Torn (1D before fame)

Ashton is a normal teenage girl. She is, however, a star basketball player at Glentown high school. She doesn't have much time for relationships, or anything else for that matter. She also plays softball. All that she ever has time for is basketball, softball, and grades. A new group of boys comes to her school. They join the soccer team and she sees them more than she would like too. What happens?


4. My house

Ashton's p.o.v
After softball, I went to the field house and grabbed my stuff and sped out if there. It was 6:15! We usually get out at six! I ran straight to my bedroom, grabbed some sweat pants and a tshirt, and headed to the shower. Luckily, when I got out, it was only 6:45. I pulled my hair into a ponytail after I had blowdryed it. I didn't bother with makeup because all we were doing was rehearsing. Just to clear things up, when we started this club, the principal said that we had to do one performance per month in front of the school. So we agreed, but this was our first month doing this, so we were a little nervous. We were auditioning pretty much right now. *knock knock* he's here. I went to the door and greeted him with a smile. "Come on in!" I had to at least try to be nice since we were going to be partners. We walked to my room and he tried to shut the door. "No we are the only ones here so just leave it open." I said sternly. He agreed and sat down. Now you probably wondering what a sophomore is doing home alone with a boy. Well my mom works in Minnesota and my dad works in New York so we don't really see eachother a lot. They come home every other month, so we do get to spend time together. I am responsible for everything around here and it really doesn't bother me. Ou neighbors keep an eye on the house when I am away. So that helps.

"Why don't we get started? What song do you want to sing?" I asked. "Well........" He said "How about something by Ed sheeran?" He asked. I love Ed!!! "He is my favorite artist!" I said with excitement. "Mine too." Harry said. "I guess we have more in common then I thought." "Yeah. Which one should we sing?" I asked "how about we stick to one that everyone knows? 'The A Team'?" "Sure why not!" I said. We practiced on it for about twenty minutes. "Listen, you have to go. I have loads of homework and have to get up early." I said. "Well it was fun getting to know you better." He said. "You too!" I smiled as he shut the door behind him. It was so hard to keep cool around him. He was georgous! Wait, I don't have time for a relationship right now.

Harry's p.o.v
I had so much fun spending the day with her. She was an amazing singer. Did she stay at home alone? There were no cars parked in her driveway. Did she walk to school? Oh crap! I forgot my phone there! I spun around and sped to her house. Luckily, she was not asleep. "Hey, I left my phone here.." I said. "Haha I know." She said as she handed it to me. "By the way, nice pass code 'Harry is awesome'" she guessed It? "Haha well now my number is in it so text me whenever you need something." She said. Yes! I smiled and walked back to my car. As soon as I arrived home, I texted her.
To TheAmazingSinger!;):
'Nice name love! And do you walk to school?'

About five seconds later, I got a reply.

'I know right and ya.'

To TheAmazingSinger;):
'Not for long... I am picking you up and taking you tomorrow!'

'Omg really!?!? Thanks so much!!!'

Now I get to see her even more. We have two classes that are separate from eachothers. Other than those, we see eachother all day. Finally, I am one step closer.
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