Megan Campbell have always dreamed of going to prom with the, perfect dress, perfect hair, and most of all the perfect guy but as prom gets closer she doesn't have a date but one direction is in town doing a show, and megan just happens to run into Zayn Malik as weeks go by they become friends but will they fall for each other and will zayn take megan to prom?


1. its all i hear of


PROM I have been hearing that word for the past couple of months. students of brook side high school has been talking about what there going to wear, what there dates going to wear, whos going with who. as for me Megan campbell I have no date, I don't even know if Im going, I mean whats the point of wasting a perfectly good dress if you don't have a date. so Im probably not going to prom but I have a feeling my best friend will force me to go to prom. she lucky she has a date to prom but her date isn't the perfect guy not even close. but if she's happy then im happy for her. at least she'll be happy when she goes to prom.

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