Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


7. Awkward

*Louis' P.O.V.*


"What do you want to do Gab?" I asked Gab.


"I uh, I." Gab answered, she appeared to be blank and out of ideas.




"Wait for it."


"It's coming?"




"HELL YEAH!" I shouted. "How?"


"Have you heard about disguise right?" Gab said and I nodded. "Well, you get disguised and we go to the park. You start doing crazy stuff, I film everything, and eventually you say that you are Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and we run for our dear and beloved lives."


"Are you sure?" I asked. "Why don't we go to the movies?"


"And watch what?" Gab asked.


"Whatever is on?"


"Sounds like a plan."  Gab said and laughed a little with a small smile.


"Why you smiling?"


"Nothing." Gab answered shaking her head.


"Tell me now."


"Zayn and I used to do that. Go to the movies and watch whatever they were playing when our parents fought." Gab answered. "It was our escape."


"Do you still want to do it?" I asked.


"Louis."  Gab said. "I think we are going to be late." she added running out of the house.



*Gab's P.O.V.*


I'm at the movies, watching a scary movie with no other than Louis Tomlinson. The guy who everyone thinks is dating me.


Louis and I are seated on the very back of the theater so that fans wouldn't spot him, and me, but mostly him.  The movie was about to come to an end. But lets just say that I didn't want it to come to an end.

Louis had his arm around me, I was resting my head on his shoulder, and well, what can I say, and I felt so protected with him.  I looked up to his eyes once, and saw those eyes glow with love and childish ideas.


I think I'm falling in love with Louis Tomlinson.


"Not a bad movie right?" Louis asked me as the movie ended.


"No." I answered. "I thought it was going to be more scary though."

"Yeah me too." Louis added. "That way I would have protected you more."


"Louis. I am not scared of scary movies." I said. " I laugh on how stupid people die."


"Yeah right." Louis said chuckling. "That's why you cuddled up."


"I was, well still am, cold Louis. That's why I did it." I answered. "I am not scared of anything." Only about my deepest secrets coming out...


"Oh!" Louis said taking his jacket off. "Here."

"No Louis."


"Gab. Take it."


"No." I said crossing my arms and refusing to grab his jacket.


Louis looked at me with puppy dog eyes and a small pout. "Please?" he begged.


I rolled my eyes, grab his jacket, and slip it on. "I hate when guys do that."


"Why?" Louis asked as he grabbed my hand and we walked out the theater.


"Because they look so cute, you actually have to say yes."


"So a bunch of guys have done that to you?" Louis asked sounding jealous.


"Yeah, but I have never agreed to anything. You are the first guy to whom I say yes." I answered looking up to his eyes.


"Really?" He asked, stopping and looking straight to my eyes.


"Really." I whispered.


I wanted to kiss Louis so bad, his lips were just, so damn inviting, and we were in the perfect positions to do it. I was going to do it. I was going to kiss Louis Tomlinson.


But before I could move, his lips were pressed onto mine, catching me off guard, but eventually, catching up. Our lips moved in synch and I swear nothing else mattered at the moment.


"Ehem." I heard someone "cough" and I pulled apart.


"May I help you?" Louis said looking behind me. "Simon."


Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Simon saw Louis and me kiss. Shit.


"Louis. Gab." Simon said.


"Hi." I said turning around.


"What are you two doing here?" Simon asked.


"Umm we, umm we..." I started.


"We went to watch a movie." Louis finished. "And now we are heading back home because Liam is waiting for us with Danielle."


"Yeah." I said. "Nice to see you Simon." I added and dragged Louis out of the theatre.


Well that was hell awkward...


"Gab. Gab. Gab!" Louis shouted catching up with me.


"Yeah."  I asked stopping to catch my breath.


"You do know Simon is not going to follow us."


"Yeah I just-"


"You panicked." Louis said and I nodded. "Hey don't worry."


"Louis, he asked so bloody serious when he asked me about us and I answered that nothing was going on and that if there were, it was none of his business and that it would never be, but now he saw us kissing, and probably fans as well and the rumors are just going to go wilder and then Zayn is going to see everything and I'm going to be so screwed and and-"


Louis cute me with another of his amazing kiss.


"You do know how to shut up a girl." I whispered.


Louis chuckled. "I know." Louis said grabbing my hand. "Come on, Liam and Danielle are probably already home."



*Louis' P.O.V.*


I kissed Gab. I finally kissed her. Oh her sweet lips are so inviting. I guess that now this makes us more than just friends has she had previously said. I can now ask her to be my girlfriend.


"We should do this again." Gab said as we walked through the streets holding hands.


"Yeah. It's nice to escape from the chaotic house we live in."


"Yeah well, that's your fault for being so messy."


"Who's talking!" I said laughing at Gab's face.


We entered the neighborhood and walked to the house. Once in front I heard Liam and Danielle talking about something, and apparently Liam wasn't very happy about it.


"Danielle!" Liam said. "She's the sister of one of my best friends!"


"Yes Liam! I know that!" Danielle said.


"Then?" Liam asked desperate.


"I simply don't trust her." Danielle said and Gab entered the house.


"Why?" Gab asked. "Because I don't pretend of who I am?"


"No." Danielle answered. "Because I don't cheat on a friend."


"Excuse me?" Gab said. "Cheat on a friend?"


"Yeah!" Danielle asked.


"What are we talking about here?" I asked.


"Louis, she has a boyfriend back home." Liam said.


"WHAT?!" Gab shouted. "Me?" she asked pointing at herself.


"Yeah you." Danielle said.


"Oh sweetie." Gab answered. "I have no boy back home. Whoever said that to you is lying, because I don't have a boyfriend. Never had one either."


 "What about this photo?" Danielle asked showing Gab a photo of her and me at the theater kissing.


"Umm..." I interrupted while Gab chuckled. "That is us today..."


"WHAT?!" Liam shouted. "You two?!"


"Yep..." I answered and in that moment Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Perry entered the house screaming the same thing.





Guess now the world knows, that I am complete in love with Gab Malik.

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