Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


4. Fading Memories Chapter Four

Fading Memories

Chapter Four

Louis' POV-

   Zayn and Niall keep calling and texting me, telling me that I should go to the Local Cafe with them and Liam. 
   It's starting to annoy me now. What's so special about the cafe? Nothing!!
   I sat in bed just laying there thinking "I see the boys enough right?" Until I realize we don't. We'll be lucky to see each other twice a month. Our lives have changed so much in the past few months. 
   Liam's married to Danielle, Zayn's engaged to Perrie, Niall is dating Meghan -That girl from the hospital-, and me- Louis I'm still single!
   I haven't even heard from Ed in weeks. He's been in the studios a bit though. 
   I decide to get ready, I throw on a grey beanie, grey plain T-shirt, Hollister sweats, and my toms. I grab my keys and I'm out the door. 
   As I get to the parking lots for the flats I hear a car honk and I look around until I lay my eyes on a familiar black ranger rover. 
'Meghan, Niall!' I say and wave. 
'Hey.' Meghan says from the passenger side. 
'How'd you know I'd give in?' I ask. 
'You're Louis. And plus we rarely get to see each other.' Niall responds. 
   I got in the car and on our way to the cafe I just sat in the back seat thinking of memories from the X-Factor. 
   The memories. They flooded back into my mind making it feel like it all happened yesterday. 
'He's thinking about something.' Niall whispered to Meg. 
   I continue to think. Sitting on the stairs! Mary, carrots, salt and my beanie, the random questions, my four best friends laughing along with me. But now three best friends. 
I let a tear slip down but quickly wiped it away. 
   We pulled up to the parking lot and I jumped out of the vehicle. I saw Zayn so I run to him an hug him. It may seem childish but he is my best mate. We are really close but never get to see each other. 
'Its good to see you.' I say as we hug. 
He smiles and nods. 
   We walk in and spotted Liam at a big booth. My eyes lit up as I saw the big smile that belongs to Liam. 
   I wondered why he was so happy. Me and Zayn raced to the table. 
   My smile faded soon. So did Zayn's. 
'H-Harry?' I ask shakily. 
'Louis!' He smiled. 
   I missed the way he'd say my name. I missed the way his smile could cure cancer. I missed the way his eyes would sparkle, with or without lighting. I most of all missed HIM! 
'Im only here for a short time.' He replied. 
'You look horrible.' I blankly said staring at my used to be, love of my life and best mate. 
'LOUIS!!' Niall shouts. 
'He's so skinny! You're gonna stand there and accept the fact that our mate is to the bone skinny? Are ya?' I replied coldly. 
'Louis is right,' Zayn said. 'You should eat something.'
'Im not hungry.' Harry mumbled. 
   Some loud conversations were talked at our table. Mostly about Harry not eating. 
'WHAIT!' Niall screamed. 'He said "I'm only here for a short time" why?'
   Liam an Harry shared looks. They bother nodded. 
'Harry's moving to Jacksonville, Florida. To start fresh. Have a new life.' Liam replied. 
Oh my gawd. I've missed you guys soooo much. I love y'all. Please favorite this movellas. And if you want give me feedback! (:
Posted April, 4th. 9:31 p.m.

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