Welcome To My Life

How do you think life can change when out of nowhere, you bump into your older super famous brother? I mean, I never thought that I will see him again, or even move in with him... So yeah, quick spoiler alert, I bumped into my brother Zayn Malik, and was forced to discover some truth I never intended to know.


6. Almost a Kiss


*Louis P.O.V.*


After the weird thing between Zayn and Gab, I decided to go up to my room and rest, it had been a long day and tomorrow I was planning on making pranks to the lads.

I went up to my room and opened the door to the terrace, and that's when I heard Gab sobs. I walked out and saw that she was sitting on the corner, she was curled and starring out to space.

How can someone so beautiful, suffer the way she does? She doesn't deserve any pain.

I decided to go and help her out. I went to her room and out to her terrace.


"Gab?" I asked walking up to her.


"Go away." Gab answered cleaning her tears. "Please."




"Cause I want to be alone."




"Because I want too." Gab answered. "Will you please leave me alone?"


"Look Gab."  I said kneeling down next to her. "I have no idea where Zayn is, but he is supposed to be here with you, helping and comforting you. But I think he is thinking on how to help you. But I am here, I don't know the problem, and I am not going to ask you about it, but I am going to lend my shoulder so that you can cry on it and I will simply hug you, until you fall asleep."


"Louis I-"


"I don't care." I said pulling Gab close to me. "Let yourself relax."


Gab was tense at the beginning but then she relaxed and it was easier to comfort her. I rubbed her back while she tried to stop crying. I don't know if she hates crying or if she was really done crying, but after one hour of being sitting out on the cold terrace, she was asleep. I got up and carried her to her bed. I locked the terrace door and was turning of the light when Gab sat on the bed.


"Louis." Gab said rubbing her eyes.




"I know it's going to sound weird, but will you mind staying tonight with me?"


"Are, are you sure?" I asked walking up to her bed. "Do you think Zayn will mind?"


"I couldn't care less what Zayn thinks. But if you don't want, you can leave."


"I want to stay." I said lying down next to her.


"Thank you." Gab said and cuddled with me.


I played with her hair and sang until she was asleep again. I looked at her and she looked so fragile, she was not the mischief teenager everyone talked about; she had feelings and was broken inside. I wanted to help her so bad. I couldn't stand seeing her cry.


Am I falling in love?



*Gab's P.O.V.*


I woke up, feeling my head on a bare chest. When I looked up I saw Louis sleeping peacefully there. I got out of bed and went out to the living room. The house was really quite.

I entered the kitchen to grab a juice and saw three post-its:


"Guys: I went out with Danielle. We are coming home for dinner so that Danielle meets Gab. -Liam."

"Guys: Niall and I are out looking for hot and cute girls to hang out with! Probably going clubbing tonight. Don't wait for us! -Harry ;D"

"Guys: I went out. Gab, we are talking tonight. Louis, take care of Gab and please don't do anything stupid. -Z.M"


Awesome. I'm alone with Louis. I looked over at the clock, 13:00pm. Awesome I slept the whole morning. I went up to my room, saw that Louis was still asleep, so I took out some cloth, went over to Zayn’s bathroom, and took a bath. When I came out, I smelled food and heard someone singing at the kitchen.


"Louis?" I called out.


"Kitchen!" Louis answered. "Lunch will be ready in a few minutes!"


"Be down in a minute!"


*Louis' P.O.V.*

I woke on Gab's bedroom, but she wasn't lying down with me. I got up, went to the kitchen, and saw that the all the lads were out and also it was lunchtime. I decided to cook something for the two of us instead of ordering food. I am not so much of a cook, but I can manage some spaghetti, so that's what we are having for lunch.


A couple of minutes before the food were ready; Gab came down to the kitchen, looking amazingly gorgeous. She was wearing red jeans, a superman t-shirt and some blue converse, her hair was tied up in a high ponytail and her face free of make up.


"Louis. The food is burning." Gab said making me turn around and turn the stove off.


"Sorry." I answered. "I can't cook."


"Don't apologize, me either." Gab answered sitting on the counter next to me.


"But you are a girl and-"


"And I am supposed to know how to cook?" Gab interrupted and I nodded. "Nah, not this girl."


"Well, I don't know how this spaghetti is going to be." I said after trying them, and they sucked. "Do you want to try them or do we go out and eat something?"


"Can't we order pizza?" Gab asked.


"Don't feel like going out?"


"Not really." Gab answered climbing down and walking to the fridge. "I don't the rumors to expand and then have Simon asking me what the hell with them, when I don't even know why people start them."


"So Simon did ask you about the twitter trend!"


"Yep." Gab said. "And I was like dude, I have no control over what people think, and there is nothing going on between us."


"You are right about one thing." I said walking up to her. "We have no power over what people think." I said grabbing her hips. "But about something between us, well that is something neither of us wants to admit." I was leaning down to kiss those beautiful lips when Zayn entered the house.


"I'M HOME AND BROUGHT LUNCH!" Zayn screamed making Gab and I back up.


"Hey Zayn." Gab said walking to the living room, me following behind.


"Hey girl." Zayn said kissing her head. "What where you doing at the kitchen?"


"Watching Louis try to cook some spaghetti."


"Nice one Boo Bear." Zayn said. "I brought some sandwiches."


"Thanks man." I said grabbing mine. "I'm eating this and then going to take a bath."


"Yeah, you stink." Gab said laughing.



*Zayn's P.O.V.*


After we had lunch, Louis went up to his room to get ready. This meant that I could talk with Gab about yesterday, and how on earth did someone know about our parents fighting.


"Gab." I said making her turn to face me. "We need to talk."


"I know." Gab said. "Did you know that. Mom wanted me on adoption and made dad hate me."


"Gab, I swear I didn't know until you told me yesterday and another conversation they had came to me."


"Well, I pretty much don't care about it now. I live with you and eventually I would have escaped that house."


"Are you sure you don't want to talk about that anymore?"


"I am sure." Gab said. "Something else's up. What is it?"


"I read a tweet."


"A hate tweet? Oh Zayn I get shitloads of those."

"Yeah, but it got my attention."




"Because of what it said."



"Ok." I said taking out my phone to read it. " You attention whore, go back to your parents and I hope that they beat the crap out of you when they fight and get drunk. You don't deserve to be with Zayn or the 1D boys; the only thing that you're going to bring to them is suffering from your stupid life and pretending that you are good. Get the hell out of their lives; you don't deserve to be with them. You suck."




"Mouth Gab." I said.


"Zayn no! Do not mouth me right now!" Gab shouted. "Mate! We are talking about someone who knows one of our deepest secrets and is capable of telling them to the world. And I bet it was the same person who sent me a text yesterday."


"What?" I asked confused. "What text?"


"The one that told me that mom hated me."


"Read it to me." I demanded. Gab nodded and took out her phone.


"It's from a blocked number." Gab said. "What will people think when they know that you were the only reason your parents fought?" Gab read.


"The only reason why your parents fought?" I repeated and Gab nodded.


"That's when the flashback of the fishing trip came to my mind." Gab said. "Dude, we need to find this person and break his or her neck and make sure everything we do is painful."


"Who are we going to kill?" Louis asked entering the living room. "Gab, you watch way to much bloody murders and assassination things."


"I know." Gab said. "Don't mess with me."


"Oh we won't." Louis and I said at the same time.


"Gab, forward me that text message." I said. "I'm going out to meet with someone."


"Is that someone a girl?" Louis and Gab said at the same time with the same tone.




"LOOOOVE IS IN THE AIIIR!" Gab sang, and damn she had a lovely voice. I missed singing with her and having fun.


"Ha-ha very funny Gab." I said. "Tomorrow is a brothers day, so don't make plans."


"Will not do." Gab said. "Bye dude, say Perry I said hi!"


"Me too!" Louis said before I left.


God this two are so meant for each other...





Author's Note:


You know it would be really nice if you commented... That way I know your opinion about the story and you could tell me what to change if you don't like something. Will you lovely people please comment?

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