The Light Behind Your Eyes

this story is about a boy who is hiding everything shut off from the world but when a girl comes in and finds out what he is hiding how this this new life unfold for him would it be the same as the last town this is why he ran away from the past.


3. The Truth Is Revealed

 I looked at Sean while he sat there with his head in his knees. 

"Sean it's okay I'm not going to freak out about you can talk to me." i said to him i picked up the box and sat back down on the bed 

"You wouldn't understand" he choked out through his tears 

"Trust me i would understand pretty well." i said reassuringly 

"How would you know?" he asked and finally lifted his head up his eyes where red from crying he looked so broken so lost.

"I'll be right back I'm gonna go get it, you just stay here and im taking this with me" i said as i took the box off of the bed and walked down the stairs i was walking by the kitchen when of course i was stopped by my mom.

"And where do you think your going?" she asked me with the hint of anger probably cause i was just leaving Sean all alone

"Back to the house i need to grab my phone charger" i said 

"Fine just hurry up its rude to just leave people alone, do you have the house key?" she asked me 

"Yes mom its right here" i held up the key and showed it to her and ran out the door i needed to hurry back i didn't want Sean to think that i was leaving him alone after i had just found out that would just be rude. i hurried upstairs into my room i had to find where i hid it i haven't used it in a couple months cause its May and its pretty warm so i couldn't really. i searched for about an hour until i found it my navy blue lock box the one that held my secrets ever since i was 10 i shut off the light to my room and ran back down the stairs shutting off all the lights and then locking the door i ran back to Sean's house.

i got to the top of the stairs and paused right before the door i didn't want to barge in that would be rude considering i was gone for about an hour i didn't need to be any ruder i was about to knock on the door when i heard him crying. 

"Um Sean could i come in?" i said just loud enough for him to hear me 

"Uh yeah sure just give me a second" he said i heard him get up and move around for about five minutes until he opened the door 

"Sorry about the wait i was looking for something and it took me a while but i got it" i said holding up my blue box that was identical to his. 

"Oh yeah its fine i was just relaxing" he said 

"Well what was it you were going to show me before you had to leave?" he asked me 

"Um well this box much like yours holds a secrets that nobody knows besides me and i guess soon you." i said 

"Well i will lock the door and we can just sit on the floor i guess" he said nervously

"Oh okay cool your opening yours first though" i said to him and sat on the floor

"Fine"he said and sat on the floor i gave his box to him and he opened it slowly 

"Well this is my collection of razors band aids gauze, pills and notes" he said shyly and looked down at the ground 

"That is quite the interesting collection you have there" i said to him he just laughed quietly 

"Thanks, your turn" he said and looked at my box 

"Okay fine" i said and opened my box he just sat there and looked at me in i guess shock 

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