Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


1. My Brother


"They say that life is a magical thing; nothing is better than having a life..."



"You are always wasting money on things which we don't need!" my dad yelled to my mom.


"Who says we don't need them! You are never home to know what we need or not!" my mom yelled back.


Awesome. They are fighting again. Third time today... What is their problem? They yell at each other, they break things, then one of them leaves and the other one gets drunk. They alternate papers once in a while. And me? Well, I am always being ignored, and they only talk to me to know something about my brother.


I hate that.


And even in my room, I can hear their arguing like if it was next door. My room is on the attic. I'm sick and tired of their shit.


My name is Gabriela, but people call me Gaby, or some Gabz. I am 18 years old. I like drawing, sports, and extreme things. I'm not the typical teenager. I also like to write and read a lot, and so when my parents are arguing, which is a lot, I leave my house and go to the park, to read, write or draw.


I grabbed my Perry the Platypus book bag, and threw a book, and both my drawing and writing notebooks in. I grabbed my iPhone and headphones and left my house.


I went to the park and sat in my usual spot, in the loneliest tree. I stared by re-reading The Fault in our Stars, by John Green, and then I proceeded to write something down.


Around 6:00pm I decided it was time to go back home, because it was pretty dark and my parents would probably be done fighting.  I started walking back home. Some people say it is safe, some disagree, but a teenager walking alone in the streets of Bradford, sure isn't the best idea, especially when it is dark outside. But, well there I was, walking alone in the dark streets, trying to go back to a place I had to call home.


I was five blocks away from home (I took the long way) when I saw three boys, just standing there smoking.


"Where you off to love?" one of the boys asked.


I ignored the question and kept walking as if there was no one next to me.


"You answer when Mike talks to you." I heard another boy say.


Once again, I ignored them and started walking a little faster. I was about to go around the corner when I heard more comments and running behind me. Two of the boys grabbed my arms, making it impossible to run or punch the idiots.


"Where you off to love?" Mike asked again.


"It's none of your business." I answered with gritted teeth. "Now let me go, before you regret it."


"Oh a tough girl. I like that."  Mike said laughing.


You would think that I had no chance in getting away from them right? Well, you're wrong.


While Mike kept laughing, I used the two guys as support and punched Mike right on the stomach with both my foot and then right in the nose, with the other, I simply stepped on their feet and then smacked their noses as well. Once I did that I started running for my life.


Three blocks later, when my running wasn't so fast, I heard loud screams and hysteria. What the fuck?  When I was around the corner I saw five boys running away from what it looked like thousands of screaming teenagers. Soon enough the boys bumped into me and then I was dragged into a limo.



"What the fuck?" I said once I managed to sit. "Who the fuck do you think you are?"


"We're sorry." they all responded.


"What the hell is happe- Zayn?" I asked in shock. My brother?


Yes, you read right, my older brother is Zayn Malik. I am Gaby Malik. We are brothers.


"Gabz?" Zayn asked.


"No shit man." I said. "What the hell?"


"We got followed by fans." He answered. "What where you doing alone at this time?"


"Walking back home."


"Isn't there a shorter way?"

"Yes, but I wanted to take the long one."




"So I finally meet One Direction." I said avoiding his question. Hell if he knew how my parents fight and ignore me...


"Sorry but who are you again?" Harry asked.


"I'm Gaby. I see that Zayn hasn't spoken about me. I'm his sister."


"You are what?" Niall asked.


"Sister, you know, I was born from the same parents, we grew up together, we played, fought, you know things brothers and sisters do."


"Why didn't you tell us you had a sister Zayn?" Liam asked.


"I don't know. You know I don't like telling you about my family." Zayn said, and that was true. He hated talking about our parents because they were always fighting or drunk.


"Yeah, but you could have mention you had a pretty and lovely sister." Louis said.


"Gab." Zayn said. "Still haven't answered my question. Why weren't you at home? Better, why were you taking the long way?"


"No reason. Now could you drop me off at home, or somewhere?"


"Home." Zayn said. "And I know you are lying. Spill it Gab."


"Fuck Zayn!" I said irritated. "Mom and Dad were fighting again! Okay! They were screaming, and then they started breaking stuff! If I didn't leave soon enough I'll probably would have heard how one of them left home and the other one got drunk."


"They still do that?" Zayn asked concerned.


"Yes. And it keeps getting worse."


"Do they hit you?" he asked.


"I'm never home when they fight." I answered. "Plus they ignore me, and only speak to me when they wanna know something about you."


"Ok. I am taking you home." Zayn said. "Well the lads and I."


"We are finally meeting your parents Zayn!" Louis chimed.

"Don't be so happy..." I murmured.




After what I told Zayn he started talking to some guy I'm guessing is the management. They both seemed in a very deep and serious conversation. The other lads, as Zayn calls them, were trying to speak with me, by asking me questions and stuff.


"So? How old are you?" Liam asked.




"When's your birthday?" Niall asked.


"December 12."


"When did you lose contact with Zayn?" Harry asked.


"When he auditioned in the X - Factor and got chosen to be part of One Direction."


"May we know why?" Louis asked.


"We got in a pretty bad fight before and we simply lost contact."


"That's sad." Liam said.


"Yeah it was." I answered remembering how much I suffered not having my brother next to me.



Soon we were at my house, well the Malik's house. The five boys, the other dude, and I got out of the limo and walked to the front door.


I opened the door and walked in followed by everyone.


"MOM! DAD! I'm back!" I shouted and my parents came running, furious.


"Where the hell have you been young lady?" my mom asked me, as she grabbed my wrist.


"Who do you think you are to run away like this?" my dad asked grabbing my neck.


Thank the Lord that Zayn was there because the minute he spoke, my parents let go of me.


"Hey mom, dad. Long time no see." Zayn said.

"Zayn!" my mom exclaimed.  "My baby! How are you?"


"Son." my dad said.


"I'm pretty fine. I thought to stop by to say hi, and offer you guys something."


"Offer us what?" my mom asked.


"I would like for Gab to come on tour with me, meaning to live with us." Zayn said, not only making my jaw drop, but as well from the rest of the guys. "I already talked with management here, and they said it was fine."


"You want to take your sister to live with you and four other boys?" my dad asked.


"She will be fine dad. Plus I miss my sister and I want to spend time with her." Zayn said. "Gab why don't you go with the guys and pack, while Paul and I speak with mom and dad."

"Ok..." I said confused. I motioned the guys to follow me and left to my room.



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