Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


8. Making the Move

*Normal P.O.V.*


"How on earth do you guys know that?" I asked as everyone stared at Louis and me.


"It's all over the internet." Zayn said taking out his phone. "Twitter: 'OMD LOUIS AND GABY MALIK KISSING ON THE TEATHER TONIGHT!' And a photo of the event just mentioned."


"Well...What can I say?" Louis said.


"Are you two dating?" Niall asked.


I looked over to Louis who gave me a smile.


"Yes." Louis answered. The fuck? When? How?


"Cool." Harry said. "Umm Niall, Liam and Danielle, would you guys come with me so we go and buy food."


"Yeah, yeah." Liam said taking Danielle's hand and leaving the living room with Niall, and Harry.


"Congratulations." Zayn said.


"Z..." I said.


"Yeah?" Zayn asked. "Come one Gab. Do you really think I would have gotten mad because you kissed and are dating one of my best friends?"


"Yeah." Louis and I answered.


"Well no." Zayn answered. "I'm glad you two are together."


"Where are you going?" I asked Zayn who was going up.


"I have to speak with Paul." Zayn answered.


 When Zayn left I turned to face Louis who was still looking at Zayn walk up the stairs.


"Louis-" I started.


"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Louis asked grabbing my hands.




"Do you want to be my girlfriend Gabriela Malik?" Louis asked again.


I let myself smile and blush a little. "Of course Louis Tomlinson. I would love to be your girlfriend."


"Awesome." Louis said. "Cause I was scared you would have said no."


"Why would I say no?"


"Don't know..." Louis said and I gave him a hug.


"Louis if I kissed you, I will most likely tell you yes when you ask me to be your girlfriend."


"Awww" Louis said giving me a kiss on my forehead. "Should we leave and go out to dinner together?"


"Sure." I said grabbing his hand and walking to the door.


"Gab!" Zayn shouted when we were about to go out.


"Ugh!" I said turning to the stairs. "What?" I shouted.


"Close the doors and lock them." Zayn said running down the stairs.


"Why?" Louis asked. "Paparazzi?"


"Yes." Zayn asked and Louis ran to the back doors locking them and closing all the windows and everything.


"Where are the others?" I asked as I helped Zayn push a sofa to a broken door.


"I already informed them." Zayn answered. "They are going to call Simon and Paul so that they can fix this mess."


"You know that Simon, might not help."


"Why?" Zayn asked.


"Zayn." Louis said. "Remember when I called you and said that Gab went to the mall and that she was pissed?" Louis asked and Zayn nodded. "Yeah well, Simon asked her about us. You know her and me."


"And he wasn't happy when he saw us today..." I mumbled.


"He what?" Zayn asked. "He saw you two today?"


"Yep." Louis and I answered.


"Well guess what." Zayn said. "Louis and you are happy together and he doesn't like it, well he can s-"


"ZAYN!" I shouted. "We got the message man."


"Still, we should call Paul and ask for help." Louis said.


"That is exactly what we are going to do." Zayn said calling Paul.


"Man, I hate all of this, I'm pretty sure that now, I'm going to get more hate tweets than ever and death treats."


"No." Louis said. "People will love you because you are awesome."


"Still Louis, some of your fans won't be happy that I am dating you."


"Well, if they are not happy, not my problem. I am happy and so should they be."


"Your just to sweet." I said as I hug him.


"You make me be sweet." Louis answered kissing me.


Finally the rest of the lads could come back home with the food. We ate and talked, laughed and started playing truth or dare.


*Louis' P.O.V.*


Around at 12:00 midnight, all the lads decided to go to bed, due to the fact we had a small singing at 10am. Damn Paul and the time he puts the things. Either way, I was still lying down on the sofa with Gab. She had her eyes closed and I was more than happy that now, I could help her with whatever problem she has, and I was going to do whatever is on my power to make her happy and forget that past she has with her parents.


"Love." I whispered into her ear. "Love."


"What?" Gab mumbled.


"We have to go to bed."


"Let's sleep here." Gab answered cuddling more with me. I could not tell her no after that.


"OK." I answered. "Good night sweetie."


You can't go to bed without a cup of tea, maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep...

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