Torn (1D before fame)

Ashton is a normal teenage girl. She is, however, a star basketball player at Glentown high school. She doesn't have much time for relationships, or anything else for that matter. She also plays softball. All that she ever has time for is basketball, softball, and grades. A new group of boys comes to her school. They join the soccer team and she sees them more than she would like too. What happens?


3. New things

Ashton's p.o.v
When we got out of lunch, I headed straight for the band room. We had a singing group just for fun that practiced during study hall. We never went to anywhere special, it was just me and a few friends that liked to sing. "Hi Rebecca! What are we doing today?" I asked. Rebecca could play a lot of instruments. She played the piano, the ucalali, the guitar, the drums, the trombone, and she sang. She was short and had dark blonde hair and green eyes. "We are gonna sing love songs today! And we got five new members!!" She shouted. Great. Just what I needed, to sing about love.

When the boys walked in, I was kind of shocked. I didn't read them as a singing type. "Ok well...... How about Ashton goes first?" She always made me go. I walked into the center of the room and whispered my song choice to the band.

'Head underwater, and they tell me, to breathe easy for a while.

Breathing gets harder,

Even I know that.

You made room for me, it's too soon to see, if I'm happy in your hands.

I'm unusually hard to hold onto..

Blank stares at blank pages.

No easy was to say this.

You mean well, but you make this hard on me.

I'm not gonna write you a love song.

Cause you asked for it,

Cause you need one, you see

I'm not gonna write you a love song,

Cause you tell me it's make or breaking this.

If your on your way.

I'm not gonna write you, to stay.

If all you have is leaving,

I'm gonna need a better reason to write you,

A love song, today.'

After I finished the first part of the song, I quickly found my seat. Everyone had the wildest look in their eyes. "Ok," Rebecca said. "How about one of you boys goes next." The one with green eyes and curly hair quickly took the stage. Harry, I think was his name.

'I've tried playing it cool.

But when I'm looking at you.

I can't ever be brave, cause you make my heart race.

Shot me out of the sky,

Your my kryptonite.

You keep making me weak, yeah

Frozen and can't breathe.

Something's gotta get loud.

Cause I'm dying just to make you see.

That I need you here with me now.

Cause you've got that, one thing.'

And with that, he walked back to his seat. We spent the rest of the time discussing duet projects. "Ok, well I am gonna put Harry and Ashton together since they both demonstrated their voices well today. Harry who wrote that song?" "Oh me and the guys." He said pointing to them. "We'll it was great!" She said. It really was. "Ok Harry," I said. "We can practice at my house at seven but other than that, I don't have any free time." "Seven Is perfect." He said.

Harry's p.o.v

Yes!!! She was partnered with me! She really doesn't have anytime to herself if she is only free at seven... We might need to try to change that. Her voice is incredible! She hit every note! I hope she noticed my song.

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