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How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


30. Getting Answers




I walked to the Adoption Center from which Zayn and I were adopted. I needed to know the truth behind everything. It was almost closing time, but I was sure they would at least try to help me out.



"Excuse me ma'am." I said approaching to the desk.


"Yes?" The lady asked lifting her view.


"This is the adoption place in which my brother and I were adopted." I said. "But I have a question about who adopted us."


"Your last name please." The lady said.


"Malik." I answered.


"Malik." The lady said typing into her computer. "Are you Gabriela Marie Malik?"


"Yes ma'am." I answered. "And my brother is Zayn Malik."


"Yes." The lady said. "You were adopted by your uncle and wife, after the death of your mother and father."


"Why was I left on a foster home?"


"Your grandfather was dead, and he was the only family left." The lady explained. "Your mother came and drop you off the day before her death. She said that I shouldn't let you two go separated ways."


"And so my uncle came and adopted us." I asked.


"Yes. I did not wanted for your uncle and aunt to adopt you." The lady said. "The woman is crazy, but I had to follow orders."


"Thank you so much." I said. "By casualty, do you know from what did my parents die?"


"Yes." The lady answered. "They had this weird disease they got from a bug, and died."


"Thank you for your time." I said and walked out of the building.


I had gotten every answer I needed. My mother and father died because of some weird disease, my grandmother died years ago, my grandfather was murdered, my uncle/dad died of cancer, and my aunt/mother is travelling in America with an unknown man.



I walked to the airport. I was going back to Zayn, back to Louis, back to my real life. I decided it was time to call the guys. They were probably freaking out because I had run away, again.




*Louis P.O.V.*




I was inside Zayn's room while he packed his bag. He had asked permission to Simon, so that he could go to Bradford. He lied about going to visit his mother, but the truth was that he was going after Gabs. Yet he didn't want me to tag along, because Simon and Paul would find out that Gab was lost.



"I'm scared for her mate." Zayn said. "My mother can be really stupid sometimes."


"I know that Zayn." I said. "Don't you recall how Gab found out that your parents were divorced?"


"She can be a total bitch, then turn into a slut, then be a great mother, and then go back again being a bitch." Zayn said as he sat down on his bed. "I can't believe we are adopted."


"Me either, but there has to be a real reason on why they adopted you guys."


"I mean, I don't even feel like me anymore." Zayn said. "I don't even know if Malik is my real name."



I was about to answer back to Zayn when my phone started to ring. I held up a finger to Zayn and answered.



"Ello." I said.


"Hey Louis." Gab said.


"Gab!" I exclaimed as I put the phone on speaker. "You're on speaker and Zayn is here."


"Hey big bro." Gab said. "Whatcha doing?"


"Packing." Zayn answered. "I'm packing to meet you there at Bradford."


"No need." Gab answered.


"Why not?" I asked.


"I'm going back home right now." Gab answered. "In about 10 minutes I board the plane."


"Why are you coming home?" Zayn asked. "I thought you were looking for answers."


"I found them all Zayn." Gab said and I could tell she was smiling. "I found everything I needed."


"I'll see you soon then baby girl." Zayn said.


"See you soon love."  I said.


"Bye guys! I love you." Gab said and hanged up.




*Zayn's P.O.V.*



After Gab's call I ran to meet with the rest of the boys, so that I could give them the exciting news.


"LADS!" I screamed from the top of my lungs. "LADS!"


"What?!" Niall asked coming out of the kitchen followed by Liam and Harry.


"Gab is coming back home today." I said with a huge smile. "She's coming back home."


"How'd you know?" Liam asked.


"She just called." Louis answered joining the scene.


"I'm assuming that she found out what she was looking for?" Harry asked.


"Yes she did." I answered. "Let's go and pick her up."


"I drive!" Louis shouted as we all pilled inside the car.



I'm coming for you baby girl...




*Gab's P.O.V.*




The plane landed and I got off it. I grabbed my backpack and started walking to the entrance. Louis had texted that they were on their way to here. I sat in a near by chair, when a little girl approached to me.


"Gab Malik right?" The little girl asked.


"Yes, love." I said.


"Would you mind signing this for me?" She asked as she held a picture of Louis and me.


"Not at all." I said grabbing the pen and paper. "What's your name sweetie?"


"Marie." The girl said and I smiled.


Enjoy your life! Have fun Marie. -Gab <3


"There you go girl." I said giving her things back.


"Thank you so much!" The girl squealed and ran back to her mother.



I laughed and waited for my brother and boyfriend to come and pick me up.

I decided to long into twitter from my phone and have some sort of fun...



@Louis_Tomlinson I LOVE YOU CARROT HEAD!


Soon enough I was being bombarded with loads and loads of tweets from fans, some were hate, and the others were saying that we looked so cute together.

I soon scrolled to a mention from the one and only Louis Tomlinson.




And then Zayn butts in...


@ZaynMailk: @LouisTomlinson @iGabzter  Too much love... remember she's my sister mate...


I laughed and then I saw my brother running to me. I shoved my phone onto my back pocket and ran to him.


"I missed you so much Gab!" Zayn said as he hugged me. "Please don't leave me ever again."


"I promise brother." I said.


"So?" Zayn asked. "How did the adoption thing went?"


"We are blood brothers, and that's all we need." I said.


"You're right." Zayn said and kissed my forehead.


"CARROT LOOOOVE!" Louis sand as he ran to me. "I love you." he added hugging me.


"I love you too Louis." I said kissing him.


I looked over at the rest of the guys.


"Thank you for being the family that I needed." I said as we walked back home.









Thank you too al of those who kept track of the story. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Cause I surely did enjoyed writing it. If you liked this movella, please feel free to check out my other movellas. :D Love you guys!


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