Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


20. Ignore Me

It's been two weeks since my encounter with my mother, two weeks since I last spoke to Zayn. Yep, we haven't talked. And every time I try to speak with him, something either happens, or he simply ignores me.

The hell is wrong with him.



I was sitting in the living with my laptop on my lap while I watched some lame TV show that Harry was really into. I mean, really into. His eyes were literally glued to the plasma. I smelled something getting burned in the kitchen and I decided that anything was far more interesting than being sitting on the sofa with my twitter opened.

I walked to the kitchen and found Liam and Danielle laughing at the fact that their brownies burned.


"It's all your fault Liam!" Danielle laughed.


"It is not!" Liam laughed while he tried to tickle Danielle.


"May I have some burned brownies?" I asked sitting on a stool. Danielle and Liam stopped laughing and looked at me with concern eyes.


"Sure Love." Liam said giving me a burned brownie.


"Everything alright?" Danielle asked.


"Yep." I lied.


"Oh come on Gab." Liam said taking a seat next to me. "You've been awfully normal for the past two weeks."


"Oh my!" Danielle said. "Tell us what's wrong."


I banged my head on the table and left it there. "Zayn isn't talking."


"What do you mean by that?" Danielle asked.


"He's been ignoring me."


"Why?" Liam and Danielle asked.


"How should I know?" I asked getting up. "It's not like he is talking with me." I added taking a bite from the brownie.


"Are they good?" Liam asked.


"I guess." I answered leaving the kitchen.


I didn't feel like being at home. Liam was with Danielle, Harry was watching his lame TV show, Niall was with Louis writing a new song and Zayn was ignoring me...

I went up to my room and grabbed a hoodie, my Perry the Platypus backpack, shoved my drawing and writing notebooks in and with some colors and pencils and went out.



*Zayn's P.O.V.*


I can't believe that my parents are divorced, and what makes it worse is that Gab found out at the same time she found out about my mother trying to make her life a living hell. My mother is a monster and doesn't care about her family.


"I'M GOING OUT!" I heard Gab shout.


I sighed and lay back down on my bed. I feel bad for ignoring Gab, but if I speak with her, I'm pretty sure that I will spill what I found out about my father and I don't want to tell her yet, not until Paul tells me that he is 100% sure.

I grab my iPhone and check on twitter, seeing the normal things as always. I went to Gab's profile and saw something that I wasn't expecting.


'Keep ignoring me. I dare you, I double dare you motherf*cker.'

'Well then, fuck you too mate.'

'I ain't coming back.'

'You lost me.'



 And then something like: 'I want carrot soup and @LouisTomlinson doesn't hurries up!!!!'


She's tweeting about me. But should I tell her that our father might lose his life?



*Normal P.O.V.*


I was sitting next to a tree drawing the view of the old and abandoned park. I was listening to Beautiful Freaks by Hot Chelle Rae, while I finished the drawing when I felt someone approach. I quietly lay my stuff on the ground and hid behind the tree, when the person approached where I was I jumped and attacked him or her.


"Lord Gab!" Louis exclaimed. "What on the bloody hell?!"


"I'm sorry Louis." I said helping him up. "Reaction."


"To kill?!"


"To defend." I answered walking back to my spot.


"What are you doing here?" Louis asked.


"Thinking, and drawing." I answered.


"Are you and Zayn still not talking?" Louis asked as he helped me pack.


"He's the one who avoids me."


"Love." Louis said embracing me in a hug. "Don't cry."


"I won't cry Louis." I said pulling out. "Crying is for the weak." I added walking away from him.


Crying is for the weak...


It is not. Crying is for the people whom have been strong for way to long...

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