Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


28. Love and Hiding



I walked over to the Starbucks I usually go to and saw Lyssie, the girl Niall was talking about. I approached the counter to order.


"Hi! My name is Lyssie!" Lyssie said. "May I get you something?"


"Yeah." I said. "I would like a vanilla with caramel Frappuccino."


"Sure." Lyssie said. "Name?"


"Gab." I answered.


"Omg!" Lyssie said. "You're the sister of Zayn."




"I loveee the band!" Lyssie said. "Could you please tell them that I love them? Especially Niall."


"Sure." I said. "But umm, I'm going on a trip without them right now, but I think Niall is going to come tomorrow here, and try to ask you for a date. So please be nice with him, he's a but shy when it comes to the person he finds cute."


"OH MY GAWD!" Lyssie shouted. "Niall freaking Horan finds me cute?!"


"I think I'll take my Frappuccino." I said grabbing my cup and paying. "Keep the change."


"Thanks!" Lyssie said. "Have a nice trip!" She shouted as I left the store.


I decided to check the Hospital for any records. Maybe there was something in my father's expedient. It was getting really cold, so I took a hoodie and kept walking trying not to be recognize, cause if someone find out where I was, the boys would come for me.


I got to the hospital and approached a secretary.



*Louis's P.O.V.*



I ran to the Record Administration looking for Gab. I can't believe she managed to escape once again. How much practice does this girl has of doing this?


They were almost closing, but I manage to enter either way. I saw a lady sitting on her desk reading something in her computer. I slowly approached to her and sat in front of her desk.



"We are closed.” The lady said.


"I know." I answered. "But I really need your help."


"How can I help you?" She asked.


"Have you seen a teen? Her name is Gab." I said.


"Yes." The lady answered. "She was here a while ago."


"Do you know where she is now?" I asked urgently.


"No." The lady said. "But she was asking if she was adopted."


"I know." I said standing up. "Thank you for your help."


"Louis." She said. "I think she might be headed to Bradford. Look for her in the airport."


I smiled at the lady. "Thank you so much." I said and ran away calling Zayn.



"Hello." Zayn said.


"Mate!" I said. "She's not in the Records, but the lady told me that she might be heading to Bradford. Get to the airport as soon as you can!"


"I'm almost there." Zayn said. "Thank you mate."


"No probs." I answered and hanged up.



Gab, Love, we are finding you.





*Gab's P.O.V.*



Unbelievable. They have nothing on our family. Stupid fucktards. I was about to leave the Hospital when I saw Harry and Liam enter. I immediately hide behind the counter that was empty.



"Excuse Miss." I heard Harry said.


"Yes?" the nurse said with a sweet voice. "In what can I help you?"


"I'm looking for a teenage girl." Liam said. "You know, long black hair, brown eyes, a complete rebel."


"No, I'm sorry." The nurse said.


"Her name is Gab Malik." Liam said.  "You have to know her."


"She was here a minute ago love." The nurse said. "She just left."


"Fuck." I heard Harry whisper. "Thank you." Harry added before running out of the Hospital with Liam.



I got out of my hiding place and walked over to the exit door. The nurse saw me, and I simply ignored her and went the opposite from where Harry and Liam had left.

I had to get to the airport soon. My flight was due 5:00am, and it was 11:30pm. I hopped into a taxi and it drove me to the airport...





*Zayn's P.O.V.*



I was in the airport looking for Gab with the help of Niall. He was on the opposite side of the airport. I thought that if we divided, we could find her easily. Louis was supposed to be here in no time.


I ran up to a desk. I had to find out if she was still here.



"Excuse me madam." I said catching the attention of a flight attendant.


"Yes love." She answered.


"When did the last flight to Bradford left?"


"Fifteen minutes ago."


"What?" I asked. "Fuck. Did a young girl named Gabriela get into the plane?"


"I'm sorry but I can't give away that information." The lady said with concern eyes.


"Thank you." I said walking away. She was gone.


"The next plane leaves at 5:00am." She said.



I turned to smile and then walked away. I could not go in the next plane. We had a show and nobody knew that Gab was missing. I called Niall and told him to meet me at the entrance. I walked over there with tears falling down my eyes.



"Is everything alright mate?" Louis asked.


"She's gone Lou." I said. "She left to Bradford."


"Well then." Louis said. "We are going back to Bradford."




"Why not?" Niall asked.


"We have a show tomorrow."


"Mate!" Louis exclaimed. "She is your sister."


"The show can wait." Niall said.


"No." I said. "You don't understand. I we cancel the show they're going to know something's up. Then they are going to find out that Gab's missing and my mother will find out that she is back in Bradford. Gab swore that she was never going to go back. And if she does, my mother will find out that she Gab found out that we are adopted. I can't let my sister get in trouble."


"What are we telling Simon and Paul?" Niall asked.


"That she is sick." I answered. "But I am leaving to Bradford, on the weekend."




I'm going to find you Gab. We are getting answers together...




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