You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


1. The Crazy Incident

It's hard for people to admit these days, but my family is POOR. 


Not just poor where we can't buy high-tech phones, laptops, and etc. We're poor to the point where our family can barely afford food.


So everyday, I work late into the night to pay the bills. But most of the time, it's not good enough.




"Alex, you should go home now. It's already 11:30." Mrs. Jenkins suggested, "Don't you have school tomorrow?"


"But boss, I need to earn money to pay the electricity bill." I resonated. "Don't worry about that. You've been working so hard. I'll give you a bonus." She smiled warmly at me.


"Alright," I sighed, "Thank you very much."


I changed back into my normal clothes, took my bag and headed home. As I was walking through the dim streets, I heard a commotion coming from a close-by ally. I intended on ignoring it, but a woman shrieked so my instinct was to go investigate.


I hid behind the wall of the ally and peeked at the scene going on.


There was a bunch of men beating and breaking into a car! Inside, there was a terrified woman and a guy with her. The guy in the car calmly stepped out of the vehicle and started beating the men.


It was a like a scene from a movie. He fought so swiftly and skillfully. The moonlight dancing on his hair as he moved around, the fierce expression on his face. This man looked gorgeous.


But I had to do something! Call the police? But I don't have a cellphone.. I'll go look for help.


Suddenly, someone tugged my hair and pulled me back. "OW!" It was the handsome guy. "Don't you dare call the police." He demanded. I glanced around me, and found all the men who were beating the car, on the ground, limp and injured.


Then, I stared back at the handsome boy. I couldn't see him well through the dim light, but he had beaming blue eyes, with shining black hair. The sweat on his face seemed to sparkle too. His expression was like a hungry animal.


We were interrupted by the other woman. She finally jumped out, "HEY! What about my car!? Look at it!" She hollered furiously. The boy just pulled out something from his back pocket and flung it at her. "That should be enough," The guy glared at the woman, "Now get the hell out."


I gasped at the sight of hundred dollar bills fluttering in the air. The woman's eyes widened and she dived on to the ground to pick up all the money. She was stuffing them in her bra straight away, desperately trying to collect every single bill. When she was done, she scampered away hurriedly, holding her breasts where all the money was stored.


Abruptly, I was thrust against the hood of the car, making me wince as my warm back collided with the icy metal. The stranger boy was towering over me, slowly nearing towards me. It was as if he was going to devour me.


"Are you some lady who works at a bar or something? You're working so late into the night.." He smirked, gently lifting my chin, "If you need money, how about I'll buy you?"


Buy me?


Before I realized, this stranger had planted his lips onto mine. I tried to push him off, but his body was too heavy for me to move. I was stuck there, his soft mouth on mine, sharing a passionate kiss. I felt his tongue sliding in between my teeth, making contact with my own.


I didn't even know it, but I was responding to his kiss. It felt so good, I guess I couldn't resist. My tongue was playing with his, our lips were moving in sync both fiercely yet gently. As all this occurred, my heart thumped furiously.


Our passionate kiss came to an end though. This mysterious man separated from me and stood up straight. He grabbed something from the back of his pocket again, and dropped it all over me. $100 bills.


"From now on, you're mine." He declared before shoving his hands into his pockets and walking away.


I was left lying there on the front of the car, money scattered all over me, trying to grasp what had just happened. A guy whose face I didn't see well in the dim light.. Bought me?


I was stunned.


After getting over the fact that a total stranger just bought me and stole my first kiss, I finally sat up. I was going to just leave there, but all this money would be a waste wouldn't it?


So, I gathered all the bills, making sure nothing was left and tucked them in a pocket in my bag before walking back home.




I arrived home, and tried to silently enter. Instead, I was greeted by a frightening face that was floating in mid air. "Welcome home, sis."


I screamed, and backed away. Then, I realized it was James. He's my precious little brother, a 13 year old. "Oh my god James. I almost died of fright."


"It's not my fault," he muttered, placing the candle that he was holding on the table, "The electricity was cut off."


"Oh, sorry.." I responded guiltily.


"It's fine, sis." James lit some more candles, "We can handle it. It's not your fault we don't have any money."


A light bulb sprouted above my head. I took out one of the hundred dollar bills from my bag and held it above a candle. "It has a watermark.." I mumbled to myself.


[A/N: A watermark means that the money isn't counterfeit.]


"Alex.. What's that money?" James suddenly inquired.


I immediately clenched my fist to hide it. "This.. This is for mom's hospital bills." I lied. I didn't really plan to use the money at all. Because if I do, it means that I've allowed that guy to buy me.


James gave me an unconvinced look. "Hmm.. Fine," he hugged me, "But Alex.."


"What is it, James?" I felt kind of shocked from the sudden hug.


"Don't do any thing weird for money." He ordered, emphasizing on the word 'weird.'


"I won't. Don't worry.." I returned his hug.


"Anyway, you must be exhausted.." James hugged tighter, "Why don't you just let me work too?"


"I told you before, you're still in middle school. Just leave it to your big sis, okay?" I chuckled, stroking his soft hair.


"But what're we going to do if someone takes advantage of you?" He argued back. Ahh.. About that.. I've already been taken advantage of.


"That won't happen," I decided not to tell him about that incident, "Let's just go to sleep already. It's almost 1am!"


As I lay in bed, I thought to myself. I wanted the money, I wanted it so badly.. But I can't. My pride won't let me.


That's it. I've decided. The next time I see that guy, I'll return the money to him. Until then, I'll keep the money safe and unused.


* * *


The next day..


"Hey mom!" I greeted as I entered the room, "How are you feeling?"


I haven't told you guys, but you should've figured it out by now.. My mother is hospitalized. She's been in the hospital for 2 years now.


"Alex, James.. Good morning." She smiled cheerfully. Mom looks a lot better today, I'm glad.


"Look Alex, I made you a sweater!" She announced excitedly, holding up a sweater that said 'I'm going to pass!' on the back.


"Haha, it's great mom!" I complimented. But in reality, mid-term exams are over, and I already passed.


"Where'd those flowers come from?" James asked, pointing at the beautiful bouquet on the nightstand.


"Oh yeah, aren't they pretty?" mom picked up the flowers and sniffed them, "Mr. Crawford sent them to me."


"That's nice.." I smiled slightly.


"By the way," Mom started, "Mr. Crawford wanted me to ask you if you're willing to do some maid-work at their house? Their house is really close after all. I'd feel more at ease if you worked there instead of somewhere else. You'll go, right?"




The Crawfords.. Are our landlords.


They're very prominent landlords in our area. Even our house belongs to them. They're mansion and our tiny shed-like home is just separated by a miniature woods. My father was one of the Crawford's trusty workers, so they gave us the home after my father died when I was still a baby.




When we were out of the hospital, James clutched my arm. "You're not really going to work there, are you?"


"I.. Don't know." I shrugged.


The Crawfords are an extremely rich family that are famous for their building constructions. And their only son is Daniel Crawford. He's in the same grade as me. He has impeccable manners, an excellent academic record, and is popular with both ladies and gentlemen. Because of that, everyone likes to call him "Prince Crawford."


And as far as I'm concerned.. He lives in another world.




At School... I sighed of exhaustion when I sat at my desk. I was slowly drifting to sleep, until something suddenly hit the back of my head. "Oww.."


"Wake up!" I looked up to see my closest friend, Crystal, had hit my head with her book.


"What was that for?" I groaned.


"Here's the homework." She placed her notebook in front of me.


"Oh, right.. Thanks Crys! I love you!" I beamed.


"No problem." She smiled, sucking on her lollipop. "You know, you should get a job that gives you more free time."


"Yeah, but those kind of jobs are hard to find.." I replied, taking my notebook out of my bag. I was rummaging through my bag, when I saw the hundred dollar bills sticking out from one of the pockets. I grabbed my bag and held it against my chest. I forgot to take it out of my bag..


Which reminds me, that stranger from last night is also from another world.. Further more, what am I supposed to do with the money?


"Woah, what's wrong with you?" Crystal asked with a surprised look.


"Ah, nothing. I thought I dropped something.."


"Okay.." She replied questionably, "Hurry up and copy the homework already. The bell's gonna ring soon!"


I quickly pulled my math notebook out and started copying from Crystal's notebook.


Just as I finished, someone opened the door. I gave back Crystal's notebook, afraid that the teacher would catch me. But it wasn't the teacher. It was the prince.


"Is miss Alex Hunt here?" Prince asked.


"M-Me?" I sat up, shockingly.


"My father wishes to speak with you. I'll wait for you after school, and we'll go home together to visit him." He smiled brightly, the lenses of his glasses reflecting the sunlight, "See you later, miss Hunt."


When the prince left, a bunch of chattering and whispering erupted in the room. I received a bunch of deathly glares from the girls, and the guys were looking at me oddly. Crystal came over to save me by asking "Why does mr. Crawford want to speak to you?"


"Uhh.. It's probably because we didn't pay the rent." I scratched the back of my head, saying that loudly so that whole class could hear. After that, the chattering and whispering died down. He probably wants to talk to me about the maid job.




After School..


I walked out of the school building, and saw that Prince was waiting for me at the gates. He waved informatively for me to approach him. I came towards him, and we both got into his car. We both sat in the backseats while the driver silently did his job at the front.


It was really awkward. I tried to keep the distance between the prince and I as far as possible. I couldn't help looking over at him every couple of seconds. He didn't seem to be paying attention to me, but when I looked over to him once, he glanced at me with a devilish-looking smile on his face..


We had never met each other before, but that look he gave me.. It seemed like he knew me well.


- - -


And that's the end of chapter one! Please leave a comment, like or favorite! It would mean the world to me! Thank you, bye!xoxo

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