Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


12. Fading Memories Chapter Twelve

Brooklyn's POV:

Shaun walked in MY house! Shaun Nelson walked in MY house!! He was was my ninth grade crush. I don't really talk to him or even see him around. I'd be lying is I said I don't like him anymore. 

"I have to go change." I tell Him and walk to my bedroom. 

Shaun and Uncle Z here? This calls for Agent Brooklyn's outfit service (ABOS). My mission is to find something sexy , short , and possibly black! Oh and my need glasses. They always make girls look hotter. 

I search through my closet. Nothing! I wish I had a mom or a sister I could share clothes with. I go to my dresser , because I don't really ever wear those clothes in there so there's a chance I can find things and make it into a cute outfit. 

I pull out one of my Beatles crop top and a black leather skirt. I smile , I can really pull an outfit together quick. 

I put on my top , it's much shorter than the last time I had worn it. But the more slutty the better! I grab the skirt and pull it through one leg and then my phone goes off. It was a text from Brittany. 

Brit Brat:
I'm almost at your house giiiirl :)

I smile and set it down on the table and put my other leg through. I pull it up to my thighs and that's where it stopped. 

I scream the loudest my diaphragm would let me. I heard a few feet stumble up the stairs and into my room as I slipped of the skirt. 

"Brook what's wrong?" Uncle Zayn shouts. 

"My skirt doesn't fit." I cry. 

"Hun , what size is it?" Shaun asks. 

"A two. My normal size." I sigh. 

"Well , than the company is wrong. Later on we can call and tell them off!" Shaun smiles. 

I nod and wipe the tears. He hugs me and rubs my back. I look at Uncle Z from the corner of my eye. He doesn't like the fact that Shaun is in here , hugging me , or that I'm half naked. 

I pull away and walk to my closet and ask Shaun to pick out some bottoms for me. He walks over to where I was standing an picks out white skinny jeans. I nod and take them to the toilet to put on. 

"They don't fit either." I throw the jeans across the bedroom. 

"Okay , find some pants that do fit and hurry downstairs. The other guest will be here soon." He says and exits the room. 

Uncle Zayn walks to me and takes my hand and gently rubs it with his thumb. 

"Happy Birthday , babe!" He smiles. 

"Thank You!" I stand on my tip-toes and hug him. 

"I didn't get you a gift but I'm sure I can make up for it." He smirks. 

"Yeah? And what would that be Malik?" I smile. 

He bends down and kisses me. He puts his hands on my waist and our lips move in sync. This birthday couldn't get any better. 

Uncle Zayn leaves and I find some jeans that finally fit and walk downstairs. Some people were already here. I greet them and we start talking a bit. 

As the minutes pass more people show up. Some of y closest friends were the last ones to come. I kiss their cheeks and walk over to more crowds of people and just mingle. I don't even know most of the people , but I don't care. I won't get in trouble because my dads threw this for me. 

Hours pass by an now it's one in the morning. Uncle Zayn was probably upstairs going through my dads' stuff. I went through the dining room to get to the lounge and that's where I found Shaun , John , Brit , and Uncle Zayn playing Beer Pong. What the hell? Beer for sixteen year olds? No. Especially since they're my friends and they're driving home alone tonight. I might have to drive then to their houses myself. 

"Brooklyn come look at this!!" One of the football players-I think his name is Austin-says. 

I walk to him , he was looking outside. I look at him confused , he points to something's outside. So , I look through the window and there I saw a beautiful white Honda with a black ribbon on the hood. I scream and run outside. 

I open up the door. New car smell. It's the best smell ever! The key was in the ignition. Smart! Real smart.

I got out smiling and everyone was gathered around me. They started mumbling about it. Some said how spoiled I am and that I'm a bitch for it. Most people left. 

Uncle Zayn brings me back inside and Brit tells me she's leaving but Shaun just stands there saying nothing. 

"Alright. Happy Birthday babe." Brit kisses my cheek. 

I mumble a thanks and walk her to the door. She got in a dudes car. It looked like that guy Austin , if that's his name. Everyone but Shaun and Uncle Z had left by now. 

Shaun walks to the living room and started cleaning up and singing the latest popular song. 

"Shaun , you don't have to clean. And wrong song." I smile. 

"It's okay , it's better than going home," he laughs. "Oh yeah... Then what song am I supposed to sing?"

"Yesterday by the Beatles." I say proudly. 

He walked closer to me so close to my face. I've been waiting for this since I was fourteen. He came a bit closer and took a deep breath. 

"Yesterday , all my troubles seemed so far away." Shaun sang. 

I really thought we were going to kiss.  But instead he starts singing the song that I suggested he sang. 

"Ha! I knew ya liked them!" I wiggle my finger in his face. 

He rolls his eyes and took me upstairs. He brought me to my room , he closed the door behind him then smirked. 

"Why are we up here? Do ya wanna hear one of their records?" I question. 

"Yeah. Sure." He replies. 

I walk over to the record player and put Yellow Submarine in. I sit on my bed and so does Shaun. We keep scooting closer to each other until our hands touch. 

I look into his eyes and immediately fall in love again. I didn't even realize I was leaning in until our lips touched. 

I crawl onto his lap and straddle him. I take his delicate face in my hands. We begin to make out and take our clothes off. 

I had just been left in my undies and bra , while Shaun was in his boxers. He runs his hand over my underwear. 

"You're so wet , babe." He smirks. 

He grabbed the waistband with his teeth and pulled them down to my ankles. He fumbled with my bra but eventually pulls it down my arms. 

He blew over my entrance and it sent chills down my spine and goosebumps on my arms. 

"Don't be a tease now!" I smirk as he blows once more. 

He takes his index finger and thumb to my clitoris and gently rubbed it bringing me pleasure. While doing that he'd kiss my inner thighs. I fisted his hair in my hand. I needed him inside me. Not just rubbing my clit. 

I moan and he stops. He stands up and pulls own his boxers , revealing his 'friend'. I bite my lip. I begin to suck his length. After about ten minutes he told me to stop. Then lied me down on the bed and alined his dick to my entrance. He slides into me painfully slow. But eventually he starts going fast , sloppy , then fast again. 

"Shit! Almost there." He announces. 

"Me too." I say breathless. 

Moments later I feel him twitch inside of me. I start getting that all too familiar knot in my stomach. His juices were let out into me and I came on his dick. 

We both lie on my bed trying to catch our breaths. He looks over to me and smirks. 

"I know your dirty little secret."

"What're you talking about?" I question. 

"You , Zayn , relationship." He says with a sigh at the end. 

"We aren't in a relationship. We're just... Real close." I reply. 

"I saw the two of you kiss." He comments. 

"You can't tell anyone. If anyone finds out I'm dead." I reply in a panic. 

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone," he smiles. Thank The Lord. "If you be my girlfriend."

I huff an mumble a fine. He takes my hand and kisses it. 

"Go put your clothes on and go on the couch of they'll know we had sex!" I shoo him off my bed. 

He quickly dresses and goes downstairs. Just as Uncle Zayn walks in. I pat the spot next to me and he walks to the side and lifts up the sheets and covers himself. 

"You still have a beautiful body!" He laughs. 

"I forgot I was undressed." I blush. 

He wraps his arms around me tightly and kisses my collar bone. He occasionally would flick my nipple or just touchy breast. I turned around and kissed his lips. He's so irresistible. 

"This is wrong," I sigh. "I'm not even of age. It's illegal."

"It's only illegal of you're caught." He winks. 

"So , it's only cheating of you're caught?" I ask. 

"Doll , life is difficult. Sometimes it's good to break the rules."

And with that I nod , turn over , and rub his hand that was on my bare stomach. As the Record stopped playing I dozed off. 

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