Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


17. Fading Memories Chapter Seventeen

Brooklyn's POV:

I push past the both of my Dads and walk out to the hallway to grab my stuff and go to someplace else. I slam the front door shut and hurry and start my truck. 

What is up with my family lately? New kid, more fighting, getting distant, just not being themselves. It's almost scaring me. But, that's why I have Him, Shaun. He's so understanding and caring, you can't help but love him. 

I drive to his house and park on the street. I lightly knock on his front door, his mom answered it. She totally hates me because of who my parents are. So what if they're gay. I'll scream it loud and proud. I love my dads, just not at the moment. 

"Hello, Brooklyn." She lightly sends a grin in my direction. 

"Hello Mrs. Nelson," I smile back. 

"Shaun isn't here, if that's what you're here for." She replied with an attitude. 

"Mom who is it? Is it that annoying Br-, oh hey Brooklyn." Shaun smirked. 

"Shaun." I giggled. 

"C'mon in," Shaun offered a hand. 

I stepped past his Mother as she scoffed and closed the door behind her. We went up to Shaun's bedroom and just sat there. He's kind of... Socially awkward. He's great at making friends because he's weird, funny, and cute. But he's just shy, weird, just... Shaun. 

His tv was turned on and so was his Xbox 360. 

"$waqq0698 is now online" the Xbox beeped. 

"Oh shit, Luke's online!" Shaun mumbled.

"Play with him." I grin at him. 

He's so cute. He looked around, stopped, and just thought for a second. He held the bridge of his nose before opening his mouth. 

"Look, I can't believe I'm saying this but, it's a two player mode. Usually my brother will play but he isn't here so... You wanna play?" Shaun chuckled. 

I nod and take the controllerout of his hands as he popped the disk into the player and we sat there awkwardlyas it loaded and he invited  Luke to the party. 

"Okay, this is the basic stuffpress dow-"

"I know how to play. Right trigger to shoot, left trigger to aim, press right joystick to squat, start button to retrieve your care packages, attack dogs, helicopters, etc. whatever you earn. I can beat you at the game anytime." I laugh and cut him off

"Really? Lets see who wins this game.This is live, have fun babe," he laughs. "Pshh, girls playing COD!"

I giggle and the game begins and I pick my weapon and just go around and scope for enemies. I have to admit, some were pretty good. Better than me. The worst part is, they are little eleven year olds kicking my butt, but I am however in the lead for my team. Shaun in third. 

The game ends and we ended up losing, with me barely in the lead and Shaun just making the second place winner. He looksover at me with glowing eyes and smirks his famous smirk. He's so adorable, I can just smuggle himup. 

I hear some chuckling from behind the two of us. We both turn around and find his Father walking away an his Mother standing in the doorway. They saw us just about to make out. Just beforeHis Father chuckled we were freaking leaning in because his eyes can hypnotize me to do whatever he says. 

I blush and hide my face with my hands, Shaun just ends up tackling me and removing my hands. 

"Brooklyn, you canstay as long as you need. You're like family to us." His Mother warmly smiled at me. 

I smile back and reply, "Please, call my Brook. Thank you though."

"I think we can trust you two in the same bed. Alone. At night. Right?" Mr. Nelson came back. 

"Yes father." Shaun laughs. 

His parents just shake their headsand walk away. Guessing Shaun hasn't told them about the new member yet. Still got eightmonths left though. 

I change into some more comfortable sleeping clothes and lie in bed with Shaun, he started rubbing my stomach as soon as I lied down. I smile and he places a kiss on my forehead. 

"You're cute. I love you!" He grinned. 

"I love you too." I reply, kissing his lips shortly after. 

I fell asleep with his armswrapped loosely around my hips and my left arm on his rib cage. My head nuzzled into his neck andhis chin on the top of my head. Such a stereotype relationship. But I like it like that. 


I wake up and find Shaun with his limbs sprawled all around the bed. I huff and gently remove his arms from my face and stomach. 

He's such a dork. 

I walk into the bathroom to wash my face and teeth. I look down at the sink, I have no toothbrush. Crap. I look to my right and see it, I spotted it just in time. A pink and blue toothbrush. His favorite color is blue mine, well, not pink. But it's girly. 

What if it isn't meant for me? I just shrug and wash off my face, dry it with a towel, and blow my nose. The water always gets in it. Throwing away the tissue, seeing an opened box for a toothbrush. Looks like itsmine. I don't care, I just need to brush my teeth. 

After the fun in the toilet I go to the bedroom again, change into another outfit, finding Shaun changing his poisonsevery two seconds and moaning in his sleep. Mostly asking for things. 

I smile, place a kiss on his forehead, and walk downstairs. No car is parked in the driveway or garage. Great. I'm alone for now. No one will be accompanying me any time soon. 

I just sigh and grab my keys and drive to the market. Really having some cravings. I need to eat before I throw up. But I can pull through until I return back to Shaun's family's house. 

As I park in the driveway, I see Shaun walking down the stairs through the window. I smile and jump out of the truck and walk into the house with a bag in my hand. 

"Morning Hun." He smiled in my direction. 

"Gasp. Shaun Nelson awake at eleven o'two in the morning," I giggle. "G'morning!"

"I hate that I love you. God!" He smiled, running his hands through his hair and resting his chin on my head. 

"Well thanks for the love, babe." I scoff, sitting on the counter. 

"Anyways, what's in the bag?" He asked pointing to the white plastic covered in'Thank you'. 

"Food. For me." I scold him. 

"Why just you? I need food too. My house." He smirked. 

"Your parents house. And becaaaause my money, I bought it, my food, and this is what I'm craving." I replied pulling out the items in the plastic bag. 

Raw cookie dough, skittles, Nestlé strawberry milk, and Nutella with pretzels. Yummy!

He scoffed and placed his hands on either side of my hips, kissing my shoulders, considering that's how far up he can reach. I smile and name the effort to bend down and peck his lips. 

The sound of car doors closing, both Shaun and I curiously looking out the window and finding the one and only: Uncle Zayn Malik.

"Shit!" I mutter, eating the raw cookie dough, sliding down to the floor. 

How'd he know I'd be here?

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