Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


2. The Packing



Is Zayn out of his mind? Why on earth does he want to take me, as in take me in to live in his house and to take me to tour? Did fame do something weird to his mind?


"How much longer for your room?" Harry asked as we climbed the last couple of stairs.


"Behind the door." I said opening the door to the attic.


"Your bedroom is the attic?" Niall asked surprised.


"Yeah, I rather be away from my parents."


"Is it so bad?" Liam asked as he looked through my room.


"It keeps getting worst." I answered getting out some suitcases.


"Do you think your parents are going to let you go?" Louis asked helping me.


"They pretty much don't care about me anymore. Not since Zayn left and became famous."


"You know, we actually knew who you were." Harry said.


"We just never thought you were so damn hot." Niall added blushing, making me laugh.


"Thanks I guess?" I said. "Did he ever tell you about our parents?"


"Yeah." Liam answered. "But he only told us, that they fought a lot and they you know, got drunk."


"Well, at least he told you most of it."


"Did he miss something?" Liam asked.


"Sorta." I answered packing some stuff with the help of the guys. "Nothing really important. Niall, don't you dare to open that drawer!" I warned.


"What is inside?" Niall asked trying to open it, but I threw myself to where he was tackling him.


"Don't you dare to open anything I say not to." I warned to everyone with a bloody death stare.


"Fine." Niall said. "Understood. Now please, let me move."


I got up from Niall, and helped him up and we continued packing my whole room.





"Secrets are meant to be kept as secrets. There is no other way. The secrets you have are needed to be kept, take them to the grave, make no mistake about that."



*Zayn's P.O.V.*



I never thought I would find my sister the way I did. I had told the boys, that I wanted to visit my family while we where here in Bradford. Since before I bumped into my sister, I had spoken with Paul, so that she could come with us to tour, and I wanted her to live with us as well.


We all five live together in a huge house on London. There's plenty of room, and knowing how my parents are, I know she would have been more than happy to come and live with me, now the problem is that I never thought my parents would tell me no. They had always told me yes to everything, and I thought that taking my sister away would make them happy. Guess I was wrong.


"Are you out of your mind Zayn?" my dad said.




"Your sister is not done with school, one, and two, how is she going to live in house with other four boys?" my dad answered.


"Oh come on dad! She'll be in a school there on London, and about the other four boys, we have a grown up living with us."


"Who?" my mom asked.


"Paul here." I answered motioning Paul.  


Truth is that he doesn't.


"Yes Mr. and Mrs. Malik, I will take care of your daughter, you don't have to worry about that." Paul said.


"Who's going to pay for her needs?" my dad asked.


"I am."


"With what money?" my mom asked.


"I work. I can sustain her, and she can work there as well."


"And you want to take her since tonight?" my dad asked.


"If it is possible."


"That would be easier, because these kids leave back to London tomorrow at 10am." Paul said.


My parents exchanged a look and had a thinking face on. I really wanted for the to simply agree. I wasn't asking them to pay for it. Come on!


"Kids." my dad said talking to Gab and me. "Promise me, that no matter what, you will always be together."

"Promised dad." Gab said. "Zayn and I will share a flat when we are older and we become famous."

"Deal Gab. We will live together forever."


"Fine." my dad said.


"She can come?"


"Yes." both my parents said.


"Awesome!" I exclaimed hugging my parents. "Paul here needs for you to sign some stuff. I'll leave you guys with him, while I help the people." I added and left.



Finally my sister and I will be back together again. I couldn't be any happier now.


I was walking up to the attic, while I posted something on twitter:


@zaynmalik: YES! Having my baby sis @iGabzter on tour and for life!


@iGabzter: FREAKING CARROT TACO! @zaynmalik! Back together ;P



I got up to her room, and saw the guys laughing and packing.


"So?" Harry asked. "By the reaction your sister had checking her iPhone or, how she calls it, iPerry phone, they agreed."


"iPerry phone?" I asked and Gab simply winked at me. "Yeah, they did. Let's pack because she is coming with us since tonight."


"Shouldn't we warn her about some things?" Liam asked. "You know, the craziness."


"Like what?" Gab asked.


"While we pack, we talk."


"Do not eat the carrots." Louis said.


"But... I LOVE CARROTS!" Gab screamed.




"Ok..." Harry said. "Don't use a spoon in front of Liam."


"Harry likes to walk naked, so watch it." Niall said.


"Do not touch any of Zayn's hair products." Liam said.


"Guys." Gab said. "I already know all of that. Remember you are famous, and almost everything of your life is out on the Internet."


"Point." we all said.


"But now." I said. "Mom and Dad said you are not done with school."

"Missing a couple of months." Gab answered.


"Mind being homeschooled?"


"No." Gab answered.


"Cool. Paul will fix everything."


We kept packing so we could leave.


I'm having my sister back.


@Louistomlinson: I FOUND MY BEST-FRIEND! @iGabzter

@iGabzter: @Louistomlinson CARROT STRIPED PJ!

@NiallHoran: @LouisTomlinson @iGabzter WEIRDOOS!


This is going to be an awesome experience.


Family is so strong that nothing will tear them apart...

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