stiles is my kind of style (a stiles love story)

This is a teen wolf love story for stiles
Name:Bobby Jo
Nickname:JoJo (preferred)
Age: 16
Height:5 ft
Hair:wavy brown with blonde highlights
Eyes: emerald green
Body type: curvy but skinny at the same time

JoJo is moving to beacon hills because her parents died
And she has to move in with her snob for a cousin Lydia


2. after school...

We both leaned in to kiss eachother and dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun...
..... Stiles dad walks right in. "Hi, I'm stiles dad." He said as he shook my hand
"Nice to meet you, I'm Bobby Jo but you can call me JoJo. I just moved here your son is so sweet , he's been they only kid at school to even talk to me." I said. Man did i love talking LOL.
"Well it turns out stiles does have more than one friend.' He said, I could tell stiles was getting embarrassed, it was so cute.

"You know what I think of stiles?" I asked with a smirk. Stiles tried to listen.
"What might that be?" Mr.stilinski asked
"Hes so fricken cute. I wish he would ask me out already." I said whispering so stiles couldn't hear me.
"Well I leave you kids alone." Mr.Stilinski said waggling his eyebrows at us.
When he got out of the room I sat next to stiles on his bed we looked at eachother and bursted out laughing. "Stiles you know, i only met you today and I already consider you my best friend." I said lying my head on his chest.
"You know I just met you to day and your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."
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