Torn (1D before fame)

Ashton is a normal teenage girl. She is, however, a star basketball player at Glentown high school. She doesn't have much time for relationships, or anything else for that matter. She also plays softball. All that she ever has time for is basketball, softball, and grades. A new group of boys comes to her school. They join the soccer team and she sees them more than she would like too. What happens?


2. Talking

As soon as the bell rang for lunch, I ran to the lunchroom. The boys had not left me alone all day! I was just ready to sit with my normal friends. Th boys were sweet and all, but I kept feeling like they were eyeing me. It kind of creeped me out. Anyways, I sat with my basketball team as usual and guess who sat right beside me. You guessed right! The boys. Harry sat next to me then Liam then Niall. On the other side was Zayn and Louis. "So Ashton....." Harry started. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Of course he asks that. "Nope. And I don't need one at the moment." I said back. Their heads all dropped. "Why not?" Liam asked. "I don't have time. I have basketball before school, and softball after." I said. "Oh....... Well we play soccer!" Harry said. "Really? I love soccer! Too bad I never had the chance to play between basketball and softball......" I trailed off. "You should come to one of our matches!" Niall suggested. "Ok just give me a schedule." I said with a smile. Just as I did our basketball coach walked up. He teaches a middle school class so we sometimes see him when he comes to make copies. "You better watch out boys." He said, "This one is a heart breaker!" He walked away laughing and so was I. He loved to mess with us about boys. I was one of the few single ones on the team. Their eyes looked like they had lost hope in something. "C'mon guys! He is just messing with you!" I said playfully. "I haven't had a boyfriend ever since I started playing sports for the school. I haven't fount the right guy, and I usually don't have time to look." I said. They looked sort of releaved but not fully. Why would they like me anyways, I am a handful!

Niall's p.o.v
She was amazing. She had the perfect body and was very funny. When her coach said that, I felt my heart start to break and when she said she didnt have time for a guy, my heart was in two. I wish she would at least give one of us a chance!
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