Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


3. The New Life


*Gab's P.O.V.*


"So we travel back to London tomorrow. We arrive around midday and at 3:30pm you have an interview. " Paul said to us while we drove back to the hotel.


"Interview?" Liam asked. "Why? We had interviews until Monday."


"We never had interviews on a Sunday Paul." Harry said.


"Yes, I know. But people are already asking who Gaby is and Zayn needs to clear up everything."  Paul answered.


"It's only me, or with everyone?" Zayn asked.


"I would say that we should all go." Niall said.


"It depends." Paul answered. "The two people who have to be there, is Gaby and you Zayn, the rest can stay and do whatever they want."


"Well, I have nothing better to do, so count me in." Niall said. "Later we could catch a movie or something."


"I'm in too." Louis said winking at me. "I'm not in the mood to stay alone and read tweets on how I am now single and ready to mingle. Except if it is with carrots."


"I'm sorry, but I already had plans." Liam said. "I'm afraid I can't join."


"Well, I umm, if I'm up I go." Harry said. "I plan on sleeping."


"Okay then, it is settled. Zayn, Gaby, Niall, Louis and probably Harry will go to the interview tomorrow." Paul said and never spoke again for the rest of the trip to the hotel.



Once we got to the hotel, we got out my entire luggage and we went to the suits in where the lads were staying. I changed into some sweatpants and an old t-shirt and fell asleep on Zayn's bed.





"Wakey wakey Gab." Zayn said shaking me.


"Why?" I mumbled into the pillow.


"We have a plane to catch, you can sleep on the plane, come on now. Up." Zayn said taking my covers away.


"Zayn." I said sitting up rubbing my eyes. "You do that again, and I swear you will regret being up early before me."


"Oh I am so afraid." Zayn said mocking me.


"Oh it's on Z. It's on." I said walking to the bathroom.


It was 7:30am when Paul woke Zayn up, who woke me up. I got up and ready in a matter of about 45 minutes.  Around 8:45am everyone was ready and sitting on the van.

All of our faces said that we were sleepy, and that we hadn't even had time to get ready...


Exactly at 10:00am we boarded the plane, and in that moment, I knew I was starting a whole new life. And that this time, I was actually going to enjoy it.  


Just like Paul had said we arrived to London at 12:00m and we had to wait for at least 45 minutes so that security could control all the screaming fans. When we could finally get out, thousands and thousands of fans surrounded us. It took us another 45 minutes to finally get to the house, so finally around 1:30 we arrived to the mansion.


I call it a mansion, cause it wasn't a normal house, it was a goddamn mansion, and still I think mansion stays short, either way, I liked it and that was good cause that is my new house.


"You like the house?" Zayn asked.


"Dude, it is more like a mansion or castle than a house, but yeah. I love it."


"Wait till you see your room." Liam said.


"Wait. My room is already ready?" I answered following the guys inside.


"Sorta." Zayn answered. "It stills need your final touch."


"All the craziness in your old room is missing." Louis said. "And the huge carrot poster as well."


"Was it really a carrot?" Niall asked.


"Me in a carrot costume for Halloween when I was 8."


"I know you like your rooms, to be away from society. " Zayn, said. "So it is a bit away from our rooms, next to Louis."


"Cause he likes his privacy too." Harry said before entering the house and screaming. "NO CLOTH!" and striped staying only on his boxers.


This is going to be an interesting life. And I can't complain.


*Zayn's P.O.V.*


When we got home, I showed Gab her room, and she was fascinated with it. I had started fixing it, remembering on how she always told how she wanted her bedroom when she was older. It had a 'second floor' with her bed there and some books, a window seat, and the colors she liked. And her view was to the city, something she always dreamed of.


"Zayn?" I heard someone say on the hallway.


"My room." I answered.


"Zayn, of I knew where your room is, it would be easier to find you."  Gab said.


"This one." I said popping my head out of my room. "Need anything?"


"No." Gab answered. "I was just wondering why are you taking me in?"


"Don't you remember? We made a promise and said we were going to live together when we were older and became famous. So I'm keeping that promise."


"Yes Z, I remember. But I am not famous." Gab answered. "So?"


"Gab, I missed you okay. I hated the fact that I could never see you, that we wouldn't talk or write. I hated not having you next to me keeping me on my feet. I simply wanted to have the best and most amazing sister and friend someone could ever asked for."


"God Zayn!" Gab said hugging me. "I missed you too! Being alone with mom and dad was chaos. Their fights kept getting worse by each passing day, and they were even talking about a divorce."


"Are you kidding?!"


"I wish I was." Gab said throwing herself on my bed. "They even told me that I was a damn mistake, and that I was good for nothing."


"Gabz." I said sitting on the bed. "Don't listen to that, you are no mistake, and if you are, you are the best mistake. And who says you're good for nothing? Haven't they seen all the awards you have win on sports and art? Are they blind?"


"I don't know Za, I just don't know."  Gab answered with some vulnerability on her voice.




"HARRY'S ASLEEP!" Niall shouted back.


"Let's go Gab."  I said standing up and helping Gab out of the bed.


We all got into the limo and went to our interview. Niall, Louis and Gab were playing and laughing all the way to the place, while I spoke with Paul about the situation with Gab.

She looked so happy with the boys, that I don't regret bringing her to live with the lads, and me because she deserves to be happy, and I knew that with my parents, she wasn't.


"Okay everyone." Paul said. "I need the best of your behaviors."


"Sure captain." Niall said.


"Aye, aye Captain." Louis and Gab said at the same time.


Sometimes love comes when you least expect it to come. Friendship first and then the romance appear...


*Gab's P.O.V.*


We got the radio station and we were introduced to the interviewer. When everything was settled, the interview started.


"Welcome to Trinity Radio, I'm Sam and today we have some special guests. Please welcome, Zayn, Niall and Louis of One Direction, and Gaby Malik, the sister of Zayn." Sam said.


We all answered with our different hi's and hello's.


"So how are you guys?" Sam asked.


"We're fine thanks, a bit tired, but fine." Niall answered.


"You had a trip right?" Sam asked.


"Yeah." Louis answered.


"Well, so Zayn tell me about Gaby." Sam said. "What made you decide to involve her back to your life?"


"Well, as you know she's my younger sister." Zayn said.  "We are really close, but when I auditioned and everything happened, she asked me to keep her away from all the fame and everything until she was ready. So I thought that she was ready by now, and here she is."


"That's was nice from your part Zayn." Sam said. "Why didn't you want to be involved with fame Gaby?"


"Well..." I started. "I've never been a fan of fame. I like to keep my life to myself, and not having thousands of people knowing it. And also, I don't know. I wasn't ready to deal with all the cameras, interviews and everything. Not that I think I will ever be ready, but at least, I know I can handle it."


"That's fair enough." Sam said. "So you'll now know what your brother lives."


"Yeah... But hey, look at the bright side." I said. "I will be hanging with One Direction."


"Totally!" Sam exclaimed. "And talking about them, how do you think you are going to get along with the boys?"


"Well, Louis and I are already best friends." I started.


"She loves carrots and stripes!" Louis shouted making everyone laugh.


"And well, with Niall, I think it's going to be a nice relationship, with Harry, I bet we are going to do a lot of crazy things, and with Liam, well, there might be a problem."


"Why?" Sam asked.


"I don't follow rules. And they call me trouble maker, master pranker, and queen of evil and mischief."


"A troublemaker huh?" Sam asked.


"The best one." Zayn said.


"So far she hasn't done anything." Niall said.


"Wait till she's comfortable." Zayn commented making everyone laugh.


"So Gaby. Tell me."  Sam said. " Did you leave any boyfriend back home?"


"Me?" I asked pointing at myself. "Nah. I'm single."


"How can someone so beautiful have no boy behind her?" Sam asked.


"Simple." I answered. "I never wanted to, so boys backed off."


"And, if a guy wanted to date her, hell he had to work hard for it." Zayn said.


"I'm not your typical teenager." I said.


"But who cares?" Louis asked. "No one likes common things. Originality is the best."


"So... Louis." Sam said. "You are single as well."


"Yep." Louis answered. "So are Harry, Niall and Zayn."


"So only Liam is taken." Sam said. "That is an opportunity to all of you directioners."


The interview continued asking me about my life, about stories of Zayn and me when we were young and some other things.


Guessing this life is going to be the best.


"I'm not your typical teenager." I said.

"But who cares?" Louis asked. "No one likes common things. Originality is the best."


That part of the interview stayed all day inside my head.


It meant so much.






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