Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


21. Dad

I don't know what to do with my life, not anymore... There is no point in trying to do speak with someone...


"Gab." Zayn said entering my room.


"What do you want?" I asked closing the notebook in which I was writing.


"May we talk?"


"Since when are you speaking with me?"


"Look Gab." Zayn said sitting on my bed. "I'm sorry I've been ignoring you. I am not mad at you or anything."


"Looks differently." I said. "And for what I know, if you are not mad at me, then you are hiding something, so might as well just spill it Zayn."


"It's about dad." Zayn said with a sigh.


"What's wrong with him?"


"He's on the hospital."


"He's dying?"




"Of what?"


"Cancer." Zayn answered.


"I'll be right back." I said getting out of my room.



*Louis P.O.V.*


I was swinging at the old park, trying to find a way to help Gab with Zayn. I needed to think clearly and the only place where I could do that without being bothered is here.


It was getting dark; I should probably go back home soon. I stood up and started walking to entrance when I saw Gab running with no shoes and rubbing her eyes. She ran until the tree she likes and sat there hugging her knees.


"Gab?" I said walking up to her.


"Lou." She answered looking at me with tears stained at her cheeks and some coming out her eyes.


"What's wrong?" I asked sitting next to her and pulling her into a hug.


"My dad is dying of cancer." Gab cried.


"Who told you this?"




"You're talking to him now?" I asked.


"I don't know, he came to me and told me that." Gab answered. "And I now that I told you that I hated him, because he ignored me only for money. But the deal us that I actually love him, and I don't want him to die."


"Of course honey." I said caressing her hair. "You love him."


"What am I going to do?" Gab asked.



*Zayn's P.O.V.*


I threw a punch to Gab's wall. This was horrible, I just told my sister the worst news ever, and to make it worst I wasn't even talking to her before I told her the devastating news.

I left her room and went to look for her.


"Have you seen Gab?" I asked Harry.


"She ran out of the house." Niall answered. "She seemed upset."


"Do you know where Louis is?"


"No." Harry answered.




"Why do you want to know where Louis or Gab's are?" Harry asked.


"Because I care about them."


"I'm pretty sure they are not trying to have mini them..." Niall said.


"IT'S NOT ABOUT THAT!" I shouted.


"Lord Zayn." Gab said entering the house. "Why are you screaming?"


"Where were you?"


"In a place." Gab answered. "And before you ask, I was thinking. And I've decided something."




"Louis and I are about to go to the hospital and visit dad." Gab said. "Are you going to join us?"


"After dinner."


"I thought we could go and have dinner the three of us." Louis said.


"Yeah, sure." I said. "Go get dressed."


"You should too." Gab said pointing at my boxers.


I smiled and went to my room to get ready. I was about to see my dad, who was dying.


Be strong, not for me, not for you, but for your sister Zayn. Please do that...


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