The Light Behind Your Eyes

this story is about a boy who is hiding everything shut off from the world but when a girl comes in and finds out what he is hiding how this this new life unfold for him would it be the same as the last town this is why he ran away from the past.


1. The New Beginning

  "So son are you ready for your first day of school tomorrow?"he said looking in the rear view mirror at my face I looked at him and just shrugged    

"Yeah I'm just so excited to be bullied at this school too dad it will be so fun." I said sarcastically  

 "Hey you don't know that the people here are gonna be like that" he said 

   "That's what you always say we have had to move 4 times because of it" 

   "Don't let them get to you son they will feed on your weakness    

"Yeah, Yeah whatever I got it stay strong" I said and put my other headphone in looking out my window and getting lost in the music.   

"Were here" he tapped my shoulder     

"Oh okay I'll get my boxes" I headed over to the trunk and opened it i got my boxes and when up to my room and put all my boxes in the corner I just sat on the floor and waited for my bed, dresser, and desk to arrive 

  Later that day I sat on my bed and started unpacking my boxes when i saw her the girl who started it all she started the rumors the bullying this was all her fault I threw the picture against the wall and locked my door I searched threw my boxes to find my special box the one that took all the pain away my self harm box it was all black with a lock on it. i put in the code and opened it i slid against the wall and fell to the ground sitting on the floor i rolled my sleeve up to reveal the damage from earlier this week i put the blade to my skin and watched to the blood flow down my wrist the numbness the numbness i needed the escape from reality to make it all go away for just a second.  

"Sean are you okay in there i heard a loud crash"
"Yeah dad I'm fine i just dropped my phone"   

"Oh okay dinner is in five minutes"

  "Okay thanks dad" i heard him walk down the stairs I went back over to my box and got the gauze on my wrist and put tape around it then, locked my box back up and put it under my mattress i put on my hoodie and went down stairs 

"Whats for dinner tonight" i said and went to the fridge i grabbed a water i wasn't really hungry i hadn't eaten in a few days but tonight i was going to be forced because we are having our neighbors over for dinner i was never really fond of people they usually wanted to know all about me and I didn't really like that i hate it when people get close ever sense my old school.   

"Grace, Rae welcome make your self at home" 

"Oh why thank you Paul how kind of you" she said with a smile 

"This is Rae my daughter she's 13" 

"Oh my son Sean is 13 also, he is starting school on Monday.

The rest of the story will be told in Rae's point of view.


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