The Light Behind Your Eyes

this story is about a boy who is hiding everything shut off from the world but when a girl comes in and finds out what he is hiding how this this new life unfold for him would it be the same as the last town this is why he ran away from the past.


2. The Day The World Came Crashing Down


  I was sitting at the dinner table just awkwardly playing with my food i wasn't really that hungry and i don't like when other people cook i just get kind of paranoid about it i don't know i guess I'm just a little weird.

the kid Sean who was sitting across from me didn't seam very hungry either he was just sitting there moving his food around and putting all of it into a napkin or something but he didn't eat he looked kind of sad too like you know that look in your eyes when something bad happened or you are in so much pain yeah that's what he looked like he looked empty like he had no reason to be here.

 "Rae would you like some more chicken?" Paul asked me 

 "Oh, no thank you I'm full really, but thank you for asking." i said with a smile i hated when people asked me to eat it makes me feel like it looks like i eat a lot but i don't, i don't eat anything.

"Sean why don't you and Rae go up to you room and talk why i clean up for dinner" Paul said pointing his hand towards the stairs 

"Uh well sure okay I guess that's fine" he said nervously and scratched the back of his head 

"You can go first" he said and motion his hand towards the top of the stairs 

"Uh, thanks" I said and walked up the stairs 

we walked up the stairs in complete awkward silence until we reached the end of the hall way with a oak wood door with a silver knob and a sign that said stay out with some cross bones underneath it. we walked into his room and there was a lot of boxes and some furniture. There was a bed half made and a desk with one cabinet with a lock on it and a black rug right in front of his bed. 

"So um yeah this is my room" he said 

"It's nice and it really big, a little bigger than my room" i said and looked around the huge room with a crystal chandelier  hanging from the ceiling 

"So, do you always have dinner with your new neighbors?" he asked 

"No not really its just cause you my age and i don't really have friends, but I don't really like people but she doesn't understand that so yeah your the first." i said while looking out the window.

"So, should we go down stairs now or do you want to stay up here?" i asked 

"Um, yeah well sure i guess"he said and started toward the door 

I stopped as soon as i saw it there was blood dripping down his hand not a lot but it was still there 

"Um, Sean your bleeding" i said and pointed at his hand 

"Really?" he asked and looked down at his hand 

"No no no no no this cant be happening not while someone is here" he said and walked to his bed nervously

"What cant be happening your bleeding everyone bleeds it okay" i said and walked over to his bed and sat down next to him when i felt a strange bump in the bed and before he could stop me I reached under the mattress and found a little black box with some blood stains and i dropped it no it cant be true he cant no that's impossible i mean he didn't seem that sad. i just stood there looking at him and he just looked down at the bed with his head in his knees. 

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