Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


16. Fading Memories Chapter Sixteen

Louis's POV:

Harry and I got back from our vacation today. It was great, but the reason why we went wasn't great. 

Lately, Harry and I have been so... Distance. We are having affairs. We know about them, we just won't talk about them. Both of us are too scared to let go of each other. To lose each other. He's the reason I'm where I am and who I am. I love him. I absolutely love him until the day I die, but we've had bumps in the road. We were on the trip to fix the problems. 
It was wonderful. I came clean, as did Harry. We are happy now. No more secrets. We are an open book. The trip everyone set up really worked. 

I'm happy to have the family I have!

As I cooked dinner - shocking, me cooking dinner since I can't cook - Harry came in and tapped his foot on the hardwood flooring until I turned around with my attention on him. 

"You lied to me." He spat, keeping his distance and keeping my own. He's a feisty one when he's mad. 

"Huh?" I ask. He couldn't have found out anything so big he'd get this mad about. Like I said, we're an open book! 

"These. The fags. The lung killers. The cancer cause. The life ruiner!" He yelled holding up a pack of cigarettes.

"I'm sorry.." I mumbled. 

"No. It would be different if I found one box of them. But no, I found two in your vehicle, three in our bedroom, and a pack in Brooks room. Are they yours or hers, Louis?" Harry kept getting louder and louder with every word. 

Brooklyn came down the stairs and into the kitchen, sipping on her drink through the straw. She looked happy until she sawHarry's face. Her smiling, sipping, adorable face dropped into a frown, her phone only hanging by two fingers. 

"The p-pack in her room w-was," I stuttered and looked over at Brooklyn. Her face went pale. "They were mine."

Damn kids and their little innocents. I had to take the bullet for my own daughter. I know about all her problems from A-Z or should I say A to Zayn. 

"Thank you for telling the truth." He gulped and looked down in shame. Really? Now I feel guilty. 

"Why are you mad at me? It's not like I actually have cancer!" I say putting my hands on my hips. He's so... Aggravating. 

"Because Louis. What if we lose you? No one can deal with that! We all love you, so very much. I couldn't bare to be without you and never get you back." Harry groaned. 

He's trying to make it seem so obvious that it's a big problem. It really isn't. It's a simple addiction. I can stop when I want to. Not when my husband tells me to. 

Harry and I just keep bickering back and forth until we hear the sound of a loud drop. We look in Brooklyn's direction. Her phone was smashed all around her, glass everywhere. Her drink had spilled. That phones over with. 

"Brook, don't move. Too much gla-"

"I'm pregnant!" Brooklyn cut offHarry and ran up to the stairs. 

We stood shocked we didn't move until the door was slammed shut. I grab Harry's hand and walk to the stairs and slowly grab the knob. 

"For fucks sake." Harry yelled twisted the handle and barged in. 

She lied on her bed with her arm over her eyes. She breathed in and out at a slow rate. Not good. She's freaking out, I learned that about her at a young age. When she was little and she'd confess to something she'd say it and she breathed in and out slowly. 

"Brooklyn, we aren-"

"Are mad at you. You're pregnant. Do you even know who the father is? You probably don't, you slut. I knew you were worthless to this family. Just a disgrace. Disgusting. Gross. Stupid. Next week, out of my house or get an abortion." Harry cut me off, yelling at her. 

She began to cry, she walked past the two of us. She needed time alone so I didn't stop her. Harry is just a dick. Why would he say these things to our daughter?

"Harry," I yelled through gritted teeth. "You cannot do that. She's young. All kids have sex at a young age. Settle it down."

"She doesn't know who the fatheris. She's a slut." Harry retorted. 

"Yes she does. It's probably Zayn.." I mumbled and turned away. 

"What?" Harry angrily asked, his face turned all soft. 

"Do I hear Toby crying? Gotta go!" I said and went into the bathroom with the home phone and dialed Zayn's number. 

"Hello?" Zayn said through the phone. 

"Harry knows. He's going to kill you." I spoke. 

"Knows about what?! Why's he going to kill me?" Zayn chuckled. 

"About you and Brooklyn. He knows you've had sex. He knows she's pregnant. He knows about it all." I replied. 

"What? Brooky is pregnant?! Tell her congrats!" Zayn cheered. 

"Yeah cheers," I sarcastically reply. "But stop acting stupid. I was the first to know. I read her diary. She's dating Shaun and has had sex with him, had sex with you, kissed you dozens of times. What the hell?" 

"I'm sorry. If I told you, you'd act exactly like this. I didn't want to because I knew you'd keep her away from me." Zayn replied in a soft tone. 

"Zayn, I know you've had a special connection with her since the day you moved near us. She's always loved you. She always will.Don't be sorry, I don't care. I know you'll take care of her. It's just... Shaun and Perrie?!" I replied calmly.

 I really don't think Zayn's a bad person. He's always treating woman right. I know he can take care of my pumpkin. 

"Are you serious? I, uhm, Perrie isn'treally pregnant. She never has been. Someone is always carrying our babies. Our passion for each other is no longer. As for Shaun, I don't know." Zayn whispered. 

"Alright. I gotta go. I'll call you later mate." I spoke and ended the call. 

I heard Toby crying so I went to go feed him until I saw Harry holding him. 

"Lets hope you don't turn into a whore like your sister." Harry muttered. 

"Sister whore!" Toby clapped his tiny hands together. 

"Shhhh, don't say that. Daddy will kill me." Harry chuckled. 

I silently chuckled and held the bridge of my nose. 

"I've already planned it!" I joked. 

Harry spun around on his heel and laughed at me, bouncing Toby in his arms to get him back asleep. Now it's up to me to convince Harry that Zayn and Brooklyn aren't really that bad. 

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