyn wasn't around the house. Maybe she left a text message or a note up in my room?

I finish my sandwich and go back to my room and pick up my phone. I press the on button, no messages were on the screen. She really just left without saying anything? Lovely. Great. Wonderful. Fantastic. 

*Hey, come by my house and bring Brittany* I text Austin. 

*Be there in 25* the phone read. 

I take a quick shower to freshen up. I think telling Austin and Brit is a good decision. I didn't talk to Brooklyn about it though, I probably should've but Brit is Brook's best friend and well... Austin is my, friend? He's the football star, I'm the...guy who's dating Brooklyn Styles Tomlinson. Brooklyn Tomlinson Styles. What is her full name? What is her real name?

Anyways, the point is, I'm telling Austin and Brittany that Brooklyn is pregnant with my child. I wish Brook would be here when I tell them. It would be more special. 

Am I ready to be a father, though? What if we start off with a dog? My parents don't even know. Should we tell them? I'll leave that shit up to Brook. 

The door is knocked on, moments later my door is knocked on. 

"Come in," I called. 

In came the two that I invited over. Austin sat down on my bed and Brit's eyes flicked from the bed to her feet. Obviously debating on whether to sit or stand. 

"There is a chair right there." I offered pointing to my chair at my desk. 

She smiles and slowly walks over to my desk. She just sat there silently, admiring Austin in the least obvious way. But I still could tell. They're...cute. 

"So where is your brother? Never see him around lately." Austin asks. 

"He went to go check out some college campuses. He's really stocked to be going to college in a few years. But I'll beat him to college due to the fact that he's only fifteen." I reply, turning my television off. 

"Cool. Why are we here?" He replied. 

"This is really, really important news. You can't tell anyone. Okay?" 

They both nod. 

"Brooklyn is pregnant." I bite my lip. 

"Wow, I knew she was trouble. Just a slut. I knew she wasn't worth your time. So, when did you break up with the trash?" Austin rambled on. 

"It's my child. She's not trash. We are still together. She is totally worth my time." I roll my eyes. 

He just acts like he's too cool for anyone. I probably should've just told Brittany instead. She loves Brooklyn and supports anything she does. 

"That's really great!" Brittany chirps. "When is she due?"

"Uhm, in about, like, eight months?" I reply. 

"You guys are so cute. Maybe one night we could go on a double date," she smiles. 

"You have a boyfriend? Surprising with your annoying personality!" Austin scoffs. 

"Aren't we..." Brittany settled down and got serious all of the sudden. 

"Hell no. Why would I ever date you? We had a one time thing. It wasn't even great. Your child like bedroom was tiny and I hate your family." Austin laughs. 

"That's rude. I think you should go!" I clear my throat. 

Brittany may not be my friend but she's Brooks and I guess since its only me here, I have to look out for her and protect her. Anyways that's rude an embarrassing what he's doing to this poor girl!

I look over to Brit and smile at her sympathetically as she cries. Being put on the spot like that, I'd cry too. Normally I'd think you're a baby if you're crying but this... It kinda makes me want to cry. 

"I'll see you later. At school actually. I'll see you at school." I smile to Brit as she got up from the chair. 

What am I doing? Why am I being nice? Suddenly I'm reaching down wrapping my arms around her. I barely know her and I invited her to my house, told her my girlfriend is pregnant, and now I'm hugging her as she silently cries. 

She made her way to the door. She stopped as she reached the porch. 

"Something wrong?" I ask. 

"Austin picked me up, so I don't have a ride." She sighed. 

"I can take you h-"

I'm cut off by the sound of Brooklyn's truck coming to a halt in my parents driveway. 

As she hopped down from the drivers side she looked up and saw Brittany with tears in her eyes and ran to her. 

"Honey, what's wrong?" Brooklyn asked. 

Typical girl. No, typical Brooklyn. So sweet and nice. Never hating a single soul. Not even hating the people who call her parents fags, tell her she was unwanted for a reason, saying she isn't worth it. She believes that some people just choose to be mean but she knows, deep down that they are caring for someone. And she says it might not be her they care for, but she'll care for them. She's so weird. Nice, adorable, and loves the old music. 

"I'm taking Brit home. Wanna come?" Brooklyn spoke, waving her hand in my face. 

"Uhm, yeah. Sure!" I reply and get in the back seat of her truck. 


As I climb in the front seat as Brittany got out, Brooklyn looks to me. 

"I think we should go out for dinner." She smiles. 

"I think you may be correct!" I return the smile. 

We settle on a simple place, CookOut. 

We order out food and sit down at a table. 

"So, I was thinking about telling your parents about the pregnancy but then something told me not to..." Brooklyn sighed. 

"I was thinking the same thing today. But then I was like, why don't we get a dog to see how well of parents we are before the child comes." I laugh. 

"Really? That would be interesting!" She faked a laugh. 

"Look, I know you don't like animals, dogs at that. But maybe a kitten or something that has to bee taken care of." I sigh looking to make sure our order wasn't ready. 

"Alright," she gives in. 

"Then it's settled. We should go after dinner!" I smile. 

"It's not even that late. It's like four in the afternoon and we are eating dinner!" She giggled. 

Brooklyn's POV:

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. 

I couldn't even tell Shaun that its a miscarriage. Instead we settle on getting a fucking kitten. I don't want a cat, dog, bird, fish, any animal. 

I just want to run and hide away. 

After we finish our burgers,  double sides fries, and of course our milkshakes, we head to the shelter. I keep reminding myself that this is for the better. Later when he notices that you don't have a belly you can act like you have no clue and go to the doctor and they tell you it's a miscarriage. 

"You're in too deep," I sigh

"What was that?" Shaun asked as he stood up holding a gray kitten with white lines running down its back here and there. 

"Oh, I was reading out the names on these tags," I lie. 

"Okay. Do you like this one?" He asked shoving the cat in my face. 

"It's cute," I smile. 

"Should we get this one then?" He quizzed. 

I nod and an hour later we are walking out d the shelter with a cat in a big ass cage and some caring supplies. How big of a stupid idea is this? But if course I'd never tell Shaun that. He's too proud of what he's doing. 

I start my truck and I can tell he's smiling at me, so, I return the gesture and go back to his parents house. 


"I was thinking about going back home... That's where I was today. I think we all made up." I say and mean it. 

"Really? If that's what you want. Go ahead and do that. I'd keep the kitten because I'm afraid I'd be the one not ready to be a parent." Shaun smiled. 

"Yeah. That's great," I grin. "Oh, did you go to the orientation today?"

"No, did you?"

"Nah. I was going to pick up my schedule tomorrow. We can go together if you'd like?" 

He nods and I peck his lips and say goodbye. 

I drive back to my parents house with my bags in the back seat. It feels great to be going back home and stay there. 

"Louis? Harry? I'm home. Again." I laugh as I call out. 

"Upstairs babe," 

That was Harry definitely Harry. I smile at his voice and walk up to their room. 

They were in bed, sitting up and watching the television. 

"I'm home. Forever. Can I sleep with you guys tonight?" I smile. 

They look at each other and Louis nods. I take my shoes off and climb into their bed with them. I lie in between the two of them and quickly fall asleep while watch CSI. 

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