Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


28. Fading Memories Chapter Twenty Eight

Michael's POV:

Zayn is such an ass! I am not the one to cuss as much anymore, I've matured. A lot. And when I curse I must be pissed then. 

Many bad, bad would be an understatement though, things have happened because of Zayn! 

It was really horrible what he did. Long story short, the day the band broke up was totally different that what it seemed. Zayn had basically kidnapped me and took me to Louis' house and forced both Louis and I to undress along with himself undressed and we were told to masturbate in front of him and of course it made us moan and pant so, Harry walked in and heard it and it went down hill from there.

 I feel bad about it because Louis just doesn't explain himself to him. Plus it broke the band up. If only I had just obeyed Zayn. But it was really naughty what he told me to do! 

"Mr. Clifford, you wanted to talk?" Mr. Colitis walked into the office. 

"Uh, yes sir. If it isn't taking up any important time." I reply. 

"Every moment of my life is important timing." He rolls his eyes as if it was obvious he was so precious to the world. 

"You're a smart man, sir!" I smile. 

"Don't butter me up," he groans and walks to his office while adjusting his suit jacket. 

I follow behind him, but not too close. When we walk into his office he gestures towards the chair, for me to sit. I take a seat quietly and he just stares at me. 

"Well.. Are you going to speak?" He crosses his arms over his chest and leans back in his chair. 

"Oh, yes," I take a moment to think of all the stuff I need to tell this man in front of me. Suddenly, I feel like I know nothing about the man and I don't even know how to act around him. "We-well, sir, I think that Brooklyn Styles is a really great student. Maybe 'great' is an understatement for her. She's very bright. We don't have many of those kind of students in this school-"

"What are you getting to Clifford?" He rubs his temples briefly. 

"I'm trying to say that punishing her and making her go to detention isn't fair for her. I know punishing her will show her the consequences of acting bad, but c'mon. This is the first time she's ever gotten in trouble her whole school life! Can't you let it go? Every student cusses in this school! Sure it's inappro-"

"I'll think about it." He sighs. 

"You can't just think about it. You'll most likely say that she still goes to detention." My voice lowers like I'm shrinking in size, that's when I realize that I'm slipping out of my chair. 

"I said I'll think about it god dammit!" He raises his voice and my eyes widen. "I'm sorry. I'll keep your perspective in mind. Have a good rest of your night."

"You too sir," I smile and walk out of his office. 

"What did he say?" Zayn quizzes. I jump and hold my hand to my heart. 

"He said he'll think 'bout it." I reply and walk back to the front office to get my belongings and head home. 

"Then you weren't saying something right. Go back in there and make sure my sex to- I mean my niece doesn't have detention!" I demand. 

"Look, no matter how much I want to help her, not you, I can't. He's already yelled at me and cusses me out. If I go back in there the answer will be a definite no." I sigh as I smack my palm on my forehead. 

"You're useless," Zayn grumbles. 

"Listen here, Malik, if you don't want your sex toy having detention the you, not me you, go in there and talk to the principal. See how easy it is," I yell. "You're such a control freak! Stop! Nobody likes that side of you. Everyone thinks you're quiet and nice but really you're rude and obnoxious." 

"You'll regret saying that!" He walks out of the office. 

Brooklyn's POV:

*Come over?* Shaun text me. 

*Pick me up?* I text back. 

*Climb down the window?* 

*You're stupid. Hurry up and come pick me up!*

I smile down at my phone. I love Shaun so much, he likes to joke a lot. But I have a feeling that he wasn't joking about climbing out the window, though. 

*Be there in a few sweetheart*

Sweetheart means so much more than 'babe' or 'baby'. Well at least to me it does. 

Usually we'll play XboxLive and we'll talk with the microphones and the other teammates can hear and always complain when he calls me 'sweetie', 'sweetheart', or 'cupcake'. They usually kick us out. It's worth it though. 

"Brooklyn someone's at the dooooor!" Louis yelled. 

"Sure, I'll get it even though you're in the family room," I grumble and walk down the stairs. 

I hold my stomach, if only they were still in there. I sigh and open up the door an smile at the figure before me.  I should really tell him about the miscarriage. 

"Hey, you ready to leave?" He spoke. 

"Yeah. Lemme get my shoes on first." I respond and take one step to find my shoes. 

"I'll get them." He offers and looks at my outfit to find what shoes would go with them. "Red converses?" 

I nod and he goes to the kitchen door, which is where my shoes were, and comes back with small red shoes with dirty shoelaces that almost look brown. 

"Here, sit down on a chair," he demands and props my leg up to slip my shoes on. 

"Shaun, wait.." I sigh. 

"I think we should tell my parents finally today." He smiles. "Oh wait.. Were you going to say something?" 

"No." I groan. 

He ties my shoelaces at helps me up. I don't even have a stomach, well a huge one at least. 

"So, do you think we should tell them that you're pregnant yet?" He asks for approval.

"No.." I stop on the sidewalk, almost at his car. His hand slips from mine, his smile falls, and he stops in his tracks. 

"Why?" Confusion was clear in his features. 

"Because. . . It isn't your child." I lie. 

Y'all I am sooo sorry I haven't updated in almost a month! That is so rude of me. I just never have the time. I've been caught up in school work and reading. I'll start the next chapter later tonight. 

But, how bout the ending? (((; Brooklyn is just crazy. How about Michael's confession about the breakup? 
Favorite, comment, become fan. Thank you c: I love all y'all. 

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