Torn (1D before fame)

Ashton is a normal teenage girl. She is, however, a star basketball player at Glentown high school. She doesn't have much time for relationships, or anything else for that matter. She also plays softball. All that she ever has time for is basketball, softball, and grades. A new group of boys comes to her school. They join the soccer team and she sees them more than she would like too. What happens?


6. Trying new things

Ashton's p.o.v
Whoever was calling to me, I never found out. We are about to head to lunch. Maybe whoever it was will remember to tell me there. I walked quickly out of the crowded class. I am STARVING! Today the lunchroom was serving pizza, which meant salad for mee! Basketball does have its faults. Anyways I sat alone today. I really need to sort some stuff out. I got a call from my parents saying that they were going to have to come home next month. So I needed to break out the debit card and get me some stuff. And luckily, they at least trusted me with it. I have been using it ever since they left, which was about a year and a half ago. I had to go shopping after school, so no time to myself today. Maybe Cali could come. I also had to think about my time. I am considering quitting softball to have more alone time. Maybe join the gym downtown to keep in shape? Just as I was about to throw my tray away, five familiar faces sat down beside me. "What's up guys?" I asked. "Not much. Just were gonna ask, u wanna come over this weekend? We r gonna hang out Tonight and want u to too." Liam said. "Sure. What time?" I had to get some stuff done first. "8:00" Zayn said. "I'll be there." I said. The rest of the lunch period we just talked about basketball, softball, and soccer. They said that I should play, but I am the absolute worst soccer player in the world.

*8:00 because I really don't want to write the in between*

Harry came and picked me up and we were soon at Liam's house. It was beautiful. "ASHTON YOUR HERE!!" Louis shouted. "Louis, did you forget to take your medication?" I asked as I giggled. "Maybe.........." He said. Haha. We decided to play truth or dare. "Ummmmm ASHTON! Truth or Dare?" Harry said. "Dare! Duhhhh." I said. Probably a mistake. "Ok.. I dare you to go streaking outside for the next fifteen minutes." I was right. "Really....?" "U chose dare!" My mistake. I sighed and stood up and stripped. I ran outside and by that time it was 9:00 because Harry was late getting there anyways. I went to the park that was well hidden and ran about a mile. Some parents were about to get out to go walking and gave me a disturbing look and got back in the car. Haha! I ran back to the house and grabbed my clothes and quickly pulled them on. "Nice body." Zayn whispered as I sat beside him. I scooted away from him and asked. "My turn?" They nodded as I sat back down. "Liam truth or dare?" "Truth." "Goodie!!!" I shouted. "Fine what did you guys say when I was gone?" "Dare!" He shouted. "Too late!" I said. "Ok well... Errmm....... I said that whoever saw you would be really lucky, Harry said 'your welcome', Louis said 'niceeeee' and that's pretty much it." Woah. "Ok Zayn, truth or dare?" Liam said. "Dare!" He said. "I dare you to make out with Ashton." He said smiling. But! Zayn gave me a smirk and pinned me to the wall. "Ready?" He said, his hot breath on my neck. I nodded and he kissed me. He forced his tongues into my mouth and we fought for dominance. His winning. We kept like that for about five minutes, then I pulled away.
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