You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


20. There's No Going Back

"W-What's this l-letter, mom?" I trembled, trying so hard to halt my tears from streaming, "W-Who's the woman in the p-picture?" 


"I told you, it's none of your business." She snapped, gulping. Mom turned her head away and avoided making eye contact with me. 


"It is!" I screamed, "Stop lying." My loud voice startled mom, making her revert her face back to me. Her eyes were wide with fear, and her faint panting was making me a little worrisome. 


"Hand it over.." She reached for the letter and photograph. Before she could, I moved away and shoved the items behind my back. 


It pained me to say this but I forced it out of my throat, "Am I.. The daughter of mr. Crawford.. And the woman in this picture?"


My mother sighed, and just simply gave in. As she lay back in her bed, she said very quietly, "Daniel's your brother--" Before I could let her finish explaining, I dashed out of the room. The painful noise of my sneakers squeaking against the floor could be heard everywhere as I bolted through the empty hallways.


When I was finally outside, the cold evening air hit me. For a second, I leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. But reality came bouncing back and I stared at the letter and picture in my hands. Angrily, I crumpled them and closed my eyes. Soon enough, I had broken down onto ground. Tears, tears, and even more tears. 


I'd been lied to my whole life. 


* * * 


Somehow, I found myself lazily walking back to the mansion. My eyes hurt from crying so much today. They were puffy and I'm sure they look sore and red too. The road I was trudging down was dark and gloomy. It was the perfect scene that suited my emotions at the moment.. 


If the prince and I are siblings.. Then that means.. We can't be together. 


How am I going to tell him this? No, I won't tell the prince. At least not yet. Maybe once I've prepared myself to let go of him. Yeah. Maybe.. 



Around 20 minutes later, I'd arrived back at the mansion. If I took the front door, it would cause too much commotion. The maids would interrogate me, mr. Crawford might be there, and facing the prince is the least thing I want right now. 


So, I ended up going in through one of the back doors. At least there, I'd get some peace and quiet. If I could go through unnoticed by anyone at all, perhaps I could escape the gossip from the maids when morning comes. 


I got in with no trouble, but I doubt I was unnoticed. Now that I think about it, the cameras outside would've probably caught me. Oh well. 


Right after I got inside, I quickly made my way into my nice en-suite bathroom. I stripped my clothes off and jumped right into the shower, not even bothering to move my clothes aside. My hand made contact with the icy faucet, and turned it around. Within a split second, the piercing hot water began pelting onto my skin. Steam was already forming, and even though it was painful I just stood there, baring the pain. This was nothing compared to what I felt on the inside. 



The shower had somewhat calmed me down a little. Once I was done showering, I stepped out, dripping wet. There was a robe hanging on the wall, so I decided to use it. I picked up my clothes and trudged back to the bedroom. Guess who was waiting on the couch?


The prince. 


"Pri..nce.." I froze. My hand instantly began searching through the pockets of my jeans that I was holding for the letter.


"You alright?" He glanced at me once, then turned back to the book he was reading, "You look kind of flustered." 


"I'm fine." I bet he could already tell I was nervous. When I got hold of the letter, I tried to slowly ease my hand behind my back. But the prince has the eyes of a hawk. 


"What's that?" Prince got up, and began to approach me, I held the letter tightly in my hand, crumpling it. "Show me." His voice stern and clear.


"N-No!" I jumped away, holding the letter against my chest. 


"Alex.. Stop being so stubborn.." He struggled a little bit due to my elbowing and avoiding, but prince eventually got what he wanted. Like he always did. The paper was swiftly taken from my hand just like a prey had gained its food. So, I just backed away helplessly as the prince opened up the creased paper. I had forgotten that the photograph was also tucked inside the folded letter, and I definitely didn't want him to see that.


"Don't look at it!" My instinct attempted to grab it one last time. But the prince was quick and dodged my hand. I sighed one last time, and just anxiously waited for his reaction as his eyes scanned the papers. 


'Daniel's you brother.' My mother's words rung in my ears, like the sirens on fire trucks. I was covering my ears, but the noise wouldn't go away. 


On the floor, I looked up. The prince seemed to had finished reading and examining the photograph. "What is this.." He gulped, scrambling for words, "How could Sarah..?" 


"You and I are brother and sister!" I yelped. My fists were clenched tight on my eyes to prevent crying. Some moments passed, and surprisingly, no tears were leaking from my pitiful eyes. I guess I had already cried so much, I'd drained everything out. 


The sound of crumbling paper caused me to look up again. The prince was crushing the paper, ripping it apart. Once he had completed eliminating those pieces of evidence, he dropped them to the ground as if they were worthless pieces of trash. "So what?" His voice was shaky, but anger kept it clear, "Why the fuck should I care?" 


All of a sudden, he pulled his glasses off and all I could see was a murderous look in his eyes. Then, he crouched down in front of me and pinned my arms onto the ground. When I was securely flat on the floor, he forced his lips onto mine right before I could even protest. His tongue was roughly playing with mine. Our lips were so locked that I could barely breathe. These weren't his sweet, passionate kisses. This felt like... 




There was a desperate feeling in the prince's actions.


The tears that had built up in my eyes finally fell, and as the prince and I were tongue-tied, the wet droplets dripped onto my ears. All of a sudden, the prince became even rougher. He shoved my shirt up, subsequently ripping my bra off, exposing my breasts. Without a second to spare, he charged for them, sucking and biting so hard. While one of his hands were fondling with my nipples, the other one lowered. 


He skillfully unbuckled my pants, and was now steadily sliding his hand down. I had to do something.. This is wrong.. No matter how much I love him.. It's wrong! "Don't! Stop it! Don't touch me there!" I squealed.


With all the force I possessed, I tried to push away the prince's face using both hands. As I held his cheeks, he tried to keep firm, sucking on my breasts. Unconsciously, I had dug my nails into his cheek bone. I had only realized this when he grabbed my hand and slammed it against the cold, wooden floor. 


We were now in a frozen state, face to face, him on top of me, our hands clasped together, except I was pinned underneath him. Prince sat up and looked at me. The expression he made was frightening. "I don't care whether we're related or not," His voice was mischievously seductive, "You're mine. I bought you." 


No.. Don't say that.. I'm begging you.. If you say that...


"You're mine, and mine only." He declared before leaning down to kiss my neck. 


...There's no going back. 


- - - 

Oh my goodness, I've missed you all so much! First of all, I'm so sorry for not progressing this Movella for about 2-3 weeks T.T Please forgive me! I completely deserve all the complaining emails and comments. But don't worry, I've updated for now and I plan to finish this story soon so be ready guys! 


I would also like to say thank you so much for all the support even though I haven't been here. Through the past 2-3 weeks, more people have been reading, liking, commenting and fanning! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! LEMME GIVE YOU ALL A BIG KISS! Thanks, my beauties :)xoxo



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