Fading Memories (Sequel to They're Gay)

It's been almost a whole year since Harry left. The band had split. It's been out of control.
Louis doesn't care about anything anymore. Fans are going insane. Harry is starving himself. The band broke up. Ed tries helping out, but it's NO use.
Louis is too stubborn to realize that the world is crumbling under his own two feet!


15. Fading Memories Chapter Fifteen

Shaun's POV:



  I open my mouth and the words wouldn't come out. It just sounded like raspy noises on a television show when it can't get signal. I was..stunned. 


"I-I.." I trail off.


"It's okay. I know , you can just.. Walk away." Brooklyn sighed motioning towards the door.


"Walk... walk.. walk away," I stuttered. "I'd never! I don't know exactly how to handle this. But I know we can make it through this."


She smiled at me and I took her hand in mine. I gently rub it with my thumb. She's such a sweet girl , and I can't even believe this happened. I didn't mean for it to happen. It was just once.


We finished up our yogurt and we head to our own cars. They were parked almost next to each other , just one car was in between us. She stopped at her trunk and slowly turned towards me..


"Do... You want to come to my uncles house?" She asked sorta quietly.


"Uhm , you know what.. I'm good. I should probably get home. Thank you though!"  I reply.


She nods and disappears.


'You can't do that. She just told you she's with child. With your child.' 


I ran to her truck and opened her door. She giggled and climbed in and buckled up.


"I'll follow you there." I smile and close her door.


I quickly got into my car and followed her truck back to her Uncle Zayn's house , the only other guy she hangs out with.




As we both come to a haul in a driveway we climbed out of our vehicles and walked to the side door of the house.


"Uncle Zayn I'm back!!" Brooklyn yelled throwing off her shoes and tossing her purse across the floor.


"Quiet , Toby is finally down," He sighed pushing his hair back. "Oh , hi.."


"Hello." I smiled and shook his hand. We really haven't properly met. I mean , we talk but it's new-friend-kinda-talk. 


"Who's here honnnnnnney!?" A woman with blonde hair said.


"Oh. Brooklyn is back and this is her boyfriend... Shaun.." Zayn replied to the woman.


She's pretty hot for a thirty year old!


"Oh hellllllno," Brooklyn chuckled under her breath and everyone stared at her like she was crazy. "This is Shaun , Shaun this is my Aunt Perrie."


"Hi , nice to meet you." Perrie smiled and extended her arm.


I shook her hand and smiled back. She really does have a big and nice family. How am I supposed to keep up with names? Who's Toby? Who's Liam?


Brooklyn took my hand as Perrie walked away. We both made our way to the stairs. As we stepped on the second step we were stopped.


"Uhhh an where do you think you two are going?" Zayn asked.


"To the guest room..." Brooklyn replied.


"You know that there are no boys allowed up there without an adult with you." He replied.


"C'mon , I'm responsible enough." She groaned.


"Yeah , that's exactly why you have a fetus in you." Zayn chuckled.


Brooklyn let go of my hand stomped away. She was probably mumbling cuss words under her breath to where no one could hear her. She's really good at talking softly. Mostly because her voice is soft and she's soft spoken. She's loud when she wants to be though.


I just sat on the couch waiting for Brooklyn to cool down and come back. Impractical Jokes came on the television and Zayn sat down two seats away. As soon as he sat down we both started pissing ourselves it was so hilarious. I was on the ground clutching my stomach with tears in my eyes. Meanwhile Zayn was still on the couch with his face turning red and tears rolling down his cheeks. I sit back on the couch and Brooklyn walks in.


"I can see that you two can have fun and laugh while other people are stressing and pulling out their hair strand by strand." Brooklyn huffs.


"Hormones already?" Zayn laughed.


She pushed his head down an went upstairs and slammed the bedroom door shut. Two little kids came running down the stairs minutes later and a baby began crying.


"Jane , come lay with daddy!" Zayn said as the little girl ran to him.


The little boy just stood there awkwardly. He bit his index finger and stared at Zayn. Zayn just looked at him and then to the empty spot between him and I. The boy went crawling tot he open seat and sat alone with his knees to his chest and a blanket in his hand.


"Guess I'll take care of everything." Perrie yelled going up the steps.


"Shouldn't we do something? She is pregnant..." I say


"What? Are you calling my wife fat?" Zayn yelled.


"No.. I-I thought that Per-she was pregnant. I'm so sorry!" I reply. Oh my god. How could I've said that?


"Don't be. She is pregnant. I am just messing with ya. But , nah. She's fine she was just in our room all day watching what we are right now." Zayn replied laughing.


I nod and ask for permission to go upstairs. Zayn nodded and I walked upstairs and saw Perrie in the nursery room. Rocking the baby back to sleep.


"Do you wanna hold Toby?" She asked with a smile.


"Uhm , actually I came up to check on Brook. Maybe later." I reply


I knock on the door and walk in. She was on the bed staring at the ceiling.


"I'm sorry." I sigh and lie down next to her.


"For what?" She asked turning her attention to me.


"For laughing at the tv show while I should have been looking for you."  I reply.


"Don't be. I was overreacting. I don't know what's happening. I just feel real angry." She replied.


"I'l buy you a teddy bear. Whenever you get mad , punch it." I smile.


"You can't get a bear. They're all cute an cuddly. At least get something ugly... And ugly animal! But a cuddly bear would be nice!" Brooklyn fluttered her eyelashes.


"Okay , an ugly stuffed animal it is.... And a cuddly stuffed bear?" I mumble


"Oh , maybe a gorilla? And nooooo! Not a cuddly stuffed bear. Youuu!" She laughed.


I smile and wrap my arms around her and kiss her forehead. The bedroom door shuts and we don't even look over. Just means more privacy. Just enjoying the silence while we have it.




I check my phone , eleven o'clock. I need to get home , it's past curfew. Stupid laws.


"Baby , I gotta go!" I say and get up from the bed.


"Okay. Let me walk you out." She replied in a soft tone.


She had already fallen asleep on my shoulder so she's tired. She got out of the bed and put on a cardigan and slippers.


We walked to the front door and walked outside. It was really cold. I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her arms , knowing she's still cold.


"Okay , I gotta leave. Bye!" I say and kiss her lips softly.


"Bye baby!" She mumbles and frowns.


"I'll stop by tomorrow afternoon before work," I say trying to make her smile. She just nods , no smile it's still a frown. "I love you."


She shot her head up and there wan't a frown anymore. Barely even a smile. More like a smile for clowns or pedophiles...


"I love you too." She replied.


We hugged once more before I got into my car. I looked out the window  and saw her waving bye. I smile , wave back , smile , and drive off. She goes back inside and the lights were turned off.




Miss you already):




I would miss me too!


Five minutes go by and she hasn't responded but she read it. I chuckle and grab my phone.




I miss you too. Now go to bed and rest up. We have to do a quite a bit of stuff after my shift tomorrow!




Okay! Goodnight.(:





I get home and plop on my bed and take off my shoes and just fall asleep. It was a rough and crazy day.


Okay , I haven't even described what either Brooklyn or Shaun looks like so I'll give you some pictures...






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