You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


23. Tired

"Last Stop! All passengers please exit the train. This is the last stop!" An announcement was made when the train ceased movement, "Transfers are available on the B train towards Downtown Bridgewood or on the X train heading North Winsworth." 


I sighed, forcing my tired body off the train. This wasn't even my stop. I needed to get back to the city, but I have no more money for transportation. I guess I'll just walk around wherever I am. It's better than facing everyone if I went back. 


Once I was out of the subway, I read the signs in the streets. Apparently, I'm in a small place called Jamestown. 


Ah, which reminds me.. James. I wonder what he's doing now, where he is and who he's with too. Damn, I miss his hugs. He'd always embrace me when I'm feeling blue. Before I knew it, tears had welled up in my eyes and were sliding down my cheeks. In the middle of the street, I just stopped walking and weeped. Many people stared at me awkwardly but soon walked away, probably thinking I was just some crazy street whacko. 



After regaining composure, I took a deep breath and walked on. There was a small bookstore across the street so I thought I'd go there to look for information about this place. And maybe something that'll calm me down. 


A bell jingled when I opened the door and stepped into the bookstore. It was larger than it looked once you entered. The lady behind the front desk looked up from the magazine she was reading and smiled welcomingly. I forced a small smiled back and walked towards a wall of books. 


I analyzed each shelf until I could found something that would help me find a job. I didn't find much, only a book that taught you how to apply for one. So, I gave it a shot and crouched down onto the floor to read it. 


Hm, apparently I can't get a full time job until I'm 18. Maybe I should lie about my age.. But then again, I don't have an ID or anything.. 


My thoughts were interrupted by the man standing next to me. I didn't realize he was there until he accidentally dropped a quarter. His eyebrows rose a little when he saw me. I plucked the coin from the ground and extended my arm to give it to him. He gratefully accepted, then crouched down in front of me. 


"Looking for work?" He questioned, noticing the book in my hands, "We have a housing company so you won't have to worry about that. Our employees usually work from 6 to 5. Pay is also very high depending on the client you take in. What do you think?" 


I backed away, standing up the same time too. "Just kidding." He chuckled, "You're James Hunt's sister, aren't you?" 


I froze. Who is this man? I examined him as he stood up. He was a tall and skinny guy, wearing a white v-neck and black jeans. His belt was loosely wrapped around his pants, sort of drooping on the left side of his hip. One arm was completely covered in tattoos and the other arm had a few more. Around his neck was a silver chain with the cross on it, and he had a couple piercings on his ears. His hair was a short and messy, some bed-hair sticking up in the side. He seemed to be in his mid-twenties but kinda it's hard to tell. "H-How do you know James?" I gulped.


"Well actually," He smirked, "I'm taking care of him. Shouldn't you come get him soon?" I looked at him, debating with myself if I should trust him or not. 


"What, you don't believe me?" He laughed and dug his hand into his 
pockets and pulled out his phone. After pressing a few buttons, he held the phone by my ear and said, "Here you go." 


After the ringing sound of the phone sounded a few times, someone finally answered. "Hello?" — James's voice! — "What do you want, Randy? Hello? Hello? Get some snacks while you're--"


The guy who James called Randy swiftly pinched the phone from my fingers and closed the phone, ending the call. "See?" He gloated, "Still don't believe me?" 


"I believe you." I admitted quietly. 


My awkwardness made him laugh, "Ok, so shall we swing by my place?" 



15 minutes later, we arrived at a large apartment building. Randy led the way to his apartment while babbling on about James being a brat, but I didn't pay much attention to him. I was busy wondering what I should say to James. 


DING DONG, Randy rung the doorbell after finding out he forgot his keys. 


"You're finally here. What was with that phone call earlier," James answered the door, "Did you buy the--" Then he saw me. 


"Alex.." He said slowly, eyes wide open, "What are you.." 


Randy welcomed me into his home, his arm around my shoulders. James moved out of the way and yelled at Randy, "Why'd you bring her here? Don't decide stuff like that on your own!" 


"She's my guest.. I invited--" I cut him off by vigorously shaking his arm off my shoulders. 


"Excuse me, but I'd like to speak with James." I turned to Randy, "Alone." 


Randy pouted, but agreed anyway and trudged out the door. I approached James, but he walked over by the window and stared outside. "Is this where you've been all along?" I started, "What about school? Have you--" 


"Shut up." He snapped, "Stop acting like my big sister." When he said that, something my chest tightened and for a second I felt like I'd been stabbed. I could feel tears forming in my eyes but I blinked them away. 


"So, do you understand the connection between you and Crawfords yet?" He turned to face me. I didn't say anything, I just nodded and kept my head low. 


"What about him?" James continued, exaggerating 'him,' "I guess he knows about this too. What did he say?" 


"He said.." I felt the corners of my lips curl up a little, "He didn't care.. I was so happy." Thinking about last night was making me cry of happiness, but it made James feel the complete opposite. I saw his hands clench into tight fists. 


"What did you do?" He demanded an answer, "What did you do with him!?" When I tried to look away, James held my cheek and forced our eyes to meet, "Look at me, Alex. You still don't understand, do you?" His thumb gently touched my lips and stroked them, "I'm not your little brother. I'm a man." 


My eyes were wide with fear. James was making such a menacing face that I was trembling. Who is this? This isn't the James I know.. All of a sudden, James pulled me closer to him and embraced me tightly. He began yelling as if almost desperately, "I'm the one who should be holding you! I'm the one who you should love! NOT HIM!" 


I was still frozen in shock. Those were definitely the words of a man. Why are they coming out of James's mouth? This isn't James.. This isn't my little brother.. Who is this?


"Hey Alex," James whispered in my ear, "Want to know something interesting? It's about your real mother, the one in the picture. Do you want to know what she's doing right now?" He held up the same picture of the woman I found in mom's hidden box.


My.. Real.. Mother? 


"But I won't tell you for free.." James's tone was serious and I realized it had gotten a little deeper than it used to be, "If you become mine, and if you forget about him then--" 


Suddenly, a large hand swiftly pulled the picture from James's grip. He started ripping the picture into tiny little pieces. The sound of the paper tearing apart was smooth and melodic. Then, the person dropped all the tiny pieces of paper to the ground.


"P..Prince!" I managed to let out. There was a deathly look to his face, as if he was about to murder someone. Prince shoved James out of the way and quickly grabbed my wrist. Hard. 


"What do you think you're doing!?" James cried. 


"Ow.. It hurts.. You're hurting me!" I attempted to pull away, but his grip was too tight. 


"You're coming with me." Prince began walking to the door, dragging me behind him. 


As we walked past James, he gave Prince a glare. "Have you gone nuts?" James scoffed, "Where do you think you're taking her? You guys are brother and sister. Stop touching Alex, you're making her dirty." 


That's what made the prince snap; "You're making her dirty." 


Prince came to a full stop right before we exit the door. He turn around and charged for James angrily, his hand still tightly around my wrist. With his other hand, he covered James's mouth, squeezing his face as though he intended to crush it, "Shut the fuck up you little bastard," He hissed, "You're just a stranger in all of this." Then he let go of James's face, pushing it away a little at the same time. I watched in terror as James fell to the ground, coughing. 


In a flash, Prince was hauling me out the door again. It's really no use, I tell myself. No matter how much I try to keep away from him, the Prince always pulls me back by my heartstrings. And I let him do it. I can't control my emotions. 




We were halfway across the hallway, almost reaching the elevator when I managed to slip my hand out of the prince's grip. I stopped, then he stopped and turned to look at me. 




"I'm not going." I say, looking at the ground, avoiding eye contact with the prince, "I'm too tired for this.." I could feel tears building up in my eyes, but I remained still, my eyes glued to the floor, "I'm satisfied with how things are right now so.. Leave me alone." 


I glanced at the prince for a second and saw that his gorgeous blue eyes were wide with shock and fear. Then I forced my eyes to stare at the ground again. I heard his footsteps coming towards me. The sound was cold and forceful. Before he could lay a finger on me, I dropped onto the ground, shut my eyes and held my fists against my ears. "Don't touch me!" I begged, "Go home by yourself!"


Don't cry. Don't let your voice tremble. Don't cry. Don't let your voice tremble. Stay in control. Stay in control. Stay in control...


Seconds later, the prince turned around. "Good bye." He said softly before walking away. I kept my eyes shut tightly until I couldn't hear his footsteps anymore. 


I did it. I was in control. It's better this way.. 


After everything, my body was worn out. I could barely keep myself up. When I was sure he was gone, I finally broke. I let the tears pour like a waterfall as I hid my face in knees.


Everything has made me so.. Tired. 


- - -  


Sorry for the late update, guys. I wrote this chapter two days ago and I thought I had put it up on Movellas already! Sorry! T^T Thank you for all the views, likes and favorites, beauties! I'm enjoying my summer vacations so I hope all of you are too! <3 xoxo 

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