Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


27. Fading Memories Chapter Twenty Seven

Zayn's POV:

Brooklyn having detention isn't fair to her. 

Maybe I'll have a discussion with Michael, he can talk to that twat of a principal. 

For now, I'll just have to relax at my house with Brook. The kids are in daycare so the house is empty. 

When we arrive at the house I unlock the door and two little fucks of kids come running towards me. 

"What are you doing home?" I scold the two kids in front of me. 

"Mommy brought us home. She said it was stupid to be at daycare if you aren't even working. So she dropped us off here like four hours ago." Jane tugged at my pants. 

"It's only..." I check my phone for the time. "Around nine o'clock. You didn't get here four hours ago. And plus I left half an hour ago." 

"Whatever! Make us some foooood!" She kept yanking on my pants. 

"Give me a second!" I huff. "Did you even realize who's here?" 

"Who's here?" Jane quizzed. 

"Brooklyn," I reply and gesture over to her. 

She smiles and shyly waves, Jane hates her, to be honest. But I'd never tell that to Brook. Logan pretty much fancies her, I despise him for that. She may be my niece and everything, but that's his cousin. . . 

"It's breakfast time, go eat some fruit or something. Or get a snack outta the cupboards!" I say after a couple seconds. 

Brooklyn makes her way to the couch and brings one knee to her chest and starts messing with the shoelace of her red runners. 

"Do you want anything?" I startle her as I spoke from over her shoulder. 

"No, I'm good, thanks though!" She replies in a low voice. 

"Yep," I sigh. 

Jane walks upstairs with a glass of chocolate milk, Logan following with a bowl of milk spilling out with every step.

"Freeze," I call out. 

They both stop and make their ways back to the bottom of the steps. 

"First, I said fruit. Second, who's idea was it? And thir-"

"You also said in the cupboard.." Brooklyn butts in. 

Logan nods in agreement. That little twat doesn't even know what's going on fifty percent of the time, so he can stop! 

"Logan poured the milk and I poured his pebbles." Jane admitted, pointing to Logan's bowl of fruity pebbles. 

"Mm, stay right there." I mumble and walk into the kitchen. 

Milk was all over the floor. The milk jug was still out, it was sat upon the fridge with the cap half screwed on. 

"All right, Logan, go put the milk away. Jane, keep your milk downstairs." I sigh and rub my hand over my face. Parenting. 

Logan scrambles into the kitchen. I hear the fridge door slam shut with glass bottles clanking together. 

"Do I have to eat down here?" He batted his lashes at me. 


 I'm not a sucker like your mother! You don't get away with everything. 

He groans and takes his bowl and sets it on the table next to the couch and sat next to Brooklyn and set the bowl in his lap and began eating. 

"Floor," I demand. 

He huffs and puffs and finally gets on the floor. 

I glance up at the clock, quarter till ten! 

I turn the television on and clean up the mess of a house. 


"It's almost three. You should probably go home." I tell Brooklyn as I walk out of my room. 

"But I don't get home until nearly around four thirty," Brooklyn replies. 

"Just tell Harry that you got out early. I dunno, make something up!" I shoo her outta my house. 

"Fine," she grumbles and turns around. "I don't have a ride."

"You better start a'walkin!" I smirk, she rolls her eyes. "Get in the car."

Brooklyn's POV:

Wow, what an ass hole. 

Uncle Z was actually shooing me away from him. Did his opinion on me chance because I got in trouble?

Oh gosh!

What if he tells Harry an Louis? I'll be in so much trouble. I can only pray to god he doesn't. 

When I'm dropped off, he takes off; backing out of the driveway and zooming down the road. 

"Hey, Hun. You're home early. Who dropped you off?" Louis asked. 

"Uh, Uncle Z." I reply and walk to the staircase. 

"That was nice of him," He smiles at me briefly. "What's wrong? Harry actually did fix your truck. Don't be upset!" 

"Really? Okay, thanks for telling me." I smile. 

I go to my dads' room and thank Harry for getting it fixed. 

Zayn's POV:

"Michael," I smirk as I walk into the office. 

"Z-Zayn. U-uhm, long time n-no see," he stutters and tries smiling but miserably fails. 

"Right? Now I got a proposal for you!" I reply. 

"I-I don't wanna be in any of your horrible schemes. You're never up to any good." He looks almost.. Scared. 

"Oh c'mon! Goody-two-shoes-Michael is coming out to play? He's no fun. Remember the last time you didn't obey my orders?" I smirk. 

"Y-yeah. It made Harry and L-Louis break up." He gulped. 

"Yeah. That was fun!" I laugh. 

Wowzerz, I just went over the previous chapter and wow!
I said that 5sos went on tour with 1D, but in here they were broken up before they could. So... Yeah. Just forget about them going on tour and just think of them all as friends. Zayn was the first to befriend them and introduced them and yeah... Didn't wanna confuse anyone with that. 

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