Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


31. Fading Memories Chapter Thirty One


Brooklyn's POV:


 I wake up with the worse headache, my limbs sprawled out everywhere, and chills all on my body. Where am I? I look around the room, it's familiar but it isn't mine. I get up off the bed and find a button up shirt on the foot of the bed, I put it on and button it up and leave the room. I'm naked, why? I don't even have underwear on. Crazy nights! I hear rustling downstairs. The stairs are familiar too, where do I know this place from?

I enter the kitchen where the noise was coming from and see a shirtless teenager in the middle of the room. I know that sexy back like the back of my hand! It's my boyfriend, Shaun. I must have drank a lot and passed out in his room. But why am I naked? I walk up behind him and put my arms around his hips and kiss his right shoulder blade.

"Morning Rook," he says and I know he's smiling. He's such a sweet guy.

"Why was I naked?" I blurted out.

"Psh, one crazy night last night. Go sit down and I'll tell you all 'bout it!" He replies and I do as told.

I sit at the kitchen table and he walks over with two plates then he runs into the family room and returns with his dads laptop in his hands. 

"Eat up!" He smiles, I nod and dig into the blueberry pancakes. "Listen, we've been dating for quite sometime now and with the loss, I think we should make some promises and commitments. Thus the reason I have the computer."

He slides me the computer that has the words document pulled up the the title 'Brooklyn's & Shaun's promises'. I smile and nod in agreement. He truly is the best. So with me agreeing with the idea, he takes the computer and starts typing away then slides it back again.

1. I promise to always listen.

My turn now.

2. I promise that I won't get mad when there's no anniversary surprise trips.

He shook his head and smiled and typed more.

3. I promise to try and do cute things just for my snuggle bear.

4. I promise to always be your snuggle bear.

5. I promise that will clean up after myself

6. I promise to always tell you what's wrong the first time you ask.

7. I vow to always give you a kiss good morning and good night.

8. I vow to always kiss back.

9. I promise to always love you.

10. I promise I'll always love you back.

I hand him the computer back, smiling. I just love that dork so much I could marry him right at this second. And with that he hands the laptop to me and gets up. I lean towards the screen and read what he wrote.

11. I vow to take your hand in marriage and to always love and cherish the wonder woman beside me. You're the one I want to live with and love forever. I don't think that there's any other girl out there for me. Will you marry me?

I look up and he was on his knee, holding open a box. I nod continuously. He's definitely the one I want to marry. We both stand up and kiss. He closes the laptop and we take our plates to the sink and go back upstairs. I sit on his bed and I remembered that he never told me why I was naked so I asked again. He sighed.

"We threw a party last night, you got hammered and high. You insisted on have a three-some with a random chick, so we did just that. And she left the room and you knocked out so I left you in my room. I snuggled next to you for awhile but realized I needed to get back downstairs. So I pulled the covers over you and locked my bedroom door and went back down."

"Was she good?" I asked

"Honestly, yes but I promise you were better, especially with the fact that I came inside you. It was the best feeling. I needed it. But I promise baby that you're the only woman I wanna make love to." He kissed my temple as he finished saying that.

"Awh, than- wait, you came inside of me?" I yell

"Well yea-"

"No, why would you do that? God, you're such a horndog! I hate you. What if I get pregnant again? What if I lose it once again? I can't handle that Shaun."

"Shaaaaaun!" There was a booming screech coming from downstairs. It was his dad, he scared me so much. I look over at him and he looked sad.

I kiss his cheek and tell him I'm sorry and that I truly love him. I turn around and put some real clothes on and we head out. As soon as he opens the door, his mom was right there like she was anticipating for us to walk out.

"H-hey sweetie, your dad wants you." She weakly smiled up at him, he nods in return.

He takes my hand and we walk down the steps and into the living room.

"Mind telling me what this is?" He tolds up the ring box and the laptop with the screen of our promises... Shit, does his parents really not know?

"Dad, please. I'm an adult, I can make these wise decisions on my own." Shaun scoffs.

"Well of course you'd think that! You're a dumb teenager who hasn't even graduated from high school yet." His dad dryly laughs.

"Actuallyyyyy, Brooklyn and I have graduated. We are like sponges and we took online courses and graduated early. You've been too busy to realize it. Brook was sick of the people at school so we just left. So we are graduated and getting married." Shaun retorts.

"Oh and hun, I heard that she," his mom interjects and points to me, I have a name... "Is pregnant. Or was, too dumb to keep a baby."

"That's fucking it, get out of my house now!" His dad spits and we both back up. He's still holding on to my hand. 

Shaun grabs the ring box and we run upstairs and pack some bags. Once we get downstairs he picks up his car keys and we leave his house and head to mine.



"Daaaaaads! Can you come down for a minute?" I scream as we walk into my house.

They rush down and ask what's going on so I told them the whole story, show them my ring, and ask if Shaun could stay here. 

"Of course! He's always welcome. He's basically family now," Harry chuckles. "He just has to sleep in the guest room as long as he's here. Can't have anything happening again."

Louis snickered and nodded as they head back upstairs to their room. I love my family!


A/N: Short chapter I know but I wanted to write something because it's been forever and I'm not even sure anyone will read this anymore haha so I'll be wrapping this all up in the next few chapters. Have a good day/night (:

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