Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


3. Fading Memories Chapter Three

Liam's POV- 

   As it was a normal day, like a walk in the park kind of normal, I walked around Downtown London. 

It's been pretty peaceful without screaming fans chasing after you. I walked into Danielle today. But that's another story I'll get to later.

   As I walked on the sidewalk I saw a very skinny man or woman. It's pretty hard to tell with the curly mop on their head. I walked up to them and tapped their shoulder.

'Excuse me, kind..... Sir.' I said as I studied their face. I finally decided it was a man after all!

'Uh yeah Liam?' They asked.

'What? How do you know my name?' I asked.

'Well one; You were and still should be in a world famous band! And two; I'm Harry.' The homeless guy replied.

'No, Harry wasn't this skinny, he didn't look all dirty.' I replied with tears coming to my eyes.

'It's me,' He replied. 'I'm STILL the same guy that you used to hang out with even when the band was broken up, the guy that broke Louis' heart at one point, I'm still Harry Styles.'

'Oh god it is you,' I cried. 'Come with me.'


   We went to my flat and got him all cleaned up. I gave him a blanket, and allowed him to scan the kitchen for any food he'd like.

He came back with a bag of popcorn, a bag of M&M's, and water.

'Harry, you don't need water. Get apple juice or something.' I laughed.

He shook his head no.

I asked how he's been.

'I've been pretty good,' He faked a smile. 'You?'
'Uh, me and Danielle got married,' I simply said. 'And you're NOT "pretty good." I know you Harry.'

'Fine, I've been horrible, broke, broken, and probably every worst thing possible,' Harry cried. 'I'm broken Liam. I don't know what to do!'

   I hopped up from the couch and hugged him. I let him take a shower to freshen up. I handed him some clothes to wear and we headed out for dinner.

   I invited Niall, Zayn, and Louis. Louis didn't want to come though. His simply texted back "No". I shook it off and headed to the Cafe. 


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