The Light Behind Your Eyes

this story is about a boy who is hiding everything shut off from the world but when a girl comes in and finds out what he is hiding how this this new life unfold for him would it be the same as the last town this is why he ran away from the past.


4. The Aftermath


“Well are you going to say anything” I said shyly

“Uh yeah wow I didn’t think you did it too I mean you wear t-shirts and shorts so where else could you hide it” he asked

“That’s not important now since we both know what’s inside the boxes tell me why you do it.” I said to him

“Well I guess it all started when I was in sixth grade I was new to the school kind of awkward.  No actually very awkward I was a total loner until I met this girl, Ashlyn she became really close to me so I told her all my secrets I just let it all out I really needed someone to talk to at the time I just was really stupid to trust her.  Well a few months after that we got in this huge fight over something really stupid so she just fine then I will just let the world know your secrets she stood up on the table and called every ones attention she just looked at me and smiled with a devilish grin so you all know the new kid here Sean right? The crowd reopened with a few nods and responses well let me tell you a little story about the innocent little new boy she smirked he killed his mother but yet he is still here now tell be how that is fair? She screamed towards the crowd then the tears started streaming down my face she still continued oh and even better he is gay she laughed at me now why does the queer get to live and an innocent woman die that’s just wrong oh and now it gets even better the gay murder cuts too cause he is sad that his mother is gone and whose fault is that his she pointed at me and the whole cafeteria laughed at me I was the emo gay murder now.”

“Sean.. I’m really sorry you don’t deserve to go through pain like that no one does especially not because some bitch lost her shit that’s just not right” I smiled at him

“Oh yeah and that part about me being gay isn’t true I’m not gay I’m bi” he looked up at me through his tear stained eyes and smiled then laughed

“Yeah my dad just tells me to not let it bother me like that’s ever gonna happen” he said and a tear ran down his face

“Well it’s getting late now I guess I should go, bye.” I got up grabbed my box and waved goodbye

I stayed up all night just thinking if he had tried to commit suicide once would he do it again I was just laying there worrying about him this was not going to be easy constantly worrying about him not like this guy was making my life complicated 

I went into school on Monday and waited in the office like I was told to I had to show Sean around I was okay with that of course until he didn’t show up for about 4 hours

“What happened why are you so late?” I pulled him to the side of the hall

“Well you see I had some trouble waking up this morning” he said rolling up his sleeves to reveal fresh cut all the way up both his arms

“Sean why you already did so much last night?” I gave him a worried look

“Well it’s just it was my set date but I didn’t want to die that badly so I just did some major damage and took some pills.” He whispered to me “Please, Please don’t hate me”

“I don’t hate you I just worry about you.” I looked at him and he just looked away

We walked down the hall way in silence to the class having a friend who is suicidal constantly is no fun I worry about him whenever I’m not near him I’m scared that he won’t wake up one day and it just scares me that he could have it this bad that he would want to die

“Hey remember me emo fag”

“No no you can’t be here it’s impossible" Sean said with worry in his voice 

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