Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


4. Fans


It's been a couple of weeks since I came to live with Zayn and the lads. They are really funny and caring. They are all like other older brothers to me; although with Louis it's a bit different, but still a brother. I think.


I was currently checking my twitter and nothing new so far, just some hate from some fans, and some weird comments like:


"Zayn was better when you weren't here Gab!"

"You suck!"

"Go back to the dark hole where you belong! You are only trying to take Zayn's fame away."

"You are fat and ugly!"


And so on.  I didn't care pretty much, but like seriously, I'm his sister, some respect at least.


"Watcha doing there Little Malik?" Louis asked joining me on the balcony.


"Checking hate tweets." I answered laughing at a stupid comment.


"Hate tweets? Why do you have them?" Louis asked trying to read some of them.


"I really don't know or care. People are jealous they can't have the awesome-carrot-sauce life I've got now."


"Don't let them get to you Gab. You are way to awesome." Louis said. "It reminds me when I got hate because Elenour and I had broken up."


"Why?" I asked closing my mac.


"Cause apparently we were meant to be and I was a heartless guy."


"Why did you guys separate?"


"She cheated on me." Louis answered. "At least she told me. And well also, I didn't love her anymore."


"I'm sorry Boo Bear."


"Boo Bear? Seriously Little Malik." Louis said with a death stare.


"I will run now." I said laughing and running for my life screaming my lungs out.


*Zayn's P.O.V.*


I was chilling watching some TV show with Harry when I heard Gab screaming and laughing like a bloody person who's being murdered.


"HEEEEELP!!!" Gab shouted when she passes us.


"COME BACK HERE LITTLE MALIK!" Louis shouted following her.


"What is wrong with those two?" Harry asked.


"Don't ask me." I answered checking Gab's twitter. "Gab did something that bugged Louis probably."


"ZAYN!!" Gab shouted. "ZAYN!"


"I'm not saving you!" I shouted back.


"LOUIS NO!" Gab screamed before we heard a huge splash on the pool.


"Harry. Picture." I said and Harry ran to take a picture of the moment.


I really wasn't paying attention to anything because one tweet got my attention.

"You attention whore, go back to your parents and I hope that they beat the crap out of you when they fight and get drunk. You don't deserve to be with Zayn or the 1D boys; the only thing that you're going to bring to them is suffering from your stupid life and pretending that you are good. Get the hell out of their lives; you don't deserve to be with them. You suck."


Who is this person and how does she know that my parents fight and get drunk? We never talk about them in public, and I am more than sure that Gab hasn't told a soul about them.


"Zayn!" Liam shouted snapping me back to reality.


"Yeah?" I shouted back.


"Come on! We are leaving now!" Liam said walking to the living room with Harry and Niall.


"Sure. Let me tell Gab we are going out." I said closing the laptop and walking to the pool where Louis and Gab's were fighting. "Umm guys."


"Yeah?" Louis answered.


"Niall, Harry, Liam and I are going out."


"Potassium." Gab said.


"We'll be back late. So order pizza or something for dinner." I said. "And please behave, we don't want to be called saying that the house got on fire."


"Sure Zayn." Gab said. "The house won't get on fire."


*Gab's P.O.V.*


Louis and I ended up in the pool with our cloth on. We were laughing so much, that is was so hard to speak, or even breath.


"Gab." Louis said gasping for air. "Where did Zayn and the others go?"


"Movies?" I answered not sure.


"Oh." Louis said. "What do you want to do?"


"Get dry." I answered getting out of the pool.


"Afterwards?" Louis asked doing the same and shaking himself like a dog.




"Little Malik..." Louis said.


"I don't know Louis, tell me what can we do."

"What do you like to do on your free time?"


"Read, write, draw, dunno..."


"What about if I take you to an amazing library?"


"You?" I asked. "You know about libraries?"


"Hey, everyone has a side nobody knows about, and mine is that I like to read, just like you." Louis answered while walking inside the house, me following behind.


"Okay then. We meet in 30 minutes down in the kitchen." I said.


"Perfect. Whoever makes the other one wait, pays for dinner." Louis added.


"In one, two, THREE!" I finished and ran up to my room to get ready.


I took a quick bath, washing my hair, obviously, and changed into the first thing I grabbed from my suitcase (cause I wasn't done unpacking), which turned out to be some red skinny ripped jeans, a black t-shirt with a skull and some black converse.  I combed my hair, grabbed my iPerry, some money, and sprinted down the stairs to the kitchen, missing 5 minutes for the 30 minutes we had agreed with Louis.


"HA!" I exclaimed as Louis came through the kitchen door. "You owe me dinner."
"How?!" Louis exclaimed. "You're a girl! You're supposed to take longer than 30 minutes to get ready."


"I'm not your typical teenage girl, Louis."


"I can see that." Louis said and grabbed my hand and walked outside. "We are walking. But if I say run, we run."


"Why don't we take a car?"


"Because I want to show you a special place where you can come and read, write or draw." Louis said. "You can also come here and think whenever you feel in trouble."


"Who knows about this place?"


"No one apart from myself, and now you."


"Why are you showing me this?"


"Because I trust that you aren't going to tell people about it."


"Thanks for trusting me."


"I should be thanking you."





*Zayn's P.O.V.*


I went out with Liam, Harry, and Niall to find something for Gab's room. I know that she has everything she needs, but we wanted to gift her a huge picture of her and us so that she could paste on her ceiling. And we asked Louis to keep her away from us so that we could do this. And he did a really good job, or forgot that he had to do it.


"So a huge poster?" Liam asked.


"Well that was what I was thinking." I answered. "But what about if we make it a collage?"


"With what pictures?" Harry asked.


"Well we could start with photos of you and her when you guys were little and then include some pictures of her and all of us." Niall said.


"And with your parents?" Harry asked.


"We can put one or two." I answered. "Nialler you had an awesome idea dude."


"What can I say?" Niall said.


"Hey Zayn, can I ask you something and you won't get mad?" Liam asked.


"Ask away man."


"Would you kill Louis if he had a crush on your sister?" Liam asked.


"No." I answered. "I know that he has a crush on her. But I don't know if she likes him back."


"Well, some of our fans are shipping them together now that he is single." Harry said.


"And in my opinion they look good." Niall said.


"Of course they do." I said. "They are both weirdoes."


*Louis P.O.V.*


"Wow." Gab said as we entered the old and abandoned park.


"You like it?"


"Louis. This is the most amazing place ever!" Gab said running to the swing set.


"I know it is old and abandoned, but no one comes here, so I find peace here."


"It's so nice!" Gab said. "Thank you so much for showing me this place Lou. It means so much."


"Not a problem Gab." I answered. "Would like to go and grab a burger now?"


"Hell I would love to." Gab answered. "Where?"


"Your pick. I pay."




"Okay. But we will have to walk a bit more."


"Not a problem. I like walking."


We walked to the nearest McDonalds' in a silence, but not an awkward silence, a nice and comfortable silence. Once in a while I would turn and admire the beauty of Gab. She was beyond pretty, but from what I could understand, she had trouble, and it made me mad, the fact that I could not help her. But I am determined to protect her from any harm. When we get back home and the lads are there, we are doing a video asking to stop the hate to Gab, she is amazing and she doesn't deserve any hate, plus she is the sister of Zayn.


"Are you okay Lou?" Gab asked making me return to reality.


"Yeah." I answered. "Why you asking?"


"Cause you looked troubled."


"Nah... I was just thinking."


"Sure..." Gab said and almost falls on a hole, but I grabbed her before she could fall. "Holy sweet carrot pepper sauce. Thank you Louis.” She added hugging me.


"No worries Gab. I'm superman and I am here to protect you." I said making Gab laugh.


Suddenly I felt flashes and people approaching to us.


This is so not good.


"Gab we have to hurry up." I said grabbing her hand and running inside the restaurant.


I can't be no superman but for you I'll be superhuman.


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