You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


3. Weak Point

During lunch, I decided to take a look at the school bulletin board. The top 100 people who got the best test scores in our school were written there. And guess who was number one? Daniel Crawford.

A crowd of students suddenly came speeding towards the bulletin board. Moments later, I found myself pushed away and at the very back of the crowd. "Dude.. Number one again!" A random guy hollered. I got on my tip toes to see what was going on. At the front of the crowd was the Prince, being hugged and congratulated by a bunch of his friends. They were all praising him as he smiled and thanked them. He's deceiving everyone except me. I know his true face!

The crowd eventually got smaller as people began to walk away. I took one more look at the Prince, and we made eye contact. My whole face became hot. Then he obnoxiously turned away, as if I was invisible. Is he ignoring me? That kind of made my chest tighten up.

Hmph. Screw that.

I began walking in the direction of the cafeteria. That stuck up prince. Should I tell someone about him? I'll say that he trapped me and molested me. He kissed me against my will, and even fondled my breasts! But with his strong reputation, no one would believe me. Plus, I have no evidence.

If only I knew at least one of his weak points..


After school..

"Weak points?" Crys slurped down her Kool Aid, "The prince is too perfect to have any."

"I knew it.." I muttered to myself.

"Ugh, my boyfriend has to take the extra lessons. I can't go to the mall now." Crys frowned as she read her phone, "Don't you have to take them too?"

"Oh yeah!" I gasped, "What time is it?"


"Crap. I gotta go." I waved goodbye before charging back to the school, "See you tomorrow!"

"Good luck." I heard her say from a distance. When I got back to the school campus, I decided to take the shortcut by passing the sports field. I was trotting up the bleachers when I heard a group of girls chattering.

"Oh my gosh.. The prince is smokin' hot!" A girl squealed.

"Look at him run across the field, he's so handsome!" Another girl added. I couldn't help but scan the field for him. They were playing a game of soccer. The prince had the ball and was sprinting like a lightning bolt.

He then passed it to some other guy on his team, who kicked it oddly, causing the ball to hit the Prince right on the side of his forehead. Prince was knocked over a bit, but he didn't fall. The only thing that fell was his glasses. For a minute, he just held the side of his head. After that, he turned to the person who kicked the ball. "Hey freshman! What kind of kick was that!? That's some pathetic aim you have. Do 100 push ups!"

The freshman immediately dropped to the ground and began doing as he was told. I couldn't see well, but I think the boy was beginning to tear up too. Jeez, it was just an accident. Prince didn't have to make him cry like that. But then again, he is a rich, egotistical man. I'll never fall for his spell.

"The prince is kind of scary.." The girl from before whispered.

"Yeah, he's not usually like that." The other one added. Or so you think.. I checked my watch and saw that I had a few minutes of free time left. So, I decided to continue watching to see what would happen next.

The freshman was told to do the push ups near the bleachers while the others continued the game. When the practice game was over, Prince approached the freshman who was now alone, sitting on the bleachers.

They were talking, and soon the freshman began smiling, leading to laughing. The girls let out some long awe's. I simply rolled my eyes at how plastic the prince was. After their short conversation, the two boys followed the rest of the soccer players to the locker room.

The girls who were watching screamed hello to the prince. In return, Prince waved at them and smiled, causing the girls to squirm with delight. Suddenly, I caught myself gazing at the prince pleasantly too.

Stop it, don't act so charming, Prince. I said wouldn't fall for your tricks.

As Prince gazed at those girls, he spotted me. He gave me a look that I didn't understand. I think he was trying to telepathically send me a message, but I just ignored him. I turned away, the same way he did to me during lunch break at the bulletin board. Finally, I hastily made my way to the classroom for extra lessons.


After the lessons, I had to go straight to the Crawford mansion for work.

"Excuse me," I knocked on the door, entering anyway, "Here's your tea!" I walked into Prince's room with a tray of tea in my hands.

"Just leave it over there," Prince replied bluntly. I didn't know where 'over there' was, so I just set the tea on the coffee table. "Come here" He ordered. I stood up straight and tried to get as close to the door a possible.

"Why..?" I asked suspiciously, slowly backing away. I jumped when Prince got up and approached me. Then, my heart almost stopped when he trapped into a corner, and slammed his hands on the wall, blocking all my paths of escape.

"You're a servant. Why'd you ignore your master when he was injured?" He asked sarcastically, "This is your punishment for not doing your job."

I tried to push him away, but instead his face kept coming closer and closer. We were less than a centimeter apart, and I could smell the scent of his minty breath. "B-But you're not even badly hurt!" I objected, pressing my back against the wall.

"Well it's red isn't it?" He pointed at an area under his eye. I couldn't see it clearly though because of his glasses.

"I-If you just take off your glasses, m-maybe I could actually see..." I stuttered, before taking the frame of his glasses and gently sliding it off his face.

I squeezed my eyes shut so that I didn't have to see what kind of punishment he would give me. Instead, nothing happened. My eyelids shot up, and I stared at Prince's flawless face right in front of me. Except, his cheeks were red. A vibrant, burning, crimson red. It looked so different from his usual calm and collected expression. He actually looked.. Embarrassed.

"Your glasses.. They're a little bent." I informed him when I felt a little dent on the frame.

"Give those back!" He snatched the spectacles out of my hand, "Don't touch me without permission!" Hypocrite much?

"Hmm.." I smirked devilishly.

"What're you smiling about?" He grunted, "I've had enough. Get out!" I found myself being kicked out of the room, into the empty hallway. I smiled like an evil genius to myself and leaned against the wall. Hehe.

I didn't completely understand it.. But I think I found his weak point.

- - -

It's short, I know.. Sowwiee. Anyways, thanks for reading! I would appreciate it a lot if you left a comment, or liked this, or maybe even favorited! Thanks, byeeeee! xx
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