Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


14. Fading Memories Chapter Fourteen

Brooklyn's POV:


I grab one of my grocery bags and head to the toilet. I start looking for the one thing I needed the most right now. The pregnancy test. Just my luck , it wasn't even in that bag. I open up the door to Uncle Z about to knock.


"Uh , lookin' for this?" He says holding up the test.




"Save it. It's normal for a girl your age to have to do this. It's almost always negative , unless...." Uncle Zayn interrupts me.


"What?" I gulp hardly. 


"You turn out to be that one girl who has positive." He laughs


"It's not funny!" I yell pulling him into the toilet.


He hands me the test and I take a deep breath and take it in my own hands. I take it out of the box and take another deep breath. Uncle Zayn leaves the toilet to go find the other test. I quickly pee on it before he comes back in. He hands me the other and I pee on that one too.


He started nervously pacing faster as the timer got lower.


"Why are you pacing? It's me that might be pregnant. It's me that'll get killed if my dads find out." I say while setting the toilet cover down and sitting.


"I-I don't know what if it's-"


The timer cut him off and now it's time to check the sticks that are sitting on the sink.


"Living is easy with eyes closed." I mumble closing my eyes and start standing up.


I walk to the sink and open my eyes , what does this mean? One is positive and the other is negative.


"Malik," I yell. "Come here!" 


He walks to me and rubs my arms. I point to the sticks. I didn't know which one it was.


"We can schedule an appointment at the clinic." He says and leaves the toilet.


"No! We're going now. And they're getting me in no matter how tight their schedule is!" I yell and grab my phone , keys , and purse.


Uncle Zayn got Toby and we got into my truck. I had to drive carefully , no matter how much I wanted to go over eighty MPH , I couldn't. There's an infant in the car. Ugh he's always ruining everything. Shortly we reach the clinic.


"I need to see my doctor as soon as I can!" I say to the woman behind the desk. I'm at the doctors often so everyone knows who I am even if I don't know them.


"Brooklyn , sweetie , other people are waiting. They've been for over a week or so." She replies.


"C'mon... I might b pregnant! I need them to give me a quick test." I whisper.


You never know who's around such as; paparazzi or fans. Some people just need a new juicy sory. And the story won't be mine. Uncle Z is the only to know about this.


"Okay , Miss. Styles , we can get you in , in an hour." She smiles at me.

I nod and walk to some seats. I sit with Uncle Zayn and Toby , and just play on my phone. People were going in and out of the office. Maybe this means I'll be seen sooner!


Now it's been roughly forty minutes and I still haven't been called back. As a new nurse walks out with a record the doors swing open , causing attention. It was the news channel - who knows what they want - and some photographers.


"Brooklyn Tomlinson Styles." The nurse calls.


I glance back and of course some heads snapped in my direction. I grab Uncle Z's arm and walk into the hall with the nurse. She walks us to the room. She does the usual; blood pressure , heart rate , pulse , etc. Then we start talking why I'm here.


"I'll need you to pee in this cup." She says pulling out a plastic bottle out from the cabinets.

I take the cup and go into the bathroom. I had to run the sink to actually go pee. I go back in the room and hand her the plastic cup.


She takes it and about an hour later my doctor comes in with sheets of papers in his hands. I nervously shake my leg an hold onto Uncle Zayn's hand. It was more of a friendly hold rather than a couple hold.


"Okay , we just got the results," He smiled and sat on his chair. "They came back positive. So , you're pregnant. Congratulations."


"Thanks..." I mumble.


We head out and when we reach the exit doors cameramen , news reporters , and weird people rushed over and surrounded us and started asking questions.


"Is it true you took a pregnancy tests?"


"Are you pregnant?"


"Who's the father?"


"Why are you really here?"


"Was the test positive or negative?"


"I was taking a test for-"


"Her illness. It's called bradycarida." Uncle Zayn cuts me off.


"What was the results?"


"Negative. No illness!" I smile.


That dialed down and the group of people left. We go to my truck and go back to Uncle Zayn's house. But I hadn't stayed long. I had to go meet Shaun at some frozen yogurt bar.


When I pulled into the parking lot I noticed his car was already here. I sigh and turn my truck off and walk inside and find him at a table , waiting.


"Hey cutie." Shaun smiled.


"Hi!" I smile back.


"So , you wanted to tell me something?" He said as we walked up to the bar.


"Uh yeah. I'll te you when we sit back down." I reply


I get my usual yogurt; French vanilla , kiwi , cherries , fruity pebbles , and whipped cream. I never change it up. I'm so used to it being the same exact thing. Shaun pays for it and we go sit back down.


"Okay well," I huff. "It's pretty big news."


"Okay! I'm ready." He sweetly smiled.


"Well.... I'm pregnant." I awkwardly laugh


He stares at me blankly and then opens his mouth to say somethig.






This isn't the cliche type of fan-fic. I promise it's different! It has a few of its own twists and I can't wait until y'all read it(:


But sadly this book is coming to an end soon. Just a few more chapters): But I do have a new fan-fic coming soon called '25 Beats'. You should check it out when I publish it(:


Comment your feedback if ya want!

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