Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


9. Hate and Drama

It's been a month since Louis and I started dating. He makes me feel so happy and alive, that everything is perfect, and I don't have to worry about someone trying to make me feel bad, or even think about how one day they might call us and say that my parents are dead. Nothing can ruin the happiness that Louis gives me.


And I'm sure everyone has seen the change in me.


"Gab." Liam said while he entered the living room.


"Yeah?" I asked not paying attention.


"Where's Louis?"


"Don't know. Call him." I answered.


"He won't pick up." Liam said. "Would you try to call him please?"


"Yeah sure, give me a minute." I said pausing the movie I was watching. I took out my phone and dialed Louis number.


"Hey Love!" Louis shouted. "What's up?"


"Hey Lou. Liam is here telling me that you don't answer your phone."


"I know." Louis said. "Tell him to text me. I gotta go."


"Ok I will."


"Love you." Louis said and hanged up.


"What did he say?" Liam asked.


"Text him."


"Ok." Liam answered. "Where was he?"


"I have no idea Liam, I didn't ask, but I think he is on a mess."


"Probably he is, knowing Louis, he went to the plaza and a fan spotted him and he is now on a mess."


"Ask him where he is when you text him, now would you please let me finish watching Big Time Movie?"


"Yeah sure. I'll let you know where he is." Liam answered and left.


*Zayn's P.O.V.*


"Come on Zayn!" Perry said. "My friend needs a model, and I'm more than sure that Gab is the right girl."


"Perry, Love." I answered. "I'm sure that Gab will tell you no."


"Why?" Perry asked.


"She hates being all girly and wearing high-heels and stuff."


"ZAYN!" Perry shouted. "Are you not listening to what I tell you?"




"He needs a tough girl, someone who is strong and dresses not so girly but still manages to look hot!"


"Well, you can ask her, but I am not responsible of the answer or the actions that happen when you ask her."


"Thank you." Perry said giving me a peck on my cheek and running down to the living room. I followed behind and saw how she was talking with Gab.


"So?" Perry asked.


"Yeah sure." Gab said, but her tone was 'stop bothering me.'


"REALLY?!" Perry shouted.


"Yes!" Gab shouted back. "Now let me watch Big Time Movie!"


"You're going to be a model?" I asked.


"Yes." Gab answered obviously annoyed. "And now, if you please let me watch the movie I've been trying to see, but can't freaking finish because everyone comes and asks me stupid questions, Harry, or ask me to cook something, Niall, or where is Louis, Liam, or if I want to become a model, Perry, or a call asking for some dance moves, Danielle, or you!" Gab said pointing to me.


"Ok." I said. "I'll sit here with you and Perry and we watch the movie."


"Fine, but shut up." Gab said as Perry and I sat on the couch.



*Normal P.O.V.*


Finally I could watch Big Time Movie without having people bothering me. After the movie I heard someone enter the house, and Perry said that she had to leave and ran out the house. Guess that one person is Simon.


"Where is Louis?" Simon asked.


"Why should we know?" Zayn and I answered at the same time.


"Because you are his friend, and Gab he is your boyfriend." Simon said.


"Yeah, but it's not like I know where he is 24/7." I answered.


"What a bad girlfriend you are." Simon said and in that same moment Louis was coming home.


"CARROT SAUCE I'M BACK HOME!" He shouted full lung.


"Hello Louis." I said waving at him.


"Hello Love." Louis answered giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Sup Zayn. Simon."


"Well hello there Louis." Simon said. "Everyone has been asking were where you."


"I know, I was busy fixing some things." Louis answered.


"What kind of things?" Simon and I asked.


"Asking the fans to stop the hate towards Gab." Louis answered.


"Oh." All the guys answered as they entered the living room.


"Yeah now." Louis said. "Why was everyone looking for me?"


"Well I was not only looking for you Louis." Simon said. "I am looking for everyone."


"What for?" Liam asked. "If it is about the tour dates Paul said he was coming over for dinner with the food to talk about that."


"Yep, it is about the tour, but not the dates, it's about another thing." Simon said.


"And it is?" I asked.


"You guys will be shooting your own movie while on tour." Simon said and the guys exploded into cheers, and some chatting. "SILENCE!" Simon shouted and the guys made no more noise. "Also, Gab." He started facing me. "You will be in it, not only as Zayn's little sister, Louis' girlfriend, but as the guys cloth designer."


"Excuse me?" I said almost choking on my own saliva. "How do you know I even design or something?"


"I called to your old school and asked what extra curricular activities you took, and they told me that writing, drawing and fashion design. So you are the new fashion designer of One Direction." Simon said.


And people hate me because I am dating Louis; imagine how much hate I will get when they realize I am supposed to dress the guys...


Life of hatred and drama prepare to take in Gaby Malik.


Oh wait, I am going to be a model as well.


Screw it all.

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