Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


30. Fading Memories Chapter Thirty


Shaun's POV:

Last night Brooklyn and I made a decision of throwing a party. We sent a text to everyone we could get a hold of. 

Before we set up for the party, we put the valuable shit in the attic and locked it. Cause you know exactly how the stereotypical parties are. The jocks throwing the football around the expensive vase, throwing the vase, breaks china plates. That's kind of how it is! 

We set out alcohol -- like I wouldn't find it, dad -- and cups. This'll be a fun night. 

Brooklyn takes a glass and fills it halfway with vodka an gets out some grape juice and fills the rest of the cup up. 

She swirls it around, careful not to spill it and then chugs it down. 

"Careful," I warn. 

"I want to get drunk before everyone shows up." She replies and gets more alcohol. 

* * *

By eight o'clock, she was drunk. About ten people were here by then. 

"D-did you invite girls?" She slurs. 

"Uhm, yes," I reply. 

"A lot?" She quizzes. 

"No," it's the truth. I didn't know how she'd feel if I invited a lot of girls. 

"Then invite some! I wanna do dirty things with themmmm!" She laughs at nothing, well maybe what she said was funny to her. 

I nod, she probably didn't notice though. 

I walk into the living room and told all the guys there to invite some girls. Not some, a lot. 

Just minutes later a whole bunch of people walk in through the front door. 

I pop my Ride The Lightning cd in to the player and music begins playing. Roughly forty people now. 

* * *

Some random kid brings a bong into my house and I suddenly smile. I walk up to him. 

"Hey, you wanna play Puff Puff Pass?" I ask. 

He nods and he climbs the stairs to announce we're playing. 

I convince Brooklyn to play and a bunch of people gather around in the backyard. We made a huge circle an everyone pulls out their wallets and puts five bucks in the middle. I put ten because Brooklyn doesn't have money with her. 

"So, for those of you who doesn't know, Puff Puff Pass is a game where we pass the bong around and if you can say the words 'Puff puff pass' without coughing or passing out after inhaling you're still in the circle. But of you do either one of them you're out of the circle and your five bucks stays. The last person still standing gets the money." I announce. 

Mumbles were heard, five bucks were taken out of the pile, people left the circle, others joined an set down money. 

The kid who brought the bong, who I've learned the name of it's Parker, started off. He lit it up and inhaled. 

He laughed, he was high before he got here. 

"Puff puff pass," he passes it to the next person. 

"Shit," they cough after inhaling. They leave the circle. 

Fifteen minutes later, the circle was down to five people versus the huge group as we started off with. Surprisingly Brooklyn was still in. 

Parker received it for the third time, he inhaled and when he passed it to the next person, he passed out. 

He was the second person to pass out. Four people now. 

It gets passed to me. I inhale it and smile at the crowd formed around us to watch and see who wins. 

"Puff puff pass bitchessss!" I laugh. 

I give it to Brooklyn an she was quick to do it. 

"Puff puff pass," she said with no emotion. "This shits boring and lame." 

"Psh, yeah right." The guy next to her says. 

"Fine, I'll prove it by winning," she laughs a dry laugh. 

"Okay. When you win this round you can have a three-som with my girlfriend." He chuckles and inhales. "Puff puff pass."

"You up for a three-som?" Brooklyn turns to me. 

"Two girls and me? I'm up for that shit!" I laugh. 

"Good. Because I am too. After this we can grab a drink an head upstairs for it," she winked. 

It was handed to me as the person next to me coughed. 

It was an easy game for me, I pass it to Brook as I finish. She passes to the guy next to her and of course that pussy coughs. 

Down to me and Brooklyn. Easy. I'll just make her laugh as she inhales. We all know a girl can't win. 

We refill the bong for the third time. I light it quickly an inhale. Sweet, sweet taste. So enjoyable. I love this feeling. 

"Puff puff pass," I give it to Brooklyn. 

She follows my lead and hands it back to me. By now the crowd has gotten bigger since the bet. 

"C'mon Shaun you can beat the pussy ass of a girl." The dude who made the bet yelled. 

At that I pulled the bong away from my mouth and coughed. 

"Dude if she was a pussy, she'd be out like you!" I yell into the darkness since I don't know where he is. 

"You're out, so she clearly isn't a pussy," he replies. 

"She's my girlfriend anyway." I chuckle. 

"IM READY FOR A THREEEEE-SOM!" Brooklyn yells. 

"A deals a deal! I'll bring her out here," he replies. 

"Whoa, Brookie, are you sure you want to do this?" I quiz. 

"Of course. I said I wanna do dirty things with girls tonight so why not?" She replies. 

The dude comes out and a girl is by his side. 

"This is Chastity. She hopes to be a stripper in the near future. Have fun with her." He hands her off and immediately she's kissing on Brooklyn. 

"Lets go get some drinks before we get heated," Brook tells Chastity. 

She nods and follows her into the house. The three of us get a alcoholic beverage and chug it and head to my room. 

Chastity pulls Brooklyn to the bed and began making out. Chastity was on top and she began grinding on Brook. This should turn me on and make me want to join, but instead it made me jealous. I should be the one to kiss her and make love to her. Not some stripper wannabe. 

"I'm here too.." I speak. 

"Yeah, I know you are!" Chastity smiles and walks towards me leaving Brook alone on the bed panting. 

She got down on her knees and unzipped my pants and pulled them to my ankles to my dismay, I forgot to wear some boxers so she went straight for it. 

She held my balls in her hand as she began deep throating me. Pleasure. Hang my head back, close my eyes. Pleasure. Fuck Brooklyn, I didn't know you could d- shit! This isn't Brooklyn, I shouldn't be enjoying this.

I open my eyes and sit my head straight. I look at Brooklyn and she's watching us with a grin. 

"Brooklyn?" I speak. 

"Yes babe?" She murmurs. 

"Come 'er." I demand with a hand gesture. 

She rises from the bed and comes to my side. I pull her face towards me and kiss her, more like make out with her. 

"Don't mean to intrude but.. Lets get fucking. On the bed!" Chastity clears her throat. 

I kick my pants from my ankles and I sat on the bed. Chastity goes for what she had been doing previously and I command Brook to take her clothes off. It's not much work considering she's drunk and high! 

Vulnerable and naive when she's naked. 

Chastity undresses herself and starts riding me. 

"Shit. Get a condom." I mutter. 

She groans and asks where they were. Once I told her she went away to find them. I bring Brooklyn to me and really all I want to do is eat. her. out. I sit her on my face and begin licking. I hear foil being ripped, so I know what is touching me now! 

Chastity begins ridding me again. Fuck she's amazing. I wanna know where she'll be working. Shut up, I tell myself. I can't think about that! I have Brooklyn, and Brooklyn has me. Right? 

Of course. 

I just focus on eating Brook out but then the twitching begins. 

I pull Brooklyn off of me and moan loudly. 

"Shit. Shit. I-I'm gonna cum Chas." I moan. 

She begins grinding. 

"Good. I am, too." She replies. 

"Fuck," I mutter. 

I wish she was Brooklyn. I wish Brooklyn was this good. 

"Fuuuuuuck!" Chastity squeals as she came. 

I was about to cum but she got off of me and allowed Brooklyn. 

Chastity came up to me and began kissing me. But the feeling of Brooklyn riding me was foreign. I liked it. A lot. She was fast and good. I like her drunk. 

I shooed Chastity away and took Brook off me. I got on my knees and put Brooklyn on her back, I want to fuck her. Chastity came and started licking Brook all over her body. I lifted Brooklyn's right leg and slowly entered her.

Faster, I thought. 

I went faster. 

More passionate, I thought. 

I got more passionate and every time I pushed in, I kissed her. 

I love this girl before me so fucking much I could probably marry her and start a family now. Sure the news earlier was a bit disappointing but there isn't anything we can do! 

I forgot about Chastity until she came into sight. 

Twitch. Twitch, goes my dick. 

Fuck I am gonna cum all in this condom, I quickly pull out of her and she whimpers. I quickly pull it off and enter her again. I go as fast as I can, even though I'd love to fuck her all night, we have a party going on. 

I came all inside of her. I bit my lip as I released. I feel so good right now. I pulled out of her and kissed her temple. 

"You were good!" I whisper even though she won't remember any of this in twelve hours. 

"How was I?" Chastity winks. 

"Incredible, to be honest. I probably shouldn't be saying that, but oh well!" I shrug. 

"Thanks. I try." She giggles. 

"Shouldn't you be getting to your boyfriend now?" I ask. 

"Boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend." She said confused. 

"Then who introduced us?" I quiz. 

"I don't know. He came up to me asked if I had a boyfriend, asked for my name, and asked if I was up for a three-som." she shrugged. 

"Any you agreed? We could've had aids or herpes." I reply. 

"Don't care." She replied. 

"So do you really want to be a stripper?" I quiz. 

"No," she replied. "Is that your girlfriend?" 

I looked over at the naked, drunken, high, sleeping Brooklyn. She's so beautiful and all mine. 

"Fiancé," I correct her. 

"Congrats," Chastity smiled as she put on her clothes and left the room. 

(Huh! How bout that? The smut was pretty weird to write. Haha. Bye. Hopefully I'll update tomorrow xx but today we had free-time in math and my friend went through my phone and read all my notes (including this one) and went through my photos. Photos weren't so bad. Notes, it was terrible. I had 1D shit still written and she read this whole chapter and she was smiling, gagging, laughing, and shaking while doing so, so I lied and said I copied it.) 

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