stiles is my kind of style (a stiles love story)

This is a teen wolf love story for stiles
Name:Bobby Jo
Nickname:JoJo (preferred)
Age: 16
Height:5 ft
Hair:wavy brown with blonde highlights
Eyes: emerald green
Body type: curvy but skinny at the same time

JoJo is moving to beacon hills because her parents died
And she has to move in with her snob for a cousin Lydia


1. first day...

I make it to Lydia's house really late and pass out on the couch.
I wake up to roughly being shaken awake by none other than snobby
Lydia. "What the hell, a simple wake up would have done the trick."
I say with a hint of disgust in my voice. Why was she always such a

"Not my problem, just so you know its time for you to get ready."
She said in the damn snotty preppy voice tht makes me wanna punch a
Baby. And I love ya... you get the point.

I rush to get ready. I take a shower, and straighten my long hair.
I do my make just foundation, concealer, eyeliner, and masscarra.
Those are the essentials to me anyway.
I pick out my clothes:
A black pencil skirt
A neon pink flowy tank top
Neon pink flats
Black beanie

When I finally arrive at school, I had to walk because the bitch ( Lydia)
Wouldn't drive me, I find my locker which is right next to a REALLY cute guy.
I stare and him while I put my stuff away. All of the sudden the contents if my locker
(Mostly just a purse and the stuff inside) fall out of the locker hitting me in the head
Making me fall to the floor and knocking the top of ny tank top loose a bit
So that he could see my ruffled read and black bra. I didn't notice and I probally wouldn't
Even care if he saw it. ".you wanna help me up or just stand there looking all cute?"
I asked half jokingly half serious, I seriously wanted help up.

He chuckles(hawt) "sure I'll help you up...if you promise me one thing.."

"What.." I answered back smirking

"Let me fix your shirt for you."he said kidding.

"Ok that's fine with me" I said smirking. And with that he helped me up.
Fixed my shirt. And helped clean up the makeup I kept in my purse, the papers, and everything else. He seemed pretty nice with all the help and all. I introduced myself politely,
" hey my names Bobby Jo but everyone calls me JoJo." I said exstending my hand for him to shake.

"My names stiles, and nice to meet you JoJo." He answered back.

"Are you new here?" He asks.

" ya, ha! What gave it away?" I asked half laughing.

" the sign on your back.". He said grabing the lined paper taped to her tank top

It read:
New girl
-Lydia <3

"Oh, me and Lydia are cousins. Please don't tell anyone..." I tolds stiles

" oh really I would have never guessed, I won't but why can't I?" He asked

"Because people might assume I'm a bitch like her." I say. We both start to laugh.
We got to class and the rest of they day seemed to go by really fast.
Stiles said I could hang out with him at his house. So I did
. At least I've got stiles, I thought to myself .

Me and stiles are in his bedroom talking about what we think a kowahla bear sounds like
Giving birth. Lol I laugh I lean my head on his shoulders and look in to his eyes and we both lean in to kiss eachother and.... Dun dun dun clffhanger biatches have to read the next one to find out what's happens :D -Shylee <3
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